Sunday 31 May 2009

Dorking 10 mile 2009 Gallery

Congratulations to everyone who ran 10 miles in the heat and lovely sun on Sunday !

Photos from the Dorking 10 mile race 2009 are now here

The race results are here :

There is a selection of photos from the race shown below:

Sussex Tri 2009 - live

A Bright Blue sky and searing sun across Sussex for the Urban Race Sussex Tri 2009.

The Sussex Tri photos are now available here:

All the images are now indexed if we could read your race number - so just put your race number into the search box at the top of the gallery page and you should be able to see them quickly and easily !
Please make sure you have a read of the instructions as this solves 99% of all searching related queries.

Well done to everyone completing their first triathlon and we hope to see you continue your triathlon and racing career in future events across sussex.

The urban race Sussex Tri website is here -

In the meantime - why not subscribe to the blog updates by email (if you have not already) - you can unsubscribe any time (that bit is at the bottom of the emails).

Keep this gallery service free - How this gallery is funded:
We cover races for competitors and event organisers for free.We do all the indexing, post event work, and pay for online hosting fees and server costs ourselves - so you can see your pictures quickly and easily - all free to use.
Obviously selling images is the main way we fund this free to view service and we don't expect to sell all the images (that would be crazy talk!) however if you don't buy your pictures this visit, please support us in our work - have a quick surf through the sponsors adverts shown, they should be relevant to you and it helps us to continue to provide this free gallery service that you are using - and we hope to see you at another race soon and see your next PB.

Please enable images in your email to see the summary pictures below:
The run layout and transition:

Race transition and Ardingly College:

The Balcome Viaduct

The Medals awaited

Victory at the finish !

Tuesday 26 May 2009

Hatfield Broad Oak 10k 2009 Gallery live

Well done to everyone taking part in the HBO10k road race 2009, one of our photographers was out testing his camera, so we've put the pictures online !

Photos taken at the Hatfield Broad Oak 10k race 2009 are now available here:

Once you've gone to the gallery page - just type in your race number into the search box (top right corner) and see if there are any photos of you...

Monday 25 May 2009

Lindfield 10k and 5k Fun Run Gallery live

The rain held back and changed its mind for this years Lindfield 10.5k and 5k Fun Run 2009

Photos from the Lindfield village runs are now online here:
just use your race number to find your pictures.

The race details are here:
and we anticipate the results being put on there too...

Well done to everyone on who managed to complete the fun run and the 10.5k race and negotiate the new course. The photos will only be online for three months so please make sure you order in good time.

Videos of the race starts are here:

The mens and ladies winners of the 10.5k were:

Some of the canines enjoyed the runners, and the run...

Saturday 23 May 2009

Heroes - search index updated

Easy Search names added for Heroes 10k Run 2009

The Heroes gallery and full instructions can be found here:

Got no number? was it hidden on your back ? Did you have an invisible one ?
If the answer to any of these is yes then our intrepid Peter Parker has come to your rescue.

Our photographer has now gone through all of the images where we couldn't read a race number and indexed them by whichever superhero you looked the most like (to him!)

We now have an easy click list of superhero names for all of you hiding your numerical glory under a utility belt or cape - as was the case for some. The list is shown on the front page of the Heroes 10k event gallery here:

So if you were a Hero last Sunday - pop back to the event and have a quick look ... and have a quick critique of the costumes on the day !

Also - this means that the list of completely unknowns is much much shorter, so will only take a few pages of browsing through to find yourself (that's the search on 000 - three zeros) making it a lot easier.

We hope that helps you to find your photos - it took him about 5 hours work to go through them so we hope it was worthwhile for you.
All the best

Friday 22 May 2009

Triathletes World - Midweek Tri #1

F3 Events - Triathletes World Mid Week Tri #1 2009

Well done to many of you completing your first triathlon so I'm guessing you're looking forwards to seeing the pictures - good news - there's a few thousand...

To find your pictures there are two methods - searching and browsing...
Searching for your pictures will only be limited to running photos as we could only see your numbers at the finish and had no body/hand numbering or cycling helment numbers.

Browsing for your swim exit and cycling photos can easily be done by scrolling down the event page (when it's live !) to the bottom of the page - and clicking through on the albums, and browsing through the thumbnails or larger images.

The Slide show is an easy way to go through the images, and the thumbnails are in sets of 20 so it is quite quick to go and page through several hundred images and be able to spot yourself - just click on a thumbnail to bring up the enlarged image.

Do bear in mind due to the cycling laps your first photos might not be your only ones - so have a good sift through them all to find yourselves...

Well done to you all on Wednesday - here's a little taster for you below....

Thursday 21 May 2009

East Grinstead Tri - more photos found

Dear Eg Tri competitors...

One of the competitors kindly pointed out we had no photos of her...

Weird !?! - we thought, especially as we had about 11 of her on the computers here, so a quick double check and we found we were about 300 finish line piccys short on the online gallery. So we've reloaded and double checked and they are now there for you ! (we blame the uplaod processes, but admit we should have double-checked the volumes)

They are all finish line photos - just in case you're wondering.

So go here:

and if you want to know who helped us find the pictures - Number 280, our new friend Cathy.

Thank you Cathy !

Monday 18 May 2009

Bognor Prom 10k now live

Bognor Prom 10k 2009 Photos are now live and ready for ordering

Well done on completing the Bognor Prom 10k (Race website here: After a wet start for the junior races it all seemed to dry off nicely in the end ! (eventually)...

To see how you got on and how well you accomplished your task - your photos can be found on the race gallery which is here

Please remember that they will only be online for 3 months before we need to make space online for the newer races and events, so please make sure you order yours before they are gone... and if you don't - why not plan your next race with some of the google links provided under the photos !

Apparently there were some incorrect texted results - which have been corrected and can be found on their online results page here:

Heroes Run - Gallery now live

The Heroes Run 2009 Gallery is now live !

For all you Superheroes out there who braved the early Rain and the eventual sunshine !

Click Here to go to the race gallery and see you photos - just enter your race number to find them easily

Finding your photo:
Not being Superheroes ourselves, we can't always read your race number - mainly if you had put it on your back, or had hidden it with a cape or other super-apparell.

Our x-ray vision is particularly poor even if we squint really hard - so if it was hidden - please use 000 (that is - three zeros) into the search box to find yourself. Sorry about that, but there is no other way of doing it if we can't see your number.

Failing that search - please feel free to browse through the folders - you can just scroll to the bottom of the gallery page and click through on the folders as you want.

There is a handy slideshow that enables you to go through the piccys reasonably easily and when you stop it will go to the image you're looking at - you can then order or click through from there.

Please remember to stop by at the Charity website that you're supporting :

Here's a selection of the Incredible Hulk, Spiderman, CatWoman and the Silver Surfer !

East Grinstead Triathlon - Now live

The EG Tri Gallery is now live here:

Well done to everyone on surviving the wind and rain of this years East Grinstead Triathlon, especially on the bike course.
Full links to the egtri results and information are available on the gallery event page link above.

If you wanted to know - the piccies below show what some of the winners looked like as they came into the finish line !

Colin Dixon, Sophie Coleman and Ruth Hutton all looking alarmingly fresh...

Staines 10k Gallery Live

The Staines 10k Gallery is now live here:

Links to the race website and results are on the page linked to above. Please have a read of the FAQ on the race gallery front page to get the most out of this gallery.

Enjoy the photos, we look forwards to seeing your choices and good luck with planning your next race !

In progress - EgTri Staines Bognor Superhero 10k

Just a quick update to give you a progress report and expected timelines on events from Sundays races:

1. Eg Tri - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here
2. Staines 10k - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here
3. Bognor 10k - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here
4. Heroes 10k - ***NOW LIVE*** - Gallery is here

***All Events online***

If you're reading this blog online and you're not signed up for the gallery updates by email - then by all means sign up and subscribe using the box on the right --> you'll get the latest updates asap and you can unsubscribe anytime (there's a link at the bottom of the emails).

As each gallery is made ready a new blog update will be posted with full race and event details and a few more photos for that particular race.

In the meantime there's a few extra photos below, and then click on those damn gooogle ads and plan the details of your next race !

Eg Tri - no sign of batman...

Robin was seen at the Heros 10k in Hove, amongst others...

Batman put in an appearance in the Staines 10k

Batman managed also to get down to the southcoast to the Bognor 10k... and found a utility belt on the way...

and if you're thinking it was dry anywhere at all on Sunday Morning, the answer is yes - but in Kent.