Tuesday 20 November 2018

Brighton 10k and Brutal Spider Hill 2018 Galleries live !

The Brighton 10k launches off past the iconic pier in perfect weather conditions

Well that was a weekend of perfect weather for running about in, either in the mud, hills and water of the Brutal Spider Hill on Saturday, or the flat fast and sunny Brighton 10k.
Some also enjoyed the Adidas Fulham 10k - clear skies and closed road route on a sunday morning around london - what's not to like ?

As the temperatures dip this week we're coming to the end of our busy season - we had more races to cover on October the 7th alone compared to the rest of the year and the end of January - so this is the time of year we like to go for a bit of a run, catch up on sleep (less than 5.5hrs sleep every night for the past 7 days according to my fitbit), give the cameras a bit of a clean and a service (I think my Canon 1dx has taken about 500,000 images this year, not to mention everyone else's), give the lenses a bit of a tighten up and clean the front, and start browsing the winter sales for very very warm clothes, doing some IT backup and systems updates, and generally working on things that are important but we don't get the time to try, test or implement... like fixing the office ceiling light transformers...(Jay - I'll be round soon).
everybody stop, it's the start of the winter season

Here's the latest hot table of recent action past and present
Date Event Race gallery
Sun-04/11/2018 LBVCR - veteran car run http://sspimg.com/Veteran-Car-Run-2018-Gallery
Sun-11/11/2018 PP Grand Union Half http://sspimg.com/PP-Grand-Union-Half-2018-Gallery
Sat-17/11/2018 Brutal Spider Hill http://sspimg.com/Brutal-Spider-Hill-2018-Gallery
Sun-18/11/2018 Adidas Fulham 10k - free downloads https://adidascityruns.photoshelter.com/index
Sun-18/11/2018 The Brighton 10k http://sspimg.com/Brighton-10k-2018-Gallery
Future events Entry link
Sun-02/12/2018 The Hogs Back http://aat-events.com/race/hogs-back-road-race
Sun-09/12/2018 Seaford Mince Pie http://www.seafordstriders.org.uk/mincepie.html
Tue-01/01/2019 Serpentine 10k http://www.serpentine.org.uk/pages/nyd10k.html
Sun-06/01/2019 Tadworth Ten http://www.tadworth.org.uk/tadworth-ten/

Also after last week - it's good to see some of you went and had a look at https://sspimg.com/runpage - how did you get on ? I personally need to do mine for the Cambridge Half and Surrey Halfs that I've done (try getting time off work to run when you should be working is quite difficult actually). At the moment I just have a medal in a drawer and an online result somewhere I'd need to look up and double check. Hardly a memory curated to be memorable !

The end of the year also gives us a chance to go back through the years events and work out what we would like to be at last year. It might surprise you to know we see about a 20% year on year "churn" of old events leaving us (or stopping) and us picking up new events. We already have some exciting new events on the calendar for 2019 (sorry can't announce those yet), and our strategy of moving to sponsored photos with pic2go is starting to gather pace. We know it's the win-win of race photography - everyone gets their pictures, the sponsor gets their exposure, charities have more money raised, and goody bags are more eco-friendly, and everyone has something to talk about and show their friends ! What's not to like ?

If you're wondering about the numbers, in 2013 we covered 192 races with on average 660 runners, but this year we have covered 134 races with 1200 runners - and that's not counting the cold cancellations in March and the Velo South cancellations as well. Are we growing? well we employ more people and drive further to events, so probably yes.
We're already 75 races booked into 2019, with a few weekends that are already fully booked - so if you're thinking of having us along at a race - get yourselves sorted out soon.

I also have a weekend off coming up, first one since the end of May, but I do have my Nephew to cover in a match for his school this week as they're in some cup semi-final - so I'd best sort that out for him as his favourite Uncle (*I don't know if I am), so time for a bit of a rest - I might even go to the gym and discover how much muscle wastage I now have achieved in 2018. I wonder how I get a bone density test/scan done for free ? And on that middle aged life crisis note, as I have an appointment for joint pains in my fingers, here's a small selection from the weekend...

still don't know why people stick their tongues out at us, and it seems neither do other runners

Proper brutal conditions

He's made it through

Not so lucky !

miraculously kept her hands dry

chaos behind you, but you don't care or know

this is what the argy bargy looked like from the side

well, who doesn't like a bit of muddy muscle ?

woops and a slippy balance

top shoe cleaning technique

little did he know the black dog was about to sit on his shoulder

she crossed the entire lake like this

top friends and teamwork to get round

made it through the water, all is ok

Mudstacle Pete does his best walking on water impression

all working ok, no thumbs up though. Is this happy then ? we don't quite know !

autumn sprint finish

the shock, surprise and joy of finishing

what the marshals do at the finish whilst you're out on the course enjoying yourself

That lifestyle-lens-flare-orange-autumn catalogue photo. Next stop M&S.

I don't think those are her handprints ?

Wave early

correct waving timing

word to the wise. 73 knows something you don't.

Friends were out on the course enjoying the sun
pointing and running, a new study in action

Top tights, ex BA staff ?

Underworld coach Mr Bigg demonstrates how to do it

#1008 realises he's just been overtaken by an Olympic Legend.

Shorty realises he's waving too late...good finish though

in case you get lost on your run, always take a map

Teapot sashaying says do your run with style like Bruno would. 

As someone else said about the Vegan Duck: "they must be roasting in there". 

So that's it, I'll keep off the email radar for a while with the lack of races, enjoy the galleries, don't forget to buy them too (as I'd please like to eat over Christmas), make a memory of them, stick them into Runpage, and share it with your friends, commit to that fit.

Until next time, keep warm !

Wednesday 14 November 2018

Grand Union Canal Half Marathon 2018 - gallery's been ready for days !

Not a bad choice of charities on Remembrance day

So it was considerably warmer than 2014 (which was very frosty!), as a warm clear blue sky shone straight down our lenses all along the canal towpath for the Grand Union Canal Half Marathon, organised by Purple Patch running. So, if you're wondering why I had a reflector at the bridge, or why Paul sat right next to the very white wall at his second spot - it's because it means we can actually see your faces with the reflection lighting you up, rather than being in complete back-lit shade. You'll see it makes quite a bit of a difference...

Despite torrential rain overnight it was a bit puddly, but along the mile or so of the towpath I walked along - remarkably solid and firm, although not racing flat conditions, nor PB according to a few runners, we still had a winner in Tim Lawrence #277 at Cassiobury park in 1:17:28 whilst Jenny Carter #340 from Serpentine made it in 1:30:38 to win the womens race and only 15th place overall. 

Here's the usual table of recent gallery links and next races to enter - 2019's calendar is filling up fast - we're already booking into October - and as a runner - you'll be pleased to know we are getting more and more races enabling free downloads, or even better more races are giving delivered images direct to you with Pic2Go on the day. It's a win for runners !

Date Event Event Gallery or Website
Sat-27/10/2018 Beachy Head http://sspimg.com/Beachy-Head-2018-Gallery
Sun-04/11/2018 LBVCR - the veteran car run http://sspimg.com/Veteran-Car-Run-2018-Gallery
Sun-11/11/2018 PP Grand Union Half http://sspimg.com/PP-Grand-Union-Half-2018-Gallery
Next Races -
Sat-17/11/2018 Brutal Spider Hill http://brutalrun.co.uk/race/spiderhill/
Sun-18/11/2018 The Adidas Fulham 10k - free downloads https://www.adidascityruns.com/
Sun-18/11/2018 Brighton 10k http://www.brooksbrighton10k.co.uk/info
Sun-02/12/2018 The Hogs Back http://aat-events.com/race/hogs-back-road-race
Sun-09/12/2018 Seaford Mince Pie http://www.seafordstriders.org.uk/mincepie.html
Tue-01/01/2019 Serpentine 10k http://www.serpentine.org.uk/pages/nyd10k.html

Ever wondered what to do with your images and race times after a race (because lets face it - you just want to know how fast you did, and what you looked like) ? One of our business partners (hereby declaring a slight interest in friendly businesses doing well) - have developed RunPage - a space where you can put your official results, add your own photos (pre and post race selfies and the dangly medal picture), and indeed put the official photos from a race (I think I know where to get those from) all into one convenient place. Call it a race achievement diary if you like - it's really pretty good (and I might be motivated to put my two half marathons onto it soon too!)
Here's a handy link: https://sspimg.com/runpage
It even allows event organisers to put cool maps and gps route flythroughs on there - have a look at the demo's on the home page, so if you are an event organiser - consider embracing this for of runner engagement and race publicity.
Once you've put in your time, photos and perhaps a bit of a diary entry - you can share it on lots of different social media - meaning you're not posting race photos piecemeal onto facebook - you have it all in a handy reference place to get to easily.
Have a look, have a play, and see what you think ! https://sspimg.com/runpage

And on that note, here's some photos from the Grand Union Half,

Jumping Jack Flash

Good Fundraising running

Running with friends is much more fun

Running up that hill

Enjoying the house white

Chasing it in at the end

victory at the finish

Paul makes it in for Lupus and a fantastic achievemnt

Remembrance day and waiting for a finisher

He's only gone and done it !

Busy skies over Watford

Clare keeping an eye on finishers for the commentary

Naomi had a great race - check the results !

Marshals losing the plot slowly

Wayne's world foxy lady

Double thumbs up, and a bit of shock that's the case

Top Running, top cause

Jolly nice along the canal

Get up, get out and taste victory !

So that's about it for this week, it's the last of the busy weekends of the year for us next weekend at Fulham and Brighton - so I look forwards to see you there if you can make it - I'll be at Madeira drive.

Enjoy the sunny (and unseasonably warm) weather !
until next time