Tuesday 29 April 2014

Brutal Bagshot, Clandon Park Runs, 7Oaks Tri, REP Bluebell and Thames Towpath 10 2014 now live

After two quieter weekends with the London Marathon and Easter break taking up most of the last weekends it was back to a full diary of action across this weekend with 5 events of Mud Runs, Trail Runs, Normal Road Runs and the first race of the Triathlon Season.

Here's the quick reference list of gallery links from this weekends races:

Easter weekend was the Lewes 10k and Fun Runs as well as the Folkestone 10 mile race. I put those race links in a blog before the race, but here they are again in case you are looking for them now after the race:

Lewes 10k and Fun Runs 2014 http://bit.ly/Lewes-10k-2014-Photo-Gallery

Folkestone 10 mile race 2014 http://bit.ly/folkestone10-gallery-2014

Free Downloads

This weekend marks a bit of a sea-change in the market for event photos - if you hadn't noticed - 4 out of the 5 events were free download galleries. That means almost 50,000 images are on the SSP gallery - totally free to download and used and shared across the internet like Facebook, Twitter, blogs, updates etc.
(top tip - on the search results page with your photo thumbnails - there's a panel to the right - click on the Actions tab - and then you can just download all your photos in one go!)

One of the really new things is the sponsorship of the race photos by Tshirt and Clothing brand - Xempo - suppliers of performance graded clothing.
As a supporter of continuous improvement (in everything), the colour standards for the Tshirts help to set the next goal in your training and race performance. Because it works across any distance from 5k to Marathons, and then on race day - it should help you to pick out similar performing runners for pacing yourself, and who you might want to compete against on the day.
Also they are the first sponsor we have had that has potential reach across more than just a specific race or event so hopefully we will be able to bring you more free photos on their behalf. Find out more about them here or give them a like on their facebook page here as a way of saying thanks !

We must remember the people who also have a strong belief that race photos are part of the overall race package - and the excellent Race Organisers who want you to get the most out of your race day experience - before, during and after it - and these include:

7Oaks Tri Club - who we have now worked with on free downloads since 2011, and covered their race since 2007 - the past 8 years. A race that has won the accolades of 220Tri Magazine Race of the Year. We also cover their Junior Aquathlon in the Summer, and that also has free race downloads.

Raw Energy Pursuits - All their events are covered by free downloads - and have been for the past 4 years  - which helps make their event series one of the most popular and sought after races to get entries into every year. If you enjoyed 7OaksTri you'd love REP events. Next weekend is their sold out Steyning Triathlon. Fingers crossed we won't get snow there this year !

Clandon Park Run - Organised by the St.Georges School PTA with the help of AAT-Events, we have been covering this race since 2009 - and now see juniors who ran in the fun run coming in near the top of the race field in the main 10k - something that the race photos over the years will no doubt make great memories in years to come. AAT-Events run a lot of races in the Surrey area, and most of them have free downloads - so give them a worthwhile bit of time to check out their race list

Q: How can you get more of the things you enjoy from people ?
A: Tell them you like them doing it !
Our goal is to make people happy - through race photos. So it's a natural progression for us to try to bring you photos that are free for you to download. It's only through the support of the events and the commercial sponsors that we can do this (because kit, skill, servers, fuel and time all cost money) - so please share the love and happiness and give them a like on their facebook pages if you can.
It's a good way of telling them that they are getting it right for you, and encourages them to do more of it - which can only be to your advantage !! Xempo on FB, AAT on FB, REP on FB, 7Oaks Tri on FB

So what's a photo blog going to be like with so many free photos to use ? I thought I'd stick with text only for a change.
Just kidding !
See if any of this lot makes you smile and remember a good race...and finally before I do, I should also mention we now have a Tshirt Shop open on the gallery. Limited numbers available in each size - so make sure you get yours before we run out.
The new and unique SSP TShirt. Available in any colour, as long as it's Blue.

The Flash - flashing along up at the front

Mind out behind you 1113

The Birthday Fairies and their escorts

No Surrender Tom !

You can tell from the look on his face he's relieved to be picked up out of that water !

naughty naughty !

All so easy

Owners do not look like their dogs

Jumping jellybeans Batman!!

"Really, here? what kind of photo were you thinking of?"

call me maybe ?

"And then I said he's gone bananas"

"Did someone say bananas ?"

Marshals at 7Oaks tri come equipped with four arms to carry necessary supplies

Route one out of T2

Raar !!

Hooray !

Nailed it !

Achieved it !

"Next time I have an idea"

Proud Hubby and Family

Ocean Lake Tri Club put in a good team entry

Best Running tights of the day

It's only a Hill !!

Marshalling. A bit like fishing, but without a pole.

Always try to Refuel during the race

Marshal says turn right. 

Good work up the hill from Swanley

Team meetings aren't always boring and tedious

And Tony thought he wouldn't end up in the blog...good effort and well done !

All smiles at the start of Clandon

Just reminds me of that Hovis Ad

Strong at the finish

Concentratey finish face

Mind the boat ! - occupational hazard of the Towpath

Bad Dog !!! Not this way !!!

Bailey asks Andrew to save him as his owner is clearly lost. Again.

Sorry boss...

Happy Birthday Jenni

"This way you *&%^$" (question is - who's thinking what?)

winding through the bluebells

badabing badaboom

Flying downhill is easy !

All smiles at 3 miles

Family fun at Clandon

Muddy racing and double thumbs up

Hair raising hills at the Brutal

Arrgh Brutal Face

Surrendering at the finish on the towpath

Always good to see him flying in at the finish

Right that's it for this week, enjoy the galleries, and the free downloads - put them online and tag us in your photos if you put them on facebook - because it's always good to see them ! - you should find us if you type sussex-sport-photography.com into the tag box and then click on our profile.

Next weekend is the 3 Forts challenge, REP Steyning Tri, the Reigate YMCA Fun Runs and the Ranelagh Half Marathon - so fingers crossed we will see you soon !

until next time