Wednesday 22 May 2019

Velo Birmingham, Oxford 10k Town and Gown, REP Arundel Tri and the Dulux London Revolution ride 2019 - all live

Only one real headline for this blog:
Get out and Vote on Thursday in the EU elections (because that's democracy at work everyone, and take your friends).
If only 33% of the UK eligible population vote, then you can't complain if the vociferous 17% of the voting population get a majority in the European Parliament MEP seats.
If we have a fantastic turnout, then 17% of say a 65% turnout - will only get a quarter of the seats and not a majority. Who's the 17% I hear you ask ? - probably the 17% you don't want in any position of power... get out and vote, you can probably even do it on a training run !!

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good people to do nothing.” 
Don't be one of those people.

Anyway we return to this blogging after what has been over 500,000 images added to the gallery in the past two weeks with Southampton and Velo Birmingham adding that total between them - two massive events of extraordinary complexity - who would be a project manager !!

And in the meantime our 16 and 18year olds are having their brains mashed out onto A4 paper. How is exam season treating you and your family then ? No better excuse now the weather is nicer to go for a head clearing run - in the evening to help with a good nights sleep or indeed in the morning.

So here are the recent galleries of your fantastic efforts to remember them by:
Date Website Free Photos ? Gallery Results
Sun-05/05/2019 Southampton Marathon results
Sun-05/05/2019 3Forts results
Sun-05/05/2019 REP Steyning Tri Sponsored results
Wed-08/05/2019 Mundays 5k Sponsored results
Sat-11/05/2019 London Revolution Ride live with pic2go Free via - Hi Res Gallery soon results
Sun-12/05/2019 Velo Birmingham Sponsored results
Sun-12/05/2019 Oxford 10k results
Sun-19/05/2019 REP Arundel Tri Sponsored results

And then what do you want to do after the exams ?

We are on a bit of a two week break with the bank holiday - we're not working at it - but if you are in the local sussex area - you can laugh at my total and utter failure of fitness for the past three months (a wrist operation and then a right nasty month long cold has taken it's toll) - as we have the Focus 10k on June the 2nd for a short run around... you might like it:

and then here's the list of events we are working at for you to enjoy - pick the ones with free photos !!
Date Event Free Photos ? Event Website
Sat-08/06/2019 Mighty Hike - South Coast live with pic2go
Sat-08/06/2019 Race To The Tower Sat live with pic2go
Sun-09/06/2019 Hampshire Hoppit Sponsored
Sun-09/06/2019 Mid Sussex Tri Sponsored
Sun-09/06/2019 Race To The Tower Sun live with pic2go
Sat-15/06/2019 Mighty Hike - Jurassic Coast live with pic2go
Sat-15/06/2019 REP Arun Swim Sponsored
Sun-23/06/2019 Harry Hawkes 10
Sat-29/06/2019 Leeds Castle Sprint Tri
Sun-30/06/2019 REP Worthing Tri live with pic2go
Sun-30/06/2019 Leeds Castle Standard Tri
Sat-06/07/2019 Mighty Hike - Northumberland Coast live with pic2go
Sun-07/07/2019 Bewl 15

And here are some pictures of you in action !

think you're having a bad hair day ?

pants on fire

put blobs or pins on the barcodes - then they don't work

the glorious outside

we photoshopped out the horse he's on

a good start on day2

lovely rolling hills

all going ok with the knee strapped

should probably put this shot in a stock photo library of some description...

double thumbs and off the ground

all done !

dulux rainbow on demand

Its the very early start !

first finisher VIP reception waited patiently

makes you finish a bit faster I suppose

high fives on the trail run finish

flags make everything better

the lovely marlow bridge

and into the finish

great countryside riding

enjoying the slight downhill

identically positioned impossible to read number plates. please just use the handlebars

outside the lord mayors Mansion House in London

Gabby Roslyn as president of MDUK started the Oxford 10k

and the kids have it

Gabby with the horn

all good running through town

fruit loops

top charity

carrot and tiger do it again !

excellent work !

good running form through to the finish

just as well the flag went under the bridge of sighs

all going well

brave hearted

top air ambulance fundraising

for the win

come on you minion

checking your strava on the last yards is a bit early

top Navy hill work

Selfie call for the hero Dad shot (yes - he carried the kids bike up the hill)

not the place to be mending a puncture really - Coventry cathederal cobbles

high fives at the finish

double pointy fingers !

the swishing hills swooshed

Sorry too busy working for high fives

sprinting through coventry outside city hall

almost half way, and happy about it

teamwork into the finish

teamwork out of the finish

a good well balanced trapezium stretch

limbo riding challenge

the Iconic bullring in the background

nice and busy at the start at 6am

happy waving

first 500m and still smiling, that's a good sign

nicely positioned car advert near the finish

not so warm early doors at the Arundel Triathlon

Hello Ed, well done !!

stop thinking and ride dammit !!

the lido swim is very nice

full power

everyone was just too kind

most fun in ages

so remember girls and boys
Get out and Vote on Thursday in the EU elections 

until next timeAnthony