Friday 23 December 2022

Special Christmas Offer - 2022 Galleries - everything free !

Everyone is a winner with free gallery downloads


Yes you read that headline right - All the pictures we have taken in 2022 are free to download for the next week until the end of 2022 until the end of New Years Eve !

Get onto the gallery - goto your races in 2022, and using your race number - find your images quickly and simply.

There are over ONE AND A HALF MILLION IMAGES for you to search through - 

or 1,585,922 to be precise...

But we reckon if you have your race number you can find exactly your race photos in four clicks starting from here:
Are we wrong ? can you do it faster ? Go and find out if you're a lucky winner of a race free download...

Just click on your favourite picture and click on "download image"... you can even do it on your phone (although browsers and phones vary on the options - possibly have a look for the download arrow shown top right - and that should give you the option to save it to your camera roll / phone album)

Or - just order the free download product in the order basket, and then download from your user account.

Then - with your freshly downloaded photos - remember to enter the race in 2023 and then post your photo and a link to enter the race on Facebook/twitter/instagram/tiktok and MAKE THAT NEW YEARS RESOLUTION and Dare your friends to do it with you too !

and put the gauntlet down to your friends and clubmates with
#racechallenge2023 in the post - let's see your double dares and what they're going to do in 2023

GO out there and SMASH 2023


and with that,


train safely in the cold, and wishing you a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !!

Winner #1

Everyone wins with free photos !!

Monday 5 December 2022

Seaford Striders - Mince Pie 10 Mile gallery now live 2022

The Seaford Striders Mince Pie Ten Mile gallery is now live and online for free downloads here:

Sponsored by those nice people at David Jordan Estate Agents - worth checking out the house scene in Seaford and have a nose about ! Perhaps find a place with a reindeer paddock ? They run wild on the hills you know.

Normal scenes at the 2022 Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10 Miler

With just over 500 runners on the day in perfect winter conditions for a 10mile run - the Seaford Striders Mince Pie 10 showed us the best of Christmas fancy dress - from Elf's to Santa's to Reindeer all the bases were covered.

Motivational shouts at the 9 mile mark seemed to lead to an injection of pace to get that fabled Mince Pie. I say fabled - because when I got back to the HQ - there weren't any. Not that I was going to let my gluten free self imposed lifestyle stop me eating one if I did find any. I snaffled some crisps to warm my core temperature up from the negative air temperature the wind-chill had subjected me to.

Marshalling is hard at the best of times, but the Seaford Striders make this a club-member compulsory marshal event - which is great because as a runner you really get a feel for the camaraderie of the local running club and their ability to all pull together as a team to put something special on. On the plus side you still get to move about to keep warm, unlike us photographers... I'm going to get some Antlers for next year though.

check out Sam in her antlers

Other bits of news in the local running scene that I've been curating slowly for your enjoyment:

Breaking news update - the London Marathon is nominated subject to further contractual negotiations to be taking over the Brighton marathon. More information here:

Asics acquires njuko the event entry platform (so they can get your data and sell you more shoes)

How sport can act for nature - because without nice places to run, you won't have nice places to run, so try to keep places nice - for running (obvious research conclusion alert issued)...

But frankly you're only here for the photos.. and I've not done the race attendance stats - so I'll skip that boring information this week, because Christmas in'nit...

waves hello to Nina - good to see her out and running 

what's the collective noun for Elves ?

The Hulk Elf when happy

jumping Elfs

he's the real deal - that's no fake beard that...

excellent team running

here comes the Christmas rush

All ok for Mrs Clause !

Hark the Herald Angels run

Mr Tree !

He won because he takes it seriously. Also new course record...

Top headbanding

this reminds me - I need my haircut (personal reference - she used to cut my hair)

HO HO HO! Santa is on the run...

So with that I bid you all a very merry christmas, and a happy new year - and if anything crops up in the meantime, train safely

Until next time