Friday 31 December 2021

Happy New Year 2022 - your free downloads are here

Here's 2022 taking the baton and starting the clock on another year...

 Well it's a Happy New Year to you in 2022 and hoping that it can be better than 2021 - although to be honest that is a pretty low bar in terms of the UK overall to do better. I'm not sure the delayed Brexit regulations for the customs paperwork to and from the EU will help maters much, nor the +100% increase in my electricity bills... but I digress, and neither is trying to hit more hospitalisations from Covid this January than 2021 a target I really expected the Govt to try to achieve - but here we are.

Whilst you're possibly wondering what was *actually good* about 2021 I will gently remind you that all the events we worked with in 2021 wanted you to have your pictures for free as part of the event package. Yes  - the first full 100% free download year we have managed to achieve ! A 5 year strategy finally came to fruition...

It's almost as if the race organisers wanted you to enjoy yourself AND remind yourselves on a regular basis just how much you enjoyed yourselves - and possible even remind your friends how much you enjoyed yourselves and how much more fun you will have next time when you do the event WITH your friends !

I wonder if that's really a good thing for an event to be spending your hard earned entry fee on ? We are somewhat biased on this - and think it is ! (with our heartfelt sympathies to those events who were constrained due to covid rescheduling and were not able to budget for our work in 2021).

So what to do tonight whilst you're watching The Hootenanny ? Download your 2021 photos !!

So here's where all the pictures from 2021 are - you can find them here in the month and then look for the race name or logo to find your race - just follow the instructions below:

Of course you'll need your race number - and you may have forgotten that - to use the search facility.

So either browse through an event sub-folder until you see yourself once - read the number and use that in the search (at the top level of the event gallery) - or have a look through the links below to find your race number from the results instead !

Here's the link to the race Gallery for 2021: with all those free download galleries !

And here are all the results for you to get your race numbers again and have a search easily !

Date Event Name Results link for Race number
Sun-25/04/2021 REP Bluebell
Sun-16/05/2021 REP Arundel Tri
Sat-22/05/2021 UltraX Spring Trail Series
Sun-23/05/2021 3Forts
Sat-05/06/2021 Mighty Hike - South Coast
Sun-13/06/2021 Mid Sussex Tri
Sat-19/06/2021 Mighty Hike - Lake District
Sun-20/06/2021 Hampshire Hoppit
Sat-26/06/2021 REP Arun Swim
Sun-27/06/2021 Oxford 10k
Sat-03/07/2021 Mighty Hike - Yorkshire Dales
Sat-10/07/2021 Mighty Hike - Gower Peninsula
Sat-17/07/2021 Mighty Hike - Thames Path
Sat-17/07/2021 Mighty Hike - Northumberland Coast
Sun-25/07/2021 REP Dawn on the Downs
Sat-31/07/2021 Mighty Hike - Dedham Vale
Sat-11/09/2021 REP Adur swim
Sat-11/09/2021 Mighty Hike - Wye Valley
Sun-19/09/2021 Winchester Half Marathon
Sun-19/09/2021 REP Worthing Aquathlon
Sun-03/10/2021 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-03/10/2021 Basingstoke Half
Sun-10/10/2021 aCR Islington 1 hour
Sat-16/10/2021 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-17/10/2021 Cambridge Half Marathon
Sun-17/10/2021 Beachy Head Half,%20Half%20Marathon%20and%2010K/4558
Sat-23/10/2021 Beachy Head,%20Half%20Marathon%20and%2010K/4557
Sun-24/10/2021 Beachy Head 10k,%20Half%20Marathon%20and%2010K/4559
Sun-24/10/2021 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon

Use your free downloads to raise more money !

So we have covered off enough bookings for 2022 to still be around as a going concern. On one hand I like the UK policy of letting everyone keep outdoor events going, and we seemed to have the hang of things in 2021, so hopefully we will be less affected by Covid in 2022 than we were in 2020. If you're working at an event, or know someone who is organising an event, then please pass on the next little advert for them to consider things, and when booking a professional photography service for a race make sure you consider these points (amongst many others) - because not all photography services are born equal ?
  1. How many photographers do they plan on bringing for the number of participants ?
  2. How many locations will they cover on the course ?
  3. How does the search function work on their gallery ?
  4. Are they GDPR compliant in protecting your name and your likeness ? (which is why we only use race numbers)
  5. Do they have a easy to navigate gallery ?
  6. How fast will the images be available ?
  7. What pixel size are the free downloads ?
  8. Do they have backup equipment ?
  9. Do they have Public Liability insurance ? (because accidents do happen).
  10. Do they have an office team that provides support ?
  11. Is it a "man and a mate" service, or a more comprehensive service ?
  12. Have they checked their actual images from similar events ? How many photos did they take ?
  13. Essentially - Can they do it?, Have they got Backup ?, What's the Liability ?
At the end of the day a series of scrollable facebook albums with photos where you can't see the participants faces - isn't what we would call a full professional photography solution. A bit of research and planning ahead often makes sure the event has the proper level of coverage it deserves to make it a memorable moment for all the participants !

Our first event for 2022 is going to be in February at the moment (unless anything else pops up in the meantime!) - so until then we will be getting some gallery planning sorted out, possibly get some filing done here in the office - and cross all our fingers and toes for a happy new year for everyone in 2022 !

Until next time - keep safe - so we can see you in a happy and fit 2022