Wednesday 28 September 2016

Deloitte RAB, Mudathon, Winchester Half and Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathons 2016 Gallery now live

With so much having gone on over the past week it's great to be back into that busy Autumn Race Season feeling.

Runners waiting around for the start of the Autumn Race Season earlier this week

We had a fantastic time at two inaugural events this weekend - the Winchester Half Marathon and the RBKingston Half Marathon. Conditions were a bit overcast to start off with - but were soon perfect for running. Congratulations to KBC Events and Rees Leisure on two new excellent events in the race calendar.

So - the following four fabulous new galleries are now online for you to check out what it was all about:

Sat-10-09-2016 Deloitte Ride Across Britain Free images available via pic2go:
Fri-23-09-2016 The Mudathon Free image Downloads:
Sun-25-09-2016 Winchester Half Marathon
Sun-25-09-2016 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon

Don't forget these two massive events from two weekends ago either
Sun-18-09-2016 Hull Marathon
Sun-18-09-2016 Reigate Half Marathon

Happy to make it to the end on the Ride Across Britain

(The new pic2go logo - now have to roll that out)

We don't make that much of a song and dance about the Pic2Go service ( but it has been a fantastic week of covering the Deloitte Ride Across Britain on their Lands End to John O'Groats #LeJog. Our embedded photographer covered the ride from start to finish over 9 days - and uploaded images live during each day so most often friends and family were able to see photos of the riders out on the course before the riders had even reached for their smartphones !
The images that were sent out to competitors all had a clever progressive watermark for each day along with sponsor branding - so with just a glance they could tell which stage of the ride it was taken on and the sequence of photos for the entire experience and story.
At the time of writing we have had over 1.7 Million image views across social media by riders, friends and families - all closely linked to the event, which is a fantastic number of people sharing in the most memorable of experiences.

It's a fantastic life experience
Not sure we quite had this shot to him by the time he checked his smartphone this time though...

And Sorry if we missed you at Ealing - and if you've come here looking for this years images - our web traffic stats say you have been having a good look back here. Alas - the organisers decided to go with an alternative supplier. We did offer our services to them for free again this year and our profit contributions to their race charity, but that's how it goes sometimes - so a Gallic shrug and off we go again !

However - if you would like to see last years Ealing Half Marathon Gallery 2015 - then that is still available here on our archive gallery: - 

Marathon training event workshop
If any of you have done something recently that involves committing yourself to training for a marathon next April, or any Marathon really - then you might be interested in this workshop taking place in Burgess Hill on the Thursday 13th of October at 7pm - (donation only) - get yourself involved on here:
It's being organised by these guys

and now...

Here's some shots from the weekend

Top marks to this runner who stepped up to help out with the warm up - he's a personal trainer - check out his tshirt if you need one

Off from the start in the market place

100 yards in and all is ok

2 miles in and all ok

working that camera

good work chaps

no press please ! err - for him

Top work for charity

airplane-ing it in at the finish

All for the love of bling

Meanwhile in Winchester (which is quite hilly don't you know)

Look, we can do branded PR type shots for races too !!

Top lead bike marshals ready for the off

The mayor writes out a parking ticket for the lead clock car on their Henchmans back - James Bond style.

Remote cameras all set up and ready at the start - ready for barcode reading

This Kia looks quite sporty !

A great crowd at the start and the farmers market in the High Street

Chris encouraged the runners up the hill

Good work for the win in 1:12:17

Et voila, stored carefully down his shorts. No, not much use there.

For the home win - 1:32:01 on a tough course !

Fair to say he was happy about it

The ancient streets of Winchester and its hills

Frankly He looked far too happy.

Good to see Ant Gritton take second in 1:14 for Lordshill - an ex Tuff Fitty Triathlete

taxiii ???

No getting past these guys

For real marshalling in westside.

That concentratey look up a hill

The motivators have it ! (aka sweepers)

Top pacing work around the course

Looking strong on the first return into town

Overall a great weekend of running and sport around the southern counties - and perfect weather for it - now we have gone past the Autumnal equinox - so remember - if you are running and training into the darker evenings - please make sure you have your high-viz vests on or something very reflective - it's easy to forget !

until next time - we have a busy one coming up !

Sun-02-10-2016 Tonbridge Half
Sun-02-10-2016 Basingstoke Half
Sun-02-10-2016 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-02-10-2016 Clarendon Marathon
Sat-08-10-2016 Brutal PyeStock
Sun-09-10-2016 Chichester Half
Sun-09-10-2016 Herts 10k
Sun-16-10-2016 Kelly's Cross Country Challenge
Sun-16-10-2016 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-16-10-2016 1066 Way to Battle
Sun-23-10-2016 Abingdon marathon
Sun-23-10-2016 PP Water of Life
Sat-29-10-2016 Beachy Head
Sat-12-11-2016 Poppy Half
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half

Tuesday 20 September 2016

The Run Reigate 2016, and Hull Marathon - all races now live in the Gallery

The start of the first race at Run Reigate - the 10k
The fabulous Run Reigate took place on Sunday with over 3800 runners taking part across three different race distances. The Junior races were a particular success - the culmination of 12 earlier one mile runs that the juniors had done meaning that this was the last mile of their Half Marathon experience - and over 1000 children took part in that alone - an excellent development initiative for running.

The Gallery for all the Reigate races is here:

We also had the wonderful and scenic Hull Marathon on Sunday - also in perfect conditions for distance running:
The Hull Marathon Gallery can be found here:
West Hull Ladies leading the way at the Start of the Hull Marathon

At Run Reigate we had Kelly Holmes in attendance helping with the warm-up, motivation and more selfies with people than you can imagine possible and a smile that went on forever.
Mr Kelly the race director with Kelly the Runner and some flowers

Next weekends races - entries are still open for one more day - don't miss out !!

Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

Full list of recent race galleries and future races
We're now full back into the half marathon and marathon season - so the next two months are crammed full of great races - check out the list below and make sure you're at one of them.

Date Event Gallery or Website
Sun-11-09-2016 Pilgrim
Sun-11-09-2016 Chestnut Tree House 10k
Sun-11-09-2016 ETL Bacchus
Fri-16-09-2016 Energy Against Hunger Challenge
Sun-18-09-2016 Reigate Half Marathon
Sun-18-09-2016 Hull Marathon
Fri-23-09-2016 The Mudathlon
Sun-25-09-2016 Winchester Half Marathon
Sun-25-09-2016 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-02-10-2016 Basingstoke Half
Sun-02-10-2016 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-02-10-2016 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-02-10-2016 Tonbridge Half
Sun-02-10-2016 Warrior Run
Sat-08-10-2016 Brutal Run
Sun-09-10-2016 Herts 10k
Sun-09-10-2016 Chichester Half
Sun-16-10-2016 Kelly's Cross Country Challenge
Sun-16-10-2016 1066 Way to Battle
Sun-16-10-2016 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-23-10-2016 PP Water of Life
Sun-23-10-2016 Abingdon marathon
Sat-29-10-2016 Beachy Head

See you next weekend at Richmond or Winchester - and get your entries in !

Some pictures from Reigate...
The scale of the challenge was yet to be realised

Run out first and give your friends a wink and a wave

PR team busy getting their pre race soundbites

Charity fundraising achieved !

Reigate zoo are yet to acknowledge the escape

best of the smiles through the day - there were a lot

closing in on the finish line

Desmond made it for the win

good to check in with the family at the finish

Good to see Paul back out and racing strongly for the Half Marathon win in 1h13m

Fiona Flying in for the win in 1:25 at the Half

Good fundraising teamwork

Putting the Passion in

A bit of blocking going on behind Epsom ?

A world record attempt for a Camel in a Half Marathon - we await news


More surrendering

Surrendered and taken prisoner

Suzie looking light on her feet as a pacemaker

Just a quick work email, won't take a second

Top teamwork

Little did Deano know that Gemma was getting a selfie with him

This Mr Bolt, is how you do it.

Top finishing high-fives

Your top dogs from the day

Oi Daimler - you're looking the wrong way

There was a point when I panicked inside - what if everyone tries to high-five Kelly ?

Not sure She agreed with him

yes just 9 more miles.

Rising up the second hill out of town

Buzz gave it some

Where are all the Knights with capes to keep one's shoes clean ?

Nothing is as good as Mummy Hugs

Working the crowd on the way in

the joy of the countryside

going well

everything is ok

spot the race number - yes you have to read the luggage tag

Batman on a Unicorn and Wonder woman. I bet they have fun in that household.

Looking strong at the finish of the junior run

Not quite sure why the interest in my greying hair, but hey ho, I guess she was too shy to ask for a selfie ?

Batman training hard for his next Gotham city job

Too Much cuteness

Meanwhile in Hull

This chap couldn't wait for his race photos...

until next time !