Thursday 28 July 2016

Race to the Stones, Wakehurst Willow, Oxfam Trailwalker and DTUF Half 2016 - all now live

5am onsite for that "on-time but too early" Race to the Stones feeling
It's been a busy mid-summer season fortnight, in between two massive 100k overnight trail runs (Race to the Stones and the Oxfam Trailwalker) we had the inaugural Wakehurst Willow 8k last Wednesday, and then also the Purple Patch Down Tow Up Flow Half marathon on Sunday - a scenic run along the banks of the river Thames from Windsor to Marlow (this years direction).

The weather has been stunning over these two weekends, and I've been eternally grateful to the weather gods that I've not had to be sat out in pouring rain in the dark into the late night getting cold. On the flip side it's been a battle against the elements to keep off the sunburn, maintain the ability to see down a camera lens, and keep hydrated just the right amount that means you don't need to go to the loo at the critical point you had been waiting 12hours for....

As a result of this I now have too many images to put on the blog and keep it concise, so I can only emphasise having a good browse through the galleries when you have a spare moment.

To this end - our 2015 archive gallery from sitting in fields (if you missed the action first time around) is here: and we are working on getting the 2016 archive gallery up and running shortly.

Here's the list of recent events, and future ones you might like to enter. Everything gets busy after mid august - so you have until then to go and eat plenty of cake. Or train. It's a tough choice.

Date Event Gallery Link
Sat /Sun-16/07/2016 Race To The Stones
- Free live images via Pic2Go
Wed-20/07/2016 Wakehurst Willow 8k
Sat/Sun -23/07/2016 Trailwalker
Sun-24/07/2016 PP DTUF Half
Future Races Event Entry Website
Sat-13/08/2016 Pride 10k
Sat-13/08/2016 Brutal Congo Stream
Sun-21/08/2016 REP River Arun Waterfront Swim - free downloads
Sun-28/08/2016 Arundel 10k - free downloads
Sun-28/08/2016 REP Worthing Tri - free downloads
Sat-03/09/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-04/09/2016 PP Maidenhead Half
Sun-04/09/2016 Reading Triathlon
Sun-04/09/2016 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-11/09/2016 Pilgrim
Sun-11/09/2016 ETL Bacchus
Sun-11/09/2016 Chestnut Tree House 10k

Latest Discount Corner - they're getting closer !
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

and did you hear that the Southampton Half marathon 2017 is also turning int a two lap affair ?
yes you can do a marathon now too...

And now a few photos I've seen in the last few weeks...and this selection is just not going to do any of it justice.

Race to the Stones  - a 100km along the Ridgeway
The race goes along the Thames, as do Hen Party gin boats

Don't make the sheep jealous

don't be jealous of the sheep

handy modelling position to help test the three flashes

Yes, you are cyclops, and yes, I am now blind

One supporters pet wolf kept and eye on the sleeping sheep didn't it.

crossing a field makes you feel marvelous

Levitate and get there faster

It was quite a nice view really

Where are they from again ? I hope they found their way home...

Carrie did a blindingly good time - totes amazeballs.

double thumbs up for some of the scenery

The crack squad PR team turned up to capture some video magic

I think he was looking the right way. Honest.

off into the wild west yonder

It's a nice route. Honest, not too hilly.

The sheer size and scale of the Race to the Stones I can't really do it justice on here - we had full live photos going out during the event using pic2go technology, meaning that competitors were getting updates to their facbook pages whilst they were still out on the course. This proved to be quite popular !

The Wakehurst Willow on the Wendesday had some massive hills and scenic paths to contend with, but everyone seemed very pleased with this inaugural event.

second lap and still looking happy
All good on the first lap before the massive hill climb
Strong around the course into the finish
an excellent start line photobomb !
Look there - yes - a remotely triggered camera in the undergrowth...
Then on Saturdaywith the Oxfam Trailwalker again we had another overnight 100km walk along the southdowns way from Queen Elizabeth Park on the A3 over to the racecourse at Brighton.
Working the camera

All female Bolt team

Magic unicorn rainbow jump. Best photobomb ever.

walking stick balance fail

we can't take any more Bolt pose

remember - Take in the view.

Dawn rising over the hills towards Lewes on Sunday

The marketing video team turned up

The hills were alive with the sound of music

fourarms at the ready

sticks out

the jazz hand surrender

victory celebrations

watching your back all the way around

Top work chaps

excellent work Dads !
with a later start in Windsor we had the Down Tow Up Flow Half marathon along the river Thames...
Only at 2k but flying off to finish

get those headphones out and listen to the world

flying along the riverbank path

all going well

For the win at Marlow

Top teamwork on the run in together

top tip - stop your stopwatch on your phone after you've crossed the line

Lovely touch as his team chased their club president in across the finish and celebrate with him.

Have a great next few weeks, we're not covering any events at the moment for the next two weekends and getting ready for the very busy autumn season that is coming up through September and October - so make sure that you have your races entered in plenty of time because they are going to fill up fast as soon as people get back from their holidays.

Until next time, train well

Thursday 14 July 2016

Kellys Summer Cycle, ETL Badger Half, Wycombe Half, Phoenix and RPAC Summer 10k 2016 galleries all now live

Sunset on a great evenings running on Hove Seafront

It's been go go go here at SSP HQ, mainly because all sorts of good things are happening - for example we are covering the Race to the Stones with Pic2Go live technology this coming weekend - uploading runners photos live to their facebook photo galleries during the event (as long as we can see their pic2go barcodes!)

48hr coverage of an event that has a 100km course which is not readily accessible by car needs quite a bit of planning. One day I'll blog about the sets of all weather laptop boxes I've constructed from scratch, the power considerations for all night flash photography, battery charging and laptop use etc. and that's not including the thought of "so where's the internet in this wireless blackspot then?"

Things are easy when you can last 6hrs for a marathon, but when it's continuous from 6am saturday to 9pm sunday - when do you sleep ? It's definitely been an excuse for some work toys.

Last night was one of mixed blessing at the Phoenix Summer 10k (and Sussex 10k champs) and the RPAC Summer 10k in Reigate. On the upside, the torrential rain passed through both locations before the races, but on the downside Tony's very expensive camera threw a shutter blade, so if you want to know what the last moments of a Canon 1Dx cameras life looks like here you go..
Unlike a scene from the Omen, this is just a shutter blade flapping about.
I can confirm nothing happened to the runner later (so far...).

Here's a table of things for you to look up your race and see your galleries ! Enjoy reliving the experience...

Date Event Gallery or website
Sun-03/07/2016 Purple Patch Spire Bushey Run
Sun-03/07/2016 The Bewl 15
Sun-03/07/2016 Chichester Tri
Sun-10/07/2016 Wycombe 10K & Half Marathon
Sun-10/07/2016 Kelly's Summer Cycle - free photos live during the event with Pic2Go
Sun-10/07/2016 ETL Badger Half
Wed-13/07/2016 RPAC Summer 10k
Wed-13/07/2016 Phoenix 10k
Sat-16/07/2016 Race To The Stones - free photos live during the event with Pic2Go
Sun-17/07/2016 Race To The Stones - free photos live during the event with Pic2Go
Wed-20/07/2016 Wakehurst Willow 8k
Sat-23/07/2016 Oxfam Trailwalker
Sun-24/07/2016 Oxfam Trailwalker
Sun-24/07/2016 PP DTUF Half
Sat-13/08/2016 Pride 10k
Sat-13/08/2016 Brutal Congo Stream
Sun-21/08/2016 REP River Arun Waterfront Swim - Free downloads
Sun-28/08/2016 Arundel 10k - Free Downloads
Sun-28/08/2016 REP Worthing Tri - Free downloads

Don't forget discount corner - deadlines for these are getting closer and people are signing up
Date Race Event link Special SSP Discount code
25-Sep-16 The Winchester Half Marathon SSP10
25-Sep-16 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon SSP10RBK

A few quick shots from our selection of races for you in no particular order

Phoenix Summer 10k and Sussex 10k Champs

Moody skies at the start - caught by my 6yr old daughter. Not bad technically, timing and on composition.

Rain gone away - all is ok

Looking strong into the finish

You'd run fast too with that lot chasing you with leper bells...

Always good to see the stalwarts of the county scene

Badger Half Marathon
Top bombing - always look like your having more fun than them!

Suddenly she realised what her friends meant by a "Gosport Sandwich"...

She actually never puts her arms down

Top Guid work

crazy jumping bananas !

Hi !

High Wycombe Half and 10k

Good work on the top corner

When photobombing goes sort of right

They wouldn't let go of him...

First ever triple jump finish we have seen

The RPAC Summer 10k

Always race to the finish

Leading out the field past 1k

All ok !

Enjoying the evening out of the office

Finish line focus...

Kellys Summer Ride 2016 - all images were shared live during the event on Pic2Go - sending images direct to participants Facebook accounts immediately

Not quite Froome descent - but good enough

a relaxing ride 

Always good to see the boss man working up the hills

The Pubs behind you...

This is the original Olympic 2012 first hill climb - it's quite steep !

Top work by the young man

in the rain, but going downwind...
So that's it for this update - enjoy the galleries, I'm off to build two sets of mobile PC internet hubs for the weekend... and will see you at the Race to the Stones.

Until next time