Wednesday 30 May 2012

Bookham 10k 2012 and June planning

The Bookham 10k race gallery is online here:

Race results are on the Events to Live website - along with a great race report and poignant memories of runners passed:

So there is very little to add except - it was hot, very hot, and a lot hotter than the cancelled race in February due to the snow- compare and contrast these two here:

The Bookham 10k that never was, Feb 2012

Running in the May sun before the climb to Ranmore common
Well done to Nicky and Allan and the Events to Live team on resheduling the race - their next race is at Poulsden Lacey NT house - check it out here:

Month End Look Back
As it's the end of the month - here's a quick list of the last few weeks that you might want to go back and check yourself and remember how well you did. You might like it that little bit more now too !
Was it your PB race ?, was it the best one of the year so far ? or were you a survivor at the Brutal ? Please remember we can only keep images online for 3 months before we have to make space for new events - so don't get caught out and get yours today:

now live - Folkestone Coastal 10k 20127790 files
now live - Bookham 10k 20126056 files
now live - Mundays 5k 2012 - Free Downloads1904 files
now live - Horsham 10k 20122592 files
now live - Great Baddow 201213193 files
now live - The ETL Denbies Races 20122670 files
now live - Bognor Prom 10k 201213888 files
now live - Brutal 10 - Bagshot 201214940 files
now live - Deal Half Marathon 20121797 files
now live - Marlow 5 20128194 files
now live - EG Tri 201210414 files
now live - Staines 10k 20124092 files
now live - Oxford Town and Gown 10k 201215869 files

Planning Ahead

I was recently reminded that this years Brighton 10k is also the Sussex 10k championships - and as ever it always fills up early. Yes I know it's on the 18th of November - but you can never be early enough when it comes to entering your favourite and regular races - so go and get that entry in now and sleep well for another 6 months knowing it's sorted, plus of course - club league points:

Next weekend on the Sunday 3rd of June is the Seaford Half marathon - the race is almost full and no entries on the day - get in there now ! We've donated almost £100 over the past two years to their charity work gained from sales of photographs at this race, so here's hoping we can continue to do this.

As ever we will also be at the Raw Energy Pursuits Arundel Triathlon on Sunday - one of the most picturesque locations you can have a sprint tri - along with the excellent organisation afforded by Mick and the REP team it is also a tough cycle course and a real test of Triathlon Ability. There are limited entries left as I type - so get over and get in - even if it is just for their now legendary cool T-Shirts they are turning out from their events, and did I mention that the race photos are free to download ?

Once you've recovered from that and don't fancy the street party in your road, you can go and join in the Jubilee 10k , 5k and fun run at Godalming on the Bank Holiday Monday - organised by allabouttriathlons - and if you're early enough you might even get to meet Sophie and Edward apparently :

Alternatively you might want to hide from the whole Jubilee experience for a bit longer than a 10k - so you have the opportunity to do just that for at least 2hrs and 5minutes (if you're quick) is there by entering the Kent Road Runner Marathon :
 It's at a massive new cycling facility - so it has wonderful smooth tarmac and great facilities, and the bikes are banned for the race - so some might say it's going to be even better. Have a look at the website - all it needs is a pool and you'll have an all in one triathon facility as well. Truly an amazing facility.

On the tuesday - you can rest. Nothing is happening except the Queen taking an extra day off work and here in the office we will be indexing through images - so you can think of us working very hard, or prepare yourself for the Worthing 10k on Wednesday evening at 7:30pm

Hopefully the new course won't be as windy as it was last year !!

So there's a bit of light reading and link surfing for wednesday morning in the office, plus remembering just how good you looked last month in that race you did...
I have the joy of a trip to London in the afternoon (spoken as an ex-commuter) so I'm hoping it's not too hot on the rush hour back, I've had enough of those to last my lifetime thanks...
As it gets to the end of the month - remember that it's almost half term too, so don't take the kids to school by mistake next week and don't go into work on the Tuesday unless you really really have to (like us, although I might try to get a lie-in despite the kids).

Until next time, and enjoy the weather


Monday 28 May 2012

Folkestone Coastal 10k 2012

Images from yesterdays Folkestone Coastal 10k are now live and online here:
The Link for the 10k race :

If you did the 10mile race earlier in the year:

A fantatastic turnout in hot conditoins for the first ever running of this race - starting at the old harbour by the bell, going for 5k turn point and then back along the seafront.

Phil Anthony (#500) won in 32:25 - setting a good benchmark, and first lady was Maria Heslop in 38:24 (#304) again setting a mark that will have future challengers eyeing it to get a record.

Full results are available on the Nice-Work website here:

There was a good turnout from the local team the Folkestone Runners, as well as a high percentage of non-affiliated runners which is always good to see. The finish line was lined each side with strong support from friends and family cheering everyone home and it made for a nice few hours on the beach.

Very well done to Ray Johnson and the rest of the organising team including Nice-Work and the Ghurkas who supported, entered and marshalled on the day. St.Johns also helped several runners off the course and I hope they have recovered ok- the heat was tough.

Other excitement
A low Oil level light, a diversion to Halfords and then a quick stop at the Airport Cafe near Lympne ( for an all day lunch added to the excitement of the day, and special thanks to the team in the office for working through the images late into the evening to bring them to you early today.

Here's a quick selection from the gallery:

Starting from the Harbour area

Cap turned around to keep the sun off the neck

A good turn out from the unaffilliated local runers


80 years old and on his last 10k

Phil Anthony on his way back into the finish

Maria Heslop winniing the womens race with the cliff top buildings in the background

Rona flying in from Folkestone Running Club

A well lined and supported finish straight

On the way out round the cliff costal path
Enjoy the gallery - Images from yesterdays Folkestone Coastal 10k are now live and online here:

As well as donating part of each image sale from this gallery to charity we hope that there is enough support for us to come back and help cover the half marathon later in the year
Sunday the 30th of September if you're wondering...

Until next time,

Friday 25 May 2012

The weekend ahead - May 25th 2012

What ? Sunny. You have got to be kidding me, or was that just 40 days of rain over then ? I see no Arc.

Here's the weather forecast then :
(office environment friendly if you're wondering).
Bono Estente indeed.

This weekend will be just the two events for us - the Folkestone 10k and the Bookham 10k (this time without snow).
Both are still taking entries so beat the deadline.

Fokestone 10k (Kent coast)

Bookham 10k (Surrey / Leatherhead-ish, easy from M25)

Usually we cover about 10 events per month, so far in May it's been 20 - making for a very busy time for everyone here in the office and at the events. We could do with a day off. Any day. Please nominate one for us as it's been 7 days a week since mid March and I've not been for a run since :(

With over 155,000 images uploaded in May alone - it's easy to loose track - so here's the galleries for May in a handy list in date order so you can find yourselves and friends for that Friday feeling !!

23/05/2012Mundays 5k 2012
1904 files
20/05/2012Great Baddow 2012
13193 files
20/05/2012The ETL Denbies Races 2012
2670 files
20/05/2012Bognor Prom 10k 2012
13888 files
20/05/2012Horsham 10k 2012
2592 files
19/05/2012Brutal 10 Race 3 2012
14940 files
13/05/2012Deal Half Marathon 2012
1797 files
13/05/2012The Marlow 5 2012
8194 files
13/05/2012East Grinstead Triathlon 2012
10414 files
13/05/2012Staines 10k 2012
4092 files
13/05/2012Oxford Town and Gown 10k 2012
15869 files
07/05/2012Watford 10k 2012
13036 files
07/05/2012Burgess Hill 10k 2012
11038 files
06/05/2012YMCA Fun Runs 2012
10832 files
06/05/2012Richmond Half Marathon 2012
5359 files
06/05/2012Three Forts Marathon 2012
10131 files
06/05/2012REP Steyning Triathlon 2012
2895 files
06/05/2012Haywards Heath 10M 2012
6220 files
05/05/2012East Grinstead 10M 2012
6345 files

Some readers will be dissapointed by the lack of rain this weekend

Prices - because time and photography isn't free.
Recently I found a blog debating about the price of race photos and how it might be cheaper and why was it "so expensive" ?. Given that it worked out as a reasoned debate and touched onto the unknowns which I think I helped to fill in - I thought it worth sharing it with you here: the blogger is a good runner - and his most recent blogs explain his build up to Edinburgh which also makes interesting reading. So Hello to Lewis Birchon - I hope the Edinburgh prep and taper madness is still going well !

Race planning
A handfull of other races you should be in the know about if you fancy planning ahead.


June 4th 2:30pm start - Godalming
Jubilee 10k: Royalist, or not royalist and want something to do instead on the bank holiday? then go here:

Worthing 10k - new lap route on the seafront after work
7:30pm Wednesday 6th June

Half Marathon
Seaford half marathon - wonderful views - June 3rd
Aquathlon - for Kids
Get your kids active if they can swim and run on July the 8th - it was a fabulous day last year.

Mid Sussex Tri club Tri -10th June

Off Road Triathlon - for those of you who have tractor bikes and fancy testing yourselves
The Vachery Tri a *new race* part of the esablished XTri race series
(and there is a road tri too if you don't have a tractor MTB)

So for now, Scorchio, don't forget the sun-block, hat and long sleeved white top for the weekend. Big white compression socks have never seemed so appealing.

Don't get sunburnt
Until next time

Enjoy the hills, the views and the Sun this weekend

Tuesday 22 May 2012

Great Baddow, Denbies and Horsham 2012 now live

The last three races from the weekend are now live and on-line bringing the total number of images since the start of March to more than 450,000. (this fact is a bit of a surprise to me) I've not had a day off in that whole time, but hoping that you're going to keep me busy with plenty of happy memories being ordered !
Hats off to the intrepid team of photographers and staff here in the office who have brought you this through the warmest and driest spring on record... I now have a double waterproof strategy which I'm happy to share if you want to get in touch to ask.

Latest Races

Here's the links for the latest galleries and links to each race website for more race information and results are on the gallery page:

Great Baddow -  The Edmund Carr 10 Mile and Fun Run

Events to Live - Denbies 10mile and Fun Run

Horsham Joggers 10k and Fun Run

Here's some action from Great Baddow - which was a fantastic Fun day with Fatima Whitbread starting the Family Fun Run race - and then having a go herself (search on 53)
Off on time - the 10 mile race started to the second

One of the best warm ups I've seen in a long time, and the best DJ/MC at all the events we go to all year. Seriously fluent, an amazing skill.

wearing full BA kit - 2 miles done

Spidey fun run


3 generations on the way in

One way to cool off the partner. (Not advised!!)

Seen regularly at the races - our police friend - although not sure why he still needs a stab vest?!

Start them off young

2 miles - not out

A flying Scout

In step together

Great family team running

The Scouts got stuck in and did a fantastic job of helping on the day 

2miles on a balance bike = dedication

Damn you stopwatch race clock, I'll have you next time !!

well done everyone on a great weekends racing, I hope to see you out and about again very soon.

Until next time

Monday 21 May 2012

Bognor 10k 2012 now live

Race Photos from the 2012 Bognor Prom 10k are now live and online here:

New Course records !!
First place was 1064 Tadele Geremew in a time of 30:36 - one of the fastest 10k's we have seen this year...and then..
First place lady was Linda Spencer, in 33:38 from Australia, fourth place overall ahead of some fast men and women and just behind James Baker who and Jo Corbett - both putting in fast times for their season.

Both these were new course records - 30seconds removed by Tadele and 1:41seconds by Linda.

The Horsham 10k and Great Baddow races are still work in progress,

The Denbies10 and fun run is now on final upload :

Lonely out front, after just 1km

relief and a new course record

Correct celebration of a massive course record

Even better celebration of a PB

Nice day out by the coast

Tide was up, and the seaweed got a bit tangly

Another cracking run

All donations to his just giving page

Peppa Pig out for a spot of fund raising
caption competiton entries please !