Friday 16 February 2024

Welcome to 2024 and onwards - Search and Share !

The start of the Cowdray Estate Winter Run 2023

Still getting that feeling of every training run is in the dark ? Hello and welcome to 2024 ! 

How are you doing - the mild weather meaning you're ready for those early Half Marathons and cross countries ? It's picked up since december (well ok we had a few storms didn't we).

We're next at the English National XC champs - so looking forwards to providing live on the day photos for everyone.

Sorry for being so quiet through a lot of 2023 - whilst we had lots of work - the priority for telling participants about photos and galleries fell to the event organisers and we put a lot more time into supporting them to make sure that pariticpants got their free downloads and memories as soon as possible.

And because time is a limited resource - err, I'm sorry for the lack of fun captioned photos.

We've spent the last few months trying to make things faster, easier and more fun for you to get old and new images as fast as possible from the events we cover, and then to be able to share the happiness with your special people as super-easy as possible, and so it's with a slight "look this is just a beta ok" sort of worried comment, I'd like you to test our new .... front page. 

The hardest conditions I've ever photographed in, and they were still smiling

The new SSP Search and Share front page

We've had a few things going on quietly in the background and so now we're at a good place to test out our Beta-version (that means first go) "search and share" shop-front.

Because you want to get to your photos quickly - you can now do that in as few as 3 clicks -
Select your event - enter your race number - and go to the photos ! (but share the link on the way too)

The current page lists everything from the end of 2016 - and has a handy filter box - so if you can only remember it was a Brutal Run - start off with filtering "brutal" and see what's there to select.

Sharing is Caring
You'll see we have put a load of different ways for you to share that search result with your friends and family - and copy the URL into your clipboard - as well as writing a little auto-story for you - so all you need to do is paste it into your social media post (edit it if you want to), and hit send !

The reliable gallery surf through to your event is still there - so you can always just go to the Gallery, and find your way to your event - which has always been super easy and straightforwards - and search directly on that event page instead.

And if you go off to see your photo results first and still like them, you can always pop back to share them with your friends easily that way too !

So apart from wishing you all a late happy new year, and a roughly accurate happy Chinese New Year, please go to the new search and share homepage and give it a beta test for me...

Click here to have a look at it:  Https://

Looking forwards to how you get on, and if you can get those pre-covid photos out of our archive super easily !

No Surprises and hopefully have you jumping for joy...

Looking forwards to seeing you this year !

Share your running, achievements and photos for more smiles later !

Until next time, and hopefully not so long either, and hopefully won't catch covid again, that was miserable for two weeks before christmas !