Monday 31 October 2016

Beachy Head 2016 Gallery now live

The Beachy Head 2016 gallery is now live with both the Marathon and 10k race photos here
Taken from over 9 locations around the course the team took almost 100,000 images on Saturday in various weather conditions from 7:45am to 6:38pm when the last photo was taken.

No, this was not taken from a drone ! - The start comes up a rather steep hill quite quickly !
The team here has been busy over the past days cataloguing all the images so you can find your photos super quick - we hope it helps you get your orders completed all the faster and saves you an impossible amount of time trying to find yours !

Date Event Gallery event link
This Weekend
Sat-29-10-2016 Beachy Head
Last weekend
Sun-23-10-2016 Abingdon marathon
Sun-23-10-2016 PP Water of Life
Rest of the Year !
Sun-06-11-2016 LBVCR
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-20-11-2016 ETL Molehills
Sun-20-11-2016 Brighton 10k
Sun-04-12-2016 Seaford Mince Pie
Sun-04-12-2016 The Hogs Back
Sun-11-12-2016 HollyRun

In other news - we're going through a massive reworking of our gallery, website and back office processes for 2017 so look out for the changes coming in the months ahead - we hope you enjoy them, we know you will benefit from them. You can take a sneak preview of the backed up 2016 gallery here.

No, he wasn't sure why he was doing it either

Dog was winning in the human v dog race, but took a moment to wait

Good to see Darren hadn't lost it completely

The man v horse competition was a close one this year

First ever backwards completion of the race.

tight hips ?

He didn't realise they had formed a ceremonial arch for him!

bloody seagulls !

yes, 2 more miles left

Did someone say there's a wolf run ?

Ruth is so far past Marathon number 156 it's ridiculous

Dehydration can take many forms

Susie was proudly showing off her shiny 100 Marathon club vest at Marathon #101

I personally can't fault that vest name

Early Halloween practice

For the win ?

"almost finished the 7 sisters so ner!"

Meanwhile, silently, Reginald Perrin prepared himself at the cliff edge.

Emily calmly destroyed most of the field - 2nd female and 32nd overall in 3:32

Happy to discover a better photo service than the one he was at last week ?

Leading them out towards the Exceat

Another entry in the horse v human v dog was won by the horse...

This is not trick photography. Yes it did need a saddle.

Cue titanic theme song and Celine Dionne appearing in the background

We did not photoshop this. Dog v horse interloper

An amazing 2hr 50minute winning time for Sam Humphrey

Save yourself the hassle and just let us do the work

Good to see Henfield Joggers out in force throughout the field

Steph flew into the finish line for that real sense of achievement

That starting hill ! Not easy to finish down either.

Well done team !

Good to see these two out at the 10k

Sometimes you know you've done something special

Steve tracked around the course trying to photograph Amanda with varying success - it's a massive loop and a massive challenge - which is where we come in !

Burgess hill runners flying squadron returns with Neil and Oliver

Correct finishing celebration

The traditional anointment with the medal

That special look. Yes, it's takeout tonight !

"Yeah, and then I said..."

You have to watch those hamstrings ! #youthoftoday

Horse continued to win, this is not photoshopped

Dom had a good run !

"but I was waiving to the camera, honest" said Debbie...

Suddenly the photographer showed his face from behind the camera, you wouldn't believe what happened next

Paul is indeed tall. Too tall for the landscape shot.

That moment when you trip up but realise it's all going to be ok 
Congratulations to everyone on completing the challenge, and to all the marshals out on the course - in possibly the nicest conditions under foot for many years - I hope you're all recovering well and can now walk downstairs almost normally !

until next time

Tuesday 25 October 2016

Abingdon Marathon and PP Water of Life 2016 now live

Both the galleries from the weekend are now online,
A busy yet gentle start to the 2016 Abingdon Marathon
With fog and mist on the way to events this Sunday it was a pleasant Autumnal sun that burnt through to give clear skies, not helped by a slightly chilly easterly wind from the Baltics. So first event back into the winter waterproof trousers and big coat and gloves. If you see me with my camera covered in (special) plastic bags, it's to keep my hands warm, not to keep the rain off (but they do that too).
A quick thank you to Gary the race director at Abingdon who is now handing on the reigns - although not disappearing he's done his fair share of putting on a fantastic event over the years and for that we are very grateful.

Here are the latest Gallery links:
Date Event name Gallery or event website
This weeks races
Sun-23-10-2016 PP Water of Life
Sun-23-10-2016 Abingdon marathon
Last weeks races
Sat-15-10-2016 Spooky Sprint Tonbridge
Sun-16-10-2016 Kelly's Cross Country Challenge
Sun-16-10-2016 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-16-10-2016 1066 Way to Battle
Future Races in 2016
Sat-29-10-2016 Beachy Head
Sat-12-11-2016 Brutal Spider Hill
Sun-13-11-2016 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-20-11-2016 ETL Molehills
Sun-20-11-2016 Brighton 10k
Sun-04-12-2016 The Hogs Back
Sun-04-12-2016 Seaford Mince Pie
Sun-11-12-2016 HollyRun

2017 Races and free race galleries

Bookings are up for free race galleries in 2017 - it's not just medals and TShirts any more. Race galleries that Runners can download for free make up more and more of the events we cover, and on the busy weekends becoming a tipping point for the undecided entry. I mean - we like to think we help bring a certain quality endorsement to the races and the event directors that we work with , but free race photos do make a difference for everyone.

Event organisers have the choice of free downloads, or to use Pic2Go that gives the photos directly to the runners and also helps them get those additional sponsors onboard with the massive additional exposure that race photos on social media can bring - when we quote "Millions of page views" people find it hard to grasp and understand, but yes that's what we can do for your brand.

Prices for free downloads start from only £1+VAT (*depending on race size), so tell your favourite race director to get it sorted out for your bestest race next year now ! Or if you're a potential sponsor, get in touch and I'm sure we can find you a suitable race...
Abingdon 2016
They only just missed the cones as they came up the road - potentially embarrassing ! Great lead marshalling all the way around at 12mph

A bit of local teamwork

Always good to have support buzzing around the course

World record attempt was looking strong at the half marathon point

A wave to Wilma and he was off again

And then he found the wall

good teamwork

Top work as rear sweeper, all the way round at 5mph is not easy

Not quite sure who she's telling off here...

All going well together

I hear he's going to release a new clothing line soon

Strong into the last bend

Slightly pleased about it 

He forgot to drink the water, makes things very heavy

All done with teddy in hand

A bit of impromptu Morris dancing to celebrate

Finally Mel had broken away from Sue for the win

Almost a mobot across the town square

Somewhere there's a Serpintine runner without a right glove

For the win !

Meanwhile at Marlow and the Water of Live event with Purple Patch

It was all so good at the start of the 10k

Safely away on the half

not sure who's leading who here

Chris Takes some  low fives

excellent ! - yes, we can't read them in your pocket

strong teamwork coming off the bridge

looking to hitch a lift, but wasn't prepared to wait

A tricky running technique, but seemingly effective

"Gazelle meets soaring eagle" is also a tricky north american style of running

He went for the slap but was blocked

He left the loo seat up, so alas we couldn't see his number...

Selfie Face frames are all a bit of a popular thing at the moment

Now this does almost remind me of a Monty Python sketch from the meaning of life

All going ok here

Dougal (that's the dog in the background) gave chase, fortunately the runner had a life jacket on in case he was chased into the water.

Finishing fives and another Purple Patch event done
So next weekend Saturday is the epic that we call Beachy Head, a slightly different affair to the ever flattest Abingdon Marathon, in that it goes up and down a considerable amount. Even the winners add 30 minutes to their marathon time, and a sub-3hr win is very rare even in ideal conditions.
The long range weather forecast hasn't quite made up it's mind - but early indications are looking promising, if cloudy. Fingers crossed for the light winds - because it's never boring on the top of those cliffs !

Until next time