Tuesday 12 February 2019

The Worthing Half Marathon, 10k, 3k Running Festival 2019 gallery now live

Rampion in the rain
"Spring is coming !" was never said on Game of Thrones...

Having had a weather-imposed week off work last week with the Watford Half Marathon cancelled due to the ice and cold (and the slightly important point that if the ambulance can't get around then neither can the runners) we returned this weekend for the Worthing half marathon, 10k and 3k fun run in the form of the Worthing Running Festival - in what promised to be horrendous windy conditions and torrential rain. As it was it didn't turn out too bad, although the westerly wind was challenging for the runners and photographers alike - it wasn't as strong and gusty as had been forecast - thankfully, we just froze and it didn't really rain (although the rain was seen out over the Rampion windfarm)

The Worthing Running festival gallery is here : http://sspimg.com/Worthing-Half-2019-Gallery

Date Event Free Photos Gallery or Website
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We have a busy next few weekends coming up with one of the most popular half marathons in the country at Cambridge (about 9000 participants), and the English National XC championships (about 8000 entries) - both very large events of significant importance - and both running with Pic2Go and free event photos for all competitors - what's not to like !

Hopefully the "beast from the east" will stay at home this year and the mid march races of Brentwood and Hastings and Colchester will be warm lovely affairs !! I'm also off for surgery on my wrist at the start of the month, jokes aside - it is my work hand - so it's going to be a bit of a worry if it doesn't recover in time. (*warning to everyone in the office* - I'm going to be a whinge bag)

So - here's some pictures from Worthing - and remember to keep the training going and safe on the dark nights - wear something reflective or at least white/bright - black training jackets and tops and leggings are frankly insane !!

All go at the start into the wind

It's only a bit of rain, not a problem

head down into the wind

caught out

today's lucky number

Excellent work by No4

Vegan runs from Rhino in strange twist after failing to get message across

All is ok and it's just started

special mention for any trendy neck buff wearers, these are rare fashionista items

Saturday Night Fever for Zoe

"look it's a camera!"

pointing out the rainy sky

Top work for third place, a new Brighton vest wearer in the county

New vinyl album cover photo shoot worked out ok

She almost managed to catch the illegally flown drone

Strong running 

Yaay !!

a study in two forms of concentration

For the win on the mens race

top friend running

push to the line

a busy and friendly finish line awaited

dynamic lead bike marshalling with top hand gesturing

Oh and one other thing - if you've not paid to be in a race, don't bloody run in it. We can see your lack of number, we can see the lack of timing chip on your shoe, we can see you not go through the finish funnel, yet going all the way around the course, and we see you relying on the support of the race officials if anything goes wrong (because a marshal or medic will always help you). We have photos of you, we actually know you by name, we know which running clubs you run for even though you're not in your club colours, and some of you we have actually spoken to you about not stealing watermarked images and putting them on your facebook pages. Not only that, we then check the results, and we know you're not there, sometimes we check the entries, and we know you're not there, so we have to go through the images - and now - we make sure you're not there. If you're running with a friend or better half - just enter the race - there is simply no excuse not to, it's just simple freeloading and morally reprehensible, but enjoy posting your run on strava all the same - just make sure it's set to private eh ?

and now that rant is out of the way,
have a good one until next time