Tuesday 28 April 2009

Last chance for January Events

Hiya !, this is the last call for orders from January Events.

As you might not know, we guarantee to hold events online for at least three months - after that it's likely that we will have to archive them to make space for new events. We currently hold 280,000 images online at any one time.

As it stands some 30,800 images will be archived in date order to make space for new events as it is required, the events concerned are below, so make sure you get your order in soon if you were intending to, to avoid dissapointment ! :

Click on the links below to go to your events, and remember you can make orders from more than one event to get volume discounts:

  1. Sussex Schools X-Country Champs 2009
  2. Epsom Oddballs Perch 2009
  3. All About Tri G3 Jan 09
  4. Haywards Heath Harriers Plumpton Classic
  5. Stubbington Green 10k 2009
  6. Sussex X-Country Champs 2009
  7. Serpentine NYD 10k 2009

all the best
The Sussex Sport Photography team

Sunday 26 April 2009

Saturday 25 April 2009

Clandon Park 10k photos - work in progress

Just back from the 10k at Clandon Park, which also included a 4k fun run and junior run, as well as activities for the smaller children during the main races.

As ever we're just starting to sort through the photos and index them up for you to find them easily. We also have a few starting videos which we will post soon...

The gallery page is here - Sunday lunchtime.

Overall it is great race, unusual in that it goes across national trust ground. The full event information and results can be found on the organisers website :

And here's a overview of the course if you were wondering:

And if you enjoyed this then the next race organised by the same team is this one...

Meanwhile here's a small selection of photos from the day so far...

The gathering before the start:
The start of the fun-run
Th 10k Race start

The Mens winner - came through the 6k mark in 3rd place
The winner of the dog race:

And apparently there is such a thing as getting too close to the action:
We hope he's well and recovered from the stitches he needed afterwards...

Monday 20 April 2009

Goodwood, Sevenoaks and Bluebell photos now online

A fast turnaround for the photos from the three events from the weekend - the duathlon and triathlon seasons starting off well with good weather and a beautiful run through the bluebell woods near Littlehampton.

Click on the following links to go to the respective galleries and also for links to results...

Sevenoaks Triathlon - Gallery here - now online

Goodwood Duathlon -
Gallery Here - now online

Bluebell Trail 10k - Gallery Here - now online

Stuart Morgan the Vets winner of the Short Course event at Goodwood

CLAIRE HITCHINGS won the female race at Sevenoaks

won the Mens race at Sevenoaks

Hannah Fothergill from southampton winning the Bluebell Trail

and Matthew Pearson (RAF) managed the Bluebell Trail in 36.37 to win the mens race.

Sunday 19 April 2009

In progress - Sevenoaks Tri, Goodwood Duathlon and Bluebell 10k Photos

Hi there ! We trust you all had a good run out today and enjoyed the nice weather ?

We're currently processing through all three events from this Sunday, adding race numbers and editing through them.

Just as soon as the pictures are ready we can tell you - just register for a reminder by clicking on the request links below and send us the email. We'll reply back once they are online...

So for now its on with the work at hand,

Sevenoaks Triathlon - Update - now online

Goodwood Duathlon - updated - now online

Bluebell Trail 10k - updated - now online

Sevenoaks Spring Tri had the inflateable arch and the flags out

The Bluebell trail had some Bluebells out

and the Goodwood Duathlon had the Sun out !

Tuesday 14 April 2009

Lewes 10k and Steyning Duathlon race galleries all online

An Easter Weekend of Sport across Sussex

Steyning Festival of Sport; 5k and Fun Runs

Steyning Duathlon, organised by Raw Energy Pursuits

Lewes 10k and Fun Runs

You can see some of the recent videos we've been taking at races on our youtube channel here:

The start of the Toddler Trot at Lewes on Monday... (this defaults to play in High Def (HD) but you can de-select that if you want)

Worthing Harriers were the winners on the day against Robbie from Lewes AC and James from Chichester AC

If you didn't notice, Superman had a new sidekick for the day, check out more details here:
He'll get another flag soon for him...or make him carry it instead.

The Cows, as you can tell, were impressed by the turnout and enjoyed watching the race..

Lewes Castle overlooked the days proceedings...

Sunday 12 April 2009

F3 Events online

The F3 Events races from Easter Sunday are now online

Click on the following links to go straight to the galleries

F3 Suunto Winter Duathlon Race 3 April 2009 Gallery

F3 HEART 10k and 5k Race 3 April 2009 Gallery

It was a damp start to the day with the Duathlon, making up for the lack of a swim stage. It was a strong field with some of the regulars proving a strong element of competition for each other.
The 10k and 5k's started in far drier conditions, with a good turnout with the recent winner of the Wimbledon 10k turning out on a victory hunt. He was 5 yards ahead before they reached the bridge and finished in a (slow for him) 32minutes, check his form - runner number 299

The start of the 10k and 5k

The mens and Womens 10k Winners

The start of the Suunto Duathlon

The bike stage was worked in different ways through the mild drizzle

pre-race concentration and focus was the order of the day before the start...

Tuesday 7 April 2009

Bournemouth and Worthing Galleries live

Theres now almost 25,000 pictures online from the two running events from the weekend.
Both events had fantastic weather for running and great turn outs.

Just click on the links below for the respective galleries:

The Bournemouth Bay Run - Half Marathon, 10k and 5k photos

The Worthing 20

This chap won Worthing by the way...

Sunday 5 April 2009

A busy Sunday - Worthing, Bournemouth and HONC

We covered 3 different events on Sunday, the Worthing 20 - a well known and respected pre-london distance stretcher, The Bournemouth Bay Runs, consisting of a 10k, Half Marathon and 5k and 1k Fun Runs, plus the Hell of the North Cotswolds - aka HONC, an off road Mountain biking endurance event about 50 miles of fabulous contryside.

Whilst we now endure the hard graft that is indexing through all the images (about 40,000 taken in Bournemouth and 5,000 in Worthing, let alone two unleashed marksmen near Cheltenham with more memory cards than mars bars) we thought we would leave you with some handy links in the meantime:
(and for the record, one of the team managed to wear out the mirror hinge mechanism in their main camera and break it, twice in as many months now...)

Register for Gallery notifications - just click on the link to send us an email and wait for us to do our stuff !

Request Worthing 20 Gallery Notification
Request Bournemouth Bay Runs
Request HONC notification

And below are some early doors pictures from the starts of Worthing and Bournemouth for you...

Bournemouth preview piccies

Fitness First lead the sponsorship and the warm up

Nobody was going to overtake World kick boxing champion Natalie Bee.

The start of the 10k at Bournemouth

Then they had the start of the Half marathon with the pier behind them (like the sun)

Some people were smiling along, others were quite focussed..

Worthing 20 preview piccys:

The great thing about being on the coast has to be the weather, so local superhero James was taking his flag out for the customary pootle around the Worthing 20 course - he organises the Brighton Super Heroes Run

Who's wearing Pink ?, well she usually wears Henfield Jogger Green. not club colours. Oh naughty naughty....

Late for work ? wear your office clothes round the course before going in... (yes he did the full 20 miles in that rig)

Some people couldn't get Sat nav lock down...

Lewes won, I wonder what Morse would have thought.

I'm wondering what the finish picture is going to look like having seen this as the start picture !

The latest trend in running tu-tu, should you be enamoured:

The usual suspects went flying round the start of the second lap...

Saturday 4 April 2009

Bolt Round the Holt Gallery now online

Yes - a record time effort today to get the gallery online - we've sorted through over 9,000 images and the best ones are now online here:

It's late and we're up at 6 tomorrow for more races, so we'll leave it at that for now, - Enjoy !


Sorting out the Bolt

Hi there !

We're back and going through the pictures from the Bolt round the Holt today - we only took about 9,500 so we're working hard to get them sorted and edited down before tomorrow.
It will be here when it's ready:

Why not just register for an email reminder and we'll tell you just as soon as it's ready:

Here's a few preview pictures for you whilst we are working on it !

The 5k start:

The 10k Start

The 10k Start

Not all competitors had numbers pinned on or had been warned about the impending 5k , but seemed happy enough to run along anyway !

The start of the 21k