Thursday 28 April 2022

Southampton, 7Oaks Tri and REP Bluebell Trail run 2022 Galleries now live

Angmering Bluebells - everywhere - time to go for a run in the woods !

 A fantastic sunny weekend with three events across the south of England. A Triathlon, a Trail run and City centre races - the whole range of what we cover, and also a return to multiple events on a Sunday for us to work at, which all helps to pay the bills and feed the kids.

We're now into a run of work every weekend until August - except for school half term, which is also nice and going to keep us busy for 7 days a week with admin, planning and production of the galleries for events continuously, and then a final two months of work in September and October.

All the races on Sunday had a strong turn out - The REP Bluebell had over 570 turn out - which is almost 95% - an astonishing figure, and just about 5200 across all the races at Southampton - a very strong ~80% and a good return to numbers overall, and 370 at the 7Oaks triathlon - which is about right given the entries.

This weekends results links if you want to see where I'm getting my data:

Southampton Races:
REP RAW Bluebell:
7Oaks Tri:

And if you haven't got them (but judging from the web traffic - with over 350,000 gallery page views - you probably have) then this is where the galleries are for the past few weeks events

Date Race Gallery link 
Sun-24/04/2022 REP Bluebell
Sun-24/04/2022 7Oaks Tri
Sun-24/04/2022 Southampton Marathon and Races

These are much stronger turnouts than we have seen so far in 2022 (apart from perhaps Cambridge Half) from observing race attendance across our patch (not just the ones we are working at). And yet - with that we note planning ahead for the Middle of May wasn't enough - so it's now the middle of October - as Bath Half announces it's postponement to the 16th -

And now for simplicity - from Sunday - events in chronological order some highlights !

always good to have a smile on the bike ride

power to the pedal !

Tony, on the wrong side of a camera for a change

got the fast gear this week

running in the park, what's not to be happy about ?

Richard should have gone and done another lap looking that cheerful..

train coming into the finish

Surrendering to the finish

far too comfortable and great form at the finish

correct arms of joy

these two had clearly enjoyed themselves going around together

goggles off - what's next ?

kung fu triathlon. Who knew ? can you kick it ? yes he can.

And then around the Angmering Park woodland and bluebells...

jumping like little lambs happy in the woods

victory of freedom in the countryside

nice day for a short walk

A bit of a bolt, or half a mobot ?

if you can, try to go before the B of bang

the exit to your race is approximately this wide

good to see familiar faces enjoying the trails

always good to see friends !

that finishing feeling, especially after that hill

"run faster" said the coach on the left...

Give the family a wave !

He did well to get round the course in that sweat suit

Well done Sean !

Well done Will - top ABP engineering sponsor chap

No number - no photo. Unless your the race director..

flying finish

always handy to have some fill light reflected off the hoarding to make it pop

proper celebrations can now begin !

This chap has the same name as my brother. But I'm now going to call my brother by this chaps race number name. That'll confuse him...

Don't mess with Big Ron

Fresh from retiring from the NFL in the US - quarterback Tom Brady keeps his fitness up

here comes the celebration !

I did not shout "cheese" when I took this photo

Who took the better picture ?

now it can rain !

Leading the charge over the bridge

Marshals marshalling with varying degrees of success

A new spot - getting the terminals in the background worked well

One way to chillax on a run

didn't get an ice cream and knows it

Top mobot

Three ice creams please !

Two ice creams and an umbrella-ella

poor advert targeting in that bus-stop


Top double thumbs up enthusiasm points!

artist suffers for his art. he wasn't completely knackered by the end...

Older artists, not suffering, being wise...

memo to all: Tri belts don't work

karate rhino

Good bit of deliveroo service at the finish

There's a run-through bar on route

serving bottled and plastic pints

he's so happy !

great running through the stadium

keeping it strong

ask the audience

Tell the audience

Bazza is big



the exits are here and here...

no surrender

lovely backdrop to run past at Bargate

Mr Rhino says Save me a pint - very well done sir !

So that's it from this weeks events - keep the training going over the bank holiday weekend and we will see you soon ! Full calendar of events is available on our blog page and hope to see you at the Three Forts half and full marathon next sunday !

Until next time