Monday 15 October 2018

Herts 10k 2018 now live, and Adidas Shoreditch 10k live first thing tomorrow

The continues to be one of the longest standing charity organised events we cover for the Rennie Grove Hospice near St.Albans. Despite the lashings of fierce rain over night, and all the way up to the start, there was still a good turnout of runners and walkers with 1427 participants - the fastest 1200 of which would have made it around the course in the dry spell before the rain begun with vengeance again at 11:15am - which was 80% of the field judging from the results on here -
And they're off - StAlbans Striders try to put in an early show
That's not to say at one point I was surprised that nobody had a headtorch on. At the end of the race when we had a little bit of light as the cloud thinned, I worked out it was 16 times brighter. For those of you interested we were running at ISO12500, F3.2, 1/640th of a second for extended period of time, and then you'll know why we use the cameras and lenses we do... I was asking for floodlights at the finish at one point. Afterwards I went to the indoor athletics track at Lee Valley to watch my kid racing - and the light levels were about twice as good - indoors...  ISO8000,F3.5,1/800th

Meanwhile in London at the Adidas Shoreditch 10k, one cloudburst before the start and then they had it dry for the rest of the race. Those free download images will be ready tomorrow morning on the official Adidas website - so I won't be posting links from here to that gallery - go to their site and await their official email !!! (I can't steal their thunder can I now!!!).

We have the fantastic Cambridge Town and Gown 10k next weekend along with the flattest Marathon in the country at Abingdon but I think that's sold out, so see you at Cambridge if you're still looking for a race entry...

Table of links
Date Event Gallery or Event link
Sun-07/10/2018 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 Tonbridge Half
Sun-07/10/2018 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-07/10/2018 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 Chichester Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Basingstoke Half
Sun-14/10/2018 Shoreditch 10k - Free Downloads
Sun-14/10/2018 Herts 10k
Next time
Sun-21/10/2018 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-21/10/2018 Abingdon marathon
Sat-27/10/2018 Beachy Head Marathon and 10k
Sun-11/11/2018 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-18/11/2018 Fulham 10k - Free downloads
Sun-18/11/2018 Brighton 10k
Sun-02/12/2018 The Hogs Back

So here's some pictures of people running in the rain, and more importantly - had the determination and self sacrifice to get up and out on a very very wet Sunday morning to do something meaningful !

Always show me your number !!

First corner, and starting to look a bit like autumn

It's only a little bit of rain !

nothing like a bit of fresh weather for a run

A bit of rain doesn't put him off

still smiling

Laura had a smashing time

Got a bad knee ? get your mates to carry you

Get another bad knee with your mates dropping you

hard finishing into the rain at the finish

all is forgiven at the end

Achievement done !

Top running with friends

The open fields are fun to run

for the MO-ment

full arm flying in at the finish

it's a teamwork thing sometimes !!

All done for the weekend then, enjoy your training this week and I hope you raise loads of money for your chosen charities - remember - it's statistically proven if you use a race photo you are going to on average raise about 50% more... and people say advertising doesn't work... (as they then use google to check...)

Until next time,

Wednesday 10 October 2018

Basingstoke, Chichester, RBK, Clarendon, Tonbridge Halfs and Reading 10k galleries 2018 now live and online

Get that dabbing in early - 100m into the Basingstoke half marathon
The busiest day of the year for races across the country - 40 halfs, 10ks or marathons going on (not mentioning the cycle rides) - we were only at the 6 and proud to say that we had the images for all of them online Tuesday morning (actually over 100,000 images fully catalogued) - 5 of the races were live on the Monday after the event. So credit to the back office team here led by Chloe to get it all sorted - it was a long late Sunday and Monday to get it all done.

Very well done to everyone who took part - in the sun it was good weather for running, being sat in the shade of a finishing arch I can attest to it being quite cold at about 12degC, so the double coat and double trousers are now fully in season (because you needed that fashion tip).

So here's a little list I made from last weeks races and gallery links - and the next few weeks of events too.
I'll note that we have also gone past the peak "free race photos" season - it would seem event organisers later in the year don't seem to have the sponsors - we're always on the lookout for companies that advertise on facebook but want to reduce their costs and get more targeted demographic reach - if that is you, or your company has a marketing team trying to do just exactly that - then please get in touch !

Date Event Coverage Event Website or race gallery
Sun-23/09/2018 Winchester Half Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 Tonbridge Half
Sun-07/10/2018 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-07/10/2018 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 Chichester Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Basingstoke Half
Future events - - -
Sun-14/10/2018 Shoreditch 10k Free race downloads
Sun-14/10/2018 Herts 10k
Sun-21/10/2018 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-21/10/2018 Abingdon marathon
Sat-27/10/2018 Beachy Head
Sun-11/11/2018 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-18/11/2018 Fulham 10k Free race downloads
Sun-18/11/2018 Brighton 10k

Nothing much else here to report - we're working hard to cover the races over the next two months and then that's pretty much the end of the season as Christmas takes over at the end of November, so make the best of the weather whilst it lasts !!
Don't forget though - if you are fundraising - especially as you get closer to Christmas and there is more charity giving - and race photos all help to increase the donations and willingness to donate of your sponsors.

Now here's a load of photos from the weekend to give you a feeling that you should go for your run ! There's a mix of events and photo locations out of this lot - see if you can spot which of the six events it was at (unless I've said so!)...

All go at the Reading O2O 10k for an early morning start

Double thumbs up on a sunday morning

a skip in your stride is as good a speed as any

finishing with speed

keep on your feet and all will be fine

If you find things a bit cold, you can always run in full motorcycle kit and helmet... well done Dave

flying into the finish

proper last overtaking sprint to make it home

that thought of sunday lunch later

flying along the riverside

He didn't need his waterpolo cap after all..

loads of thumbs up for the finish

top teamwork in chichester

someones getting overtaken...

all going well 

that road closed run anywhere laizze faire

pushing through the finish

That's the training done for the Hampton Court half then

biggest thigh prize to 362. Didn't skip leg day.

looking good on the trail

made it up the hill !!!

also made it up the hill !

hitch a ride to the finish

almost to the end and all sorted. won todays smile prize.

It's not that steep a hill. Honest.

Can't believe they all lost their ski's ?

Putting in the gritted teeth finish

fly in smoothly to the finish

putting in the final pace

It was cold, this was advisable.

Incredible ! So incredibly cold he turned blue...

quite a nice little spot with the new reversed course

he didn't hear the thing about headphones, because he had them in

she didn't hear the thing about headphones in either...

It was all go at the start of the RBK half in Kingston upon Thames

First sensible person wearing gloves

big it up at the finish as you fly in ! why not !!

Raging bull

la la land

a bridge too far

bridge of eye-spies

it's lonely out front

two's company

what friends are for

having a fab time...

who knew Basingstoke was in a valley ?

when t'shirts mirror real life...

I think he's helping...

flying back to the finish

The joker..

You've got mail

Lone wolf

blue man group

cutting through the crowd

focused on the finish

Love actually

good relay work

The wife only wanted a copy because he had the dog with him...

having a happy day
kiwi team one

nothing like freedom

making it through the woods

top jumping action

missed a bit

Not the Winchester Half, that was last week

enjoying the countryside

nothing like a relay win !

So it's off to the 10k races at Herts and Shoreditch next weekend - both well attended and popular events to take part in, and with the free download photos from shoreditch - always worth a check !
Weather forecast is looking a bit ropey though, so enjoy this last of the nice weather for a bit of post-work training.

until next time,