Tuesday 25 July 2017

Race to the Stones, Harry Hawkes 10, REP Arundel Castle Tri, PP DTUF 2017 all now live

The Fields along the Thames at Cookham during DTUF 2017

Hello Again !
Another fortnightly update on all things SSP - we've had a very very busy weekend previously with the long overnight action from the RTTS. It's an exhausting event for the participants and the event organiers alike. To be honest I was grateful we only had one event this weekend !

For the long ones we get to be up earlier before the event and also provide continuous overnight coverage at two key locations - which inevitably means 4hrs sleep in the back of a car whilst someone else takes over the shift for 6 hours through the darkest hours, and then ongoing work through until 8pm on the sunday.
so that's a friday night on site, 5am start, and then at the end a drive home 2.5hrs at 8pm on Sunday - essentially 52hrs at work over the weekend. Even EU regulations don't cover this much work - when you have a 40-50hr week to do as normal on top of that...

As you might imagine, that wipes us out physicllay and mentally for a few days, but we still make it into the office and get some of the admin done to turn around the high resolution galleries, and of course - all the other event galleries from the weekend !
That's the third overnight weekend we've covered this year, and next weekend is the Oxfam Trailwalker - which ends at Brighton Racecourse - another 100km challenge that is mostly walked in teams of 4, and you get to be supervised by the Gurkha Signal regiment. Click on the link below for details entries are still open

Recent galleries that are now live
Date Event Race Gallery
Sat-15/07/2017 Race To The Stones - #RTTS2017 - Free images with Pic2Go - straight to your Facebook https://sspimg.com/RTTS2017-gallery
Sun-16/07/2017 REP Arundel Castle Triathlon - Free race downloads http://sspimg.com/REP-Arundel-Castle-Tri-Gallery-2017
Sun-16/07/2017 Harry Hawkes 10 http://sspimg.com/Harry-Hawkes-10-2017-Gallery
Wed-19/07/2017 Wakehurst Willow 8k http://sspimg.com/Wakehurst-Willow-2017-Gallery
Sun-23/07/2017 PP DTUF Half http://sspimg.com/PP-DTUF-Gallery-2017

Take a look at the next races on our timeline - we often get people wondering what to do over the August holiday period - the truth is - most event directors go on holiday as well.
September gets busy - with the Ride Across Britain taking out half the office for 11 days (don't forget to add the days travel to the start and two days back from the finish!) across two busy weekends, and that's just after the ever popular Nuts challenge - which takes an age to catalogue - because of the mud...
Take a look and pick your challenge !

Future Race Galleries over the next two months
Date Event Event Website
Sat-29/07/2017 Oxfam Trailwalker http://www.oxfam.org.uk/trailwalker
Sat-12/08/2017 Pride 10k https://pride10k.org/
Sat-19/08/2017 Brutal Pyestock brutalrun.co.uk
Sat-26/08/2017 REP Adur swim - Free race photos http://www.rawenergypursuits.co.uk/events/river-adur-2-5km-swim-220712/
Sun-27/08/2017 Arundel 10k - Free Race photos http://www.arundelscouts.org.uk/10k/
Sat-02/09/2017 The Nuts Challenge http://www.thenutschallenge.co.uk/
Sun-03/09/2017 PP Maidenhead Half http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/maidenhead-half-marathon
Sun-03/09/2017 Reading Triathlon https://tri2otriathlonclub.co.uk/reading-triathlon-2017/
Sun-03/09/2017 The Nuts Challenge http://www.thenutschallenge.co.uk/
Sat-09/09/2017 Ride Across Britain - Free race photos with Pic2Go - Straight to your facebook http://www.rideacrossbritain.com/
Sun-10/09/2017 Pilgrim Half and Full http://www.farnhampilgrim.org.uk
Sun-10/09/2017 Chestnut Tree House 10k http://www.chestnut-tree-house.org.uk/events/littlehampton-10k-run/

Boating on the Thames is jolly nice

It's jolly nice at this time of year

kindly parked scooter in front of the second camera

better than boating in luxury

mind the dog poo and check the bottom of your shoes

rocking the 80's sweatband look

Sure, for men

all going well, churchill style!

easing into the finish

the two handed wave of victory

good work for the Shanley foundation

Going via the river is technically cheating

So it was all a bit of a different finish for DTUF to previous years at the windsor end, with the finish line a bit round the corner and out of the way - which obviously was a good thing because the big yellow boad didn't knock anything over, but on the other hand - where we're all the pretty flags in the background along the grass bank ?? ours looked a little lost on it's own... There used to be lines of supporters along the pavement and runners streaming down the road. It might have been a 20 yard change in finish location - but it has had a significant impact on the vibrancy of the finish straight and photos. It's this sort of thing you notice after a few years.

The other gallery for this weeks blog was going to be the Wakehurst willow.
But you know when your facebook timeline gets flooded with pictures from friends of friends - and then all your work is there - only this time it's stolen with clear text across it which says "not licensed for use", it makes your stomach turn. It tightens and it makes you angry, and sick, and listless, and fed up.
You work long days, into the evenings, pay babysitters £10 an hour over massive long weekends so you can cover events, but have to spend time away from your kids and that's before you have to pay all the staff, servers, gallery storage, insurance, not even counting the equipment (where do I start with that), or the office rents. You have a passion to do your job. And then you see this...
Blatant image theft from the gallery

It makes me feel slightly ill seeing this, and this is just one of many incidents I saw from last weeks Wakehurst Willow. Facebook removed another one we saw, and in the past they have closed peoples accounts - simply because it's against FB terms and conditions to use unlicensed images. It's not our rules - It's the law. It's illegal. And they FB don't like being implicated !
In the past 12 months we have dropped over 10 events from our calendar - and this is the primary reason for it. 
So if you do see any of your friends using unlicensed images anywhere, please tell them that it costs. It costs a lot of love, and it costs a lot of friendships, and it destroys peoples passion to want to provide a race gallery service, and it's certainly destroying mine. And we all lose out in the end.


Monday 10 July 2017

Chichester Tri, REP Worthing Tri, Bewl 15, RPAC Summer 10k 2017 all now live

REP Worthing Triathlon 2017 - at least if you get lost at sea, there's something to swim to for a rest now...

The Chichester Triathlon 2017 Gallery was live and online Sunday evening - how's that for service?

Here's the latest galleries that you need to check - beacuse I was very bad blogger last week and didn't send out an update. You probably cursed over your cereal or commute that there were no witty captions to enjoy, or indeed critique, but alas I was shattered. Enjoy !

Latest Race Galleries
Date Event Gallery
Sun-02/07/2017 PP Spire Bushey Run http://sspimg.com/PP-SpireRaces-Gallery-2017
Sun-02/07/2017 REP Worthing Tri - Free Race downloads http://sspimg.com/REP-Worthing-Tri-Gallery-2017
Sun-02/07/2017 Bewl 15 - with Dame Kelly Holmes http://sspimg.com/Bewl-15-2017-Gallery
Wed-05/07/2017 RPAC Summer 10k http://sspimg.com/RPAC-Summer-10k-2017-Gallery
Sun-09/07/2017 Chichester Tri http://sspimg.com/Chichester-Tri-2017-Gallery

If you're thinking of what to do at weekends to avoid the kids once they are off for the school holidays - here's a little list of things to keep you occupied over the next months

Future Events
Sat-15/07/2017Race To The Stones - Free images with Pic2Gohttp://www.racetothestones.com/
Sun-16/07/2017The Little Welly - St Albanshttp://www.thelittlewelly.co.uk/St-Albans-2017
Sun-16/07/2017REP Arundel Castle Triathlon - Free race downloadshttp://rawenergypursuits.co.uk/?p=3633
Sun-16/07/2017Harry Hawkes 10http://www.harryhawkes10.com/
Wed-19/07/2017Wakehurst Willow 8khttps://www.sportsentrysolutions.com/new_race_page.php?recordID=200469
Sun-23/07/2017PP DTUF Halfhttp://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/down-tow-up-flow-half-marathon
Sat-12/08/2017Pride 10khttps://pride10k.org/
Sat-19/08/2017Brutal PyeStockhttp://brutalrun.co.uk/
Sat-26/08/2017REP Adur swim - Free Race downloadshttp://www.rawenergypursuits.co.uk/events/river-adur-2-5km-swim-220712/
Sun-27/08/2017Arundel Castle 10k - Free race downloadshttp://www.arundelscouts.org.uk/10k/

Nothing else is really in the offing - I've somehow become the class rep for the school PTA for next year (How did that happen Ed ?), and have some other volunteer work to finish off for them which should keep me busy. The Race to the Stones is going to be another 36hr work day epic, breaking every single European Working Time Directive law in the process. At least Brexit will stop that happening. (Won't it ? ), and then I only need to do 4hrs on monday and can have the rest of the week off - YES !! (er no - Ed)

Chichester Tri 2017
tight riding early on the course

nice colour balanced visor to match the outfit

All going well on the way back in

all good at the finish

The taste of victory ?


For a moment I thought this was our photographer Hannah enjoying a day off #lookalikey
Storming in for the finish !
 Meanwhile last week at the Bewl 15, there was someone called Kelly Holmes - going on a training run, so they made her start from the back...

och aye, the march down to the start

So, where's wally ? 

Some People climbed up over the starters scaffolding just to get a shot of themselves with Dame Kelly

"did you get a shot of the starting scaffolding ?". Yes, but you built it in the shade. In the background.
Fetch me a ww2 searchlight Baldrick.

Starting duties done, the Greyhound was unleashed to catch the bunnies, wearing her famous Olympic number

Almost Matching tops, and matching sunglasses

Surrender from Hastings Runners

When too many people photobomb your running shot at the same time.
Thanks guys, she's never going to buy this one now is she ?

10 miles to go ? nope more than that...

everything looked quite nice out on the water

Everthing going well around Bewl water

The REP Worthing Tri 2017 - perfect conditions, flat sea, but strong currents

And they're off, 6:30am never looked so good.
yaay, the swim is finished

Tight racing on the Long Furlong

on the return leg
Triathletes. Normal as.

needs more salt

Top fancy dress finish  in on the run

All is well that ends well !!
Spire Bushey Run

Feeling strong at the start

ready for the second lap

good work finishing strong

Top Gymnastics and cheerleading Skills on display

finishing with friends is always good fun !

More matching sunglasses
The RPAC Summer 10k 2017
Took part in perfect Wednesday summer evening conditions for a run, almost still air, clear skies, and a perfect running temperature for forgetting all that bullshit from a day at work
All off at 7:30pm and safely away

Perfect conditions

He's not that short. Not from what we can see anyway.

ony those with double thumbs up

He's never Run the half marathon. He's ran it a few times though.

synchro pair waving

extra double thumbs up

That's it for this week, next weekend and Race to the Stones as well as the REP Castle Tri - which is an ITU standard World champs age group qualifier - so quite special, along with the Harry Hawkes 10 (a lovely riverside run in Kingston, let's just hope the last of the summer weather hasn't passed us by !)

Until next time, enjoy the trails