Monday 30 April 2018

7Oaks Tri 2018 - Free download gallery now live

The wonderful sight of a full transition - you know you're in for a race
Well that was a nice summer wasn't it ? One week on and we're back to autumn, rain and gale force winds and cold morning temperatures. 

The 7Oaks triathlon gallery is now live and online with Free downloads - just order the free download images from the downloads - then order them - they are free - so it will be free !

Date Event Event Gallery and Website
Sun-22/04/2018 The Southampton Half, Marathon, 10k, Fun Run
Sun-22/04/2018 REP Bluebell - Free Downloads
Sun-29/04/2018 7Oaks Tri - Free Downloads
Future events  Get yourself entered !!
Sun-06/05/2018 REP Steyning Tri - Free Downloads
Sun-06/05/2018 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-06/05/2018 3Forts Challenge - Half and Full
Wed-09/05/2018 Mundays 5k - Free Downloads
Sun-13/05/2018 Oxford 10k
Sun-13/05/2018 London 10 Mile - Free Downloads
Sun-13/05/2018 Run Gatwick
Sun-20/05/2018 REP Arundel Tri - Free Downloads
Sun-20/05/2018 Kelly's Cycle Challenge - Free Downloads
Sun-03/06/2018 Dorking 10
Sat-09/06/2018 MacMillan Mighty Hike - Thames Path
Sat-09/06/2018 Race To The Tower  - Live images - Pic2Go
Sun-10/06/2018 Mid Sussex Tri - Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Hampshire Hoppit - Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Run Central 10k - Free Downloads
Sun-17/06/2018 Breakfast Run at Loseley
Sun-17/06/2018 Shrewsbury Half Marathon  - Live images - Pic2Go

Nearby building work meant the swim start was outside this year
All smiles out of the pool and into T1

that *don't forget where the bike is* T1 face

Oops, just blinded the photographer with my headlight

Good to see John still smashing the course since his work "retirement"

running in the park - that's a win

Deer John, No Number showing ? - race DQ awaits

It's hard work running with clenched fists

High five on the run course - mutual support makes this a friendly race

lifting the invisible bike for victory

falling off the invisible bike into T2

Rushing the finish with that look of relief

timed the energy reserves to the limit for the finish

probably had more left in the tank to go faster ?

Nailed it - no question

Top team work 

no surrender

"Pay Here" the sign says. In sweat and hard work.

Very well done to everyone at the 7Oaks triathlon in terms of volunteering and organisation of the event, even with a new multi-storey car park being built in the middle of the normal finish area ! and always well done to everyone taking part in getting up and out in the colder than recent weather, ten points for effort.

Until next time - keep safe in the rain and wind

Wednesday 25 April 2018

ABP Southampton, REP Bluebell and Heart of the Wolds 2018 - galleries now live

All go at the start of the 10k after the Half and Marathon start at Southampton in perfect race weather

Well done to everyone who had a fantastic time on Sunday in the perfect weather for running wherever you were - everywhere except London by the look of things, where it was a bit too hot.

The 2018 Southampton Half Full and 10k Fun Run gallery is absolutely stacked full of images - over 280,000 of them in fact - all catalogued and ready for your searching - I'm amazed at the job our photographers have done this year - some cracking images though the water mist on the bridge and in the Saints Stadium - given how crowded it was there's a fantastic memory right there for you along with your finish photos to make a wonderful story to remember the weather and your hard work by.

Free Downloads at REP Bluebells
We had a free download event at the REP Bluebell event - if you ran that - to get your free photos - order the free photos - I know - it sounds a bit weird, but just add the ones you want to your order basket and select the free images listed in the downloads tab ( there's a print/products/downloads tab in the top corner). because they are free - there's no transaction at checkout, and you get the download links immediately, untouched by our human hands !

If you have a bit of a glance down the listings below, you will see event organisers are continuing to go forwards with the benefits of free downloads when there's a reliable team to delivery a solid coverage for participants throughout an event.

Date Event Gallery /  Website
Sat-14/04/2018 Brutal Bagshot
Sun-22/04/2018 REP Bluebell - Free Downloads
Sun-22/04/2018 Heart of the Wolds Sportive
Sun-22/04/2018 Southampton Half, Full, 10k and Fun Run

 Future Events
Sun-29/04/2018 7Oaks Tri - Free Downloads
Sun-06/05/2018 3Forts Challenge
Sun-06/05/2018 YMCA Fun Run
Sun-06/05/2018 REP Steyning Tri - Free Downloads
Wed-09/05/2018 Mundays 5k - Free Downloads
Sun-13/05/2018 Run Gatwick
Sun-13/05/2018 London 10 Mile - Free Downloads
Sun-13/05/2018 Oxford 10k
Sun-20/05/2018 REP Arundel Tri - Free Downloads
Sun-03/06/2018 Dorking 10
Sat-09/06/2018 Mighty Hike - Thames Path
Sat-09/06/2018 Race To The Tower - Full Pic2Go live images
Sun-10/06/2018 Mid Sussex Tri - Free Downloads

we continue to talk to event organisers to engage with Sponsors to use  for live race photo sharing, where it's more personal and more effective, and better value to use Pic2Go than them trying to advertise online on social media and it helps the event and individuals to raise more money for charity... so some quite good reasons for everyone involved in events! If you're organising or sponsoring an event, or want to sponsor and event we are involved with - then please just get in touch - because we know people !

The terror of being chased by a letterbox, you know it's there somewhere behind you

Always nice to see the Sister-in-law pop in to the "bring a relative to work" day - enjoying the start

Taking in the views of Bargate and the historical bit of town

That Itchen bridge view

It was clean water - honest

water carefully and grow two more arms !

all good through the Football stadium - awaiting the FA cup semi-final v Chelsea

Late call up, for a taxi ?

As good as any days to run through the stadium 

Seagulls and the River in a park make for a jolly nice run route !

some didn't run, but just watched the finish from their studio flat with 70's hipster swing hammock to lounge in

I don't recommend doing a facebook live as you cross the line you might trip...

He wasn't doing a facebook live

The route is lined with well established food dineries to cater for all tastes... even Pompey ones

Smashing it !!

Smashing it - with styleeee

Smashing it with a unicorn

Smashed it with some proper emotion

Smashed it with friends

Smashed it with something about THIS BIG

Never too young to start racing, and keep out of the way

Full Flow on the mile

Top T'shirt

"No, I'm not doing it next year"- said every race director ever with a reassuring hand

New Saints subs official shirt, might catch on ?

get off skype for a more immersive 3D experience

Route checked and cleared the hard way after the overnight lightning

This so needs to be in a meme of barriers you have to clear to go training for a marathon
 meanwhile in the Bluebell woods and the REP Angmering race
All good at the 2k point - how could this be better conditions ?

Even the dog looks a tad concerned

Surrender now, that view is ridiculous

yes for the happy number finishing !

almost as happy !

Can you do a flying yoga running pose - and hold it in mid air

Space Cat can hold any yoga pose in mid air (check the vest out)

more running yoga poses

 holds the longest mid air running yoga pose possible. In fact I think she's still there. This is exceptional.

So that's it for another weekend of running experiences that you should now go and register for next year because you know you shouldn't be missing out again like this...
And if you didn't miss out, you best get your photos as this is where the memories begin - and everyone else has just entered and booked out the race so you can't do it next year...

until next time !