Thursday 2 November 2017

RunGatwick Launched, Beachy Head, Abingdon Marathon and Cambridge 10k 2017

A quick update on events we have covered over the past couple of weeks - it's been quite busy through October, and finally things are starting to calm down out on the road, but in the office - the planning for 2018 has just begun to heat up - not least with the fantastic announcement of the new British Airways Run Gatwick - for May 13th 2018 Half Marathon, 5k and Family 1mile run, brought to you by the same team that delivers the award winning Run Reigate.

David Kelley with Crawley Town Council, and the British Airways Team
David in full social media #hastag flow #rungatwick 
This is going to be a fantastic event for the Gatwick and Crawley area, on a fast and flat course, right up to the airport boundary road, and of course I'm assuming that there won't be any bag storage or baggage handling issues during the event...
Good Luck David and team as we hope the event takes off !! [ok, that's enough flying puns. ed.]

Here's the list of recent races and the next ones coming up for you, at some point I might try to put out the 2018 calendar, because frankly it's filling up fast with some serious stuff and the busy dates are already fully booked in march and april..

Date Event Gallery or Event Website
Fri-20/10/2017 The Hunger Project
Sun-22/10/2017 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-22/10/2017 Abingdon marathon
Sat-28/10/2017 Beachy Head Marathon and 10k
Sun-05/11/2017 LBVCR - Veteran Car Run
Sat-11/11/2017 Brutal Bourne Woods
Sun-12/11/2017 PP Grand Union Half
Sun-19/11/2017 Brighton 10k
Sun-10/12/2017 The Hogs Back
Sun-10/12/2017 Seaford Mince Pie
and here's a few photos wot we took... firstly back at my hometown, the Cambridge Town and Gown 10k for Muscular Dystrophy.
Flying down Kings parade

a great sight when the race gets busy

Justin Beiber wasn't in town, although the month before Ricky Gervais strolled past me just up the road from here outside Browns

The other side of Kings Parade towards the Copper Kettle - quite picturesque

A well attended kids race

Always race hard

The lead runners start off over Victoria Bridge to Chesterton road

The route takes in the stretch of the River along Midsummer Common and the boathouses on the other side

In the background is the first pub I worked in, the Fort St George, the Bridge I cycled across to school every day, and then Midsummer House, the only michelin star restuarant in East Anglia *(as far as I know). And this is the path you take to cycle to school...

Double thumbs up - all is good

double "0" Susie was disguised as a Basketball superhero. That's the truth, she told me.

Colin Jackson has let his training go a bit

Good work running into the finish line

"No Bikes shall pass !!!" said the sage of Ely

Starts are always a good sight to see

Meanwhile in abingdon, there was a marathon...
Always a good track start in the early chill at the Abingdon track, no pressure to sprint the first straight. oh no.

Always good to see Andy out having a go

checking to see if they were late. Dissapointingly so? But only in their heads.

For the Finish !

Double thumbs up along the river

Well done Robin !! Super run

ta-da !

Local boy done good

guns out for the final sprint

working through the south fields together
And finally, three new world record holders - for the fastest double buggy marathon with passengers included - excellent work Jessica !!
Then last weekend we had Beachy Head marathon, in what was probably the nicest conditions I've ever known, which made for a fast winning time in sub3hrs, although some people were complaining that it seemed to run a bit slower than usual. *news* you're older than last year. (sorry).

Big skies all day

big hills all day (these are actually quite small ones on the route)

FLying up the second hill at 4 miles at Jevington

Clear views from Beachy Head to Seaford Head and beyond to Brighton over the 7 sisters

Jumpy pointy stuff

Double Thumbs up, beating Frank soundly

Look, in the distance, you can see France. Far far away.

It's a horse !

all smiles, until it came to cataloguing the race numbers

electrocuted ? - nope - someone was playing with her voodoo doll

multi-time race winner Stuart set off once more, and was winning for a while at least

Largest ever entry - so somethings going right, except that silly hill start

Two Top Sussex Runners, still giving it their everything

Top team finishing

That moment you've worked to for months !! Pure Joy and achievement

The Hill is harder coming down than going up after 26miles

That moment you can tell the dog isn't thinking the same thing as their humans

100 up, and in fancy dress

probably best to cross the finish line before checking your emails from the past 5 hours

Debbie, the toughest runner I know.

What you need - is a stick

Sticks. The world is better with them.

Someone find me a stick please - about this long - ish...

So it's back to the Veteran Cars for what is the 13th year this weekend - we have yet to reinstate our entire car gallery onto the new gallery we moved to last year, which only has 2015 and 2016 on it at the moment... that will be a bit of work..
In other fun facts - we have over 10 million fully searchable images online all catalogued - all of 2017, 2016 and almost all of 2015. Not bad really, but if you want some real fun - check out 2007 from 10 years ago... (but you'll have to search for the results or browse until you see your race number and then can search from there).. checkout your friends from 2007 races too, and share them on facebook (use the share links for free) for a bit of fun eh !

Right, time to do the payroll, lest there is an uprising of hungry zombie photographers [how can you tell the difference ? Ed.]

Don't forget to enter Run Gatwick by the way...

Until next time