Tuesday 21 August 2018

Brutal Pyestock, Pride 10k 2018 and loads of other things (it's been a while)

Back at the Brutal - and this time we're serious. Well sort of.
Welcome back !
It's almost the end of the summer holidays, some of you are still away making the most of the high-demand peak season prices. I apologise for not making too many updates, but as almost all of the events had free downloads via the pic2go live photo platform, and they each had their own very well informed publicity - there didn't seem to be much need for me to frantically write blogs late into the evening...

Personally I had a wonderful trip up to the Northumberland Coast and the Mighty Hike there - seeing the various castles that all seem to start around 1300AD, which is about 250 years later than all the Norman castles we have down here along the Sussex Coastline... not forgetting Alnwick Castle, which as a result now my kids want to watch all the Harry Potter films, and visiting Lindisfarne Castle where a friend from my school years works for the National Trust. Stunning Scenery if you ever get the chance - best visited in the hottest weather for 40 years ! If nothing else - it's a long long way there, and mind the tides...

So here's a run-down of the latest set of galleries that are online since mid July, as you can see - we're getting a bit better at working with great event organisers to give Participants the memories they make.

Galleries now live:
Date Event Free Downloads Gallery
Sat-14/07/2018 Race To The Stones Free downloads - pic2go.co.uk https://sspimg.com/Race-to-the-Stones-Gallery
Sat-14/07/2018 Mighty Hike - Lake District Free downloads - pic2go.co.uk http://sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-Lake-District-2018-Gallery
Sun-15/07/2018 Race To The Stones Free downloads - pic2go.co.uk https://sspimg.com/2JHxkHQ
Sat-21/07/2018 Mighty Hike - Northumberland Coast Free downloads - pic2go.co.uk sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-Northumberland-2018-Gallery
Sun-22/07/2018 PP DTUF Half https://sspimg.com/PP-DTUF-2018-Gallery
Sat-28/07/2018 Mighty Hike - Peak District Free downloads - pic2go.co.uk http://sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-Peak-District-2018-Gallery
Sat-04/08/2018 Mighty Hike - Wye Valley Free downloads - pic2go.co.uk http://sspimg.com/Mighty-Hike-Wye-Valley-2018-Gallery
Sun-05/08/2018 REP Arundel Castle Triathlon Free downloads https://sspimg.com/REP-Arundel-Castle-Tri-2018-Gallery
Sat-11/08/2018 Pride 10k http://sspimg.com/Pride-10k-2018-Gallery
Sat-18/08/2018 Brutal PyeStock http://sspimg.com/Brutal-Pyestock-2018-Gallery

In other news, after 4 years with us, Tony here in the office has left to qualify as a primary school teacher doing a PGCE starting in September. He says it will be easier than talking to me and trying to organise the office, I'm not convinced...  He's been a great asset to the team bringing in a variety of different coloured trousers over the years, and tales of parenthood. He will be missed, not only as one of our lead photographers at events where he has been at the coal face of the action many times, but as a source of qualified photographic knowledge - too often few and far between in the industry.
In the meantime Paul and Chloe have both joined us in the office and help to carry on the journey of making people happy !

Get yourself onto these websites and have a look at these great events we are covering in September

Future events:
Date Event Free Downloads Event Website
Sun-26/08/2018 Arundel 10k Free downloads http://www.arundelscouts.org.uk/10k/
Sat-01/09/2018 The Nuts Challenge http://www.thenutschallenge.co.uk/
Sat-01/09/2018 Mighty Hike - Rob Roy Free downloads macmillan.org.uk/robroy
Sat-01/09/2018 REP Adur swim Free downloads http://www.rawenergypursuits.co.uk/events/river-adur-2-5km-swim-220712/
Sun-02/09/2018 PP Maidenhead Half http://www.purplepatchrunning.com/index.php/maidenhead-half-marathon
Sun-02/09/2018 Reading Triathlon https://tri2otriathlonclub.co.uk/reading-triathlon-2017/
Sun-02/09/2018 The Nuts Challenge http://www.thenutschallenge.co.uk/
Fri-07/09/2018 The Mudathon Free downloads http://www.themudathon.com/
Sat-08/09/2018 Ride Across Britain Free downloads http://www.rideacrossbritain.com/
Sun-09/09/2018 Chestnut Tree House 10k http://www.chestnut-tree-house.org.uk/events/littlehampton-10k-run/
Sun-16/09/2018 Reigate Half Marathon, 10k and 5k http://www.runreigate.com/
Sun-16/09/2018 Clapham 10k Free downloads https://www.adidascityruns.com/
Sun-23/09/2018 Velo South Free downloads https://www.velosouth.com/
Sun-23/09/2018 Winchester Half Marathon www.winchesterhalf.co.uk

And now some photos..

The REP Arundel Castle Triathlon

Anxious wait for the start...

Off into the unknown...


Ahead of the pack on the climb from Houghton

Situation normal

Situation fully recovered back to normal
Pride 10k
"I'm getting an idea" - "Nevermind..."

Frontrunners kicking hard at the front

All good here in the sun

If you need motivation to run fast... Cruella deVille might help...

All good at the start

Just a good day out !

How much fun can you pack into the race ?!

Smiling finishing

Happy Bunny finishing

A unicorn, Mermaid and an Arab entered a race... #situationnormal

Brutal Pyestock 2018
All off for a quick 10k or 20k in the muddy fun...

Phil checks the water is ok for everyone else

That same water, a few people later, slightly err - darker

it's so dark it hurts !

I think I'm ok

why why why eh ?

Life Saving Support also ran around the course - just in case

I know spa's that charge good fees for that

No holding back the back markers..

got carried away with the face camo-paint again

all good work - lap two awaits...
So welcome back from your Holidays, have a wonderful last few days of the nice weather as we near month end, and hopefully I'll see you at the Arundel 10k on Sunday ?

Until next time, enjoy the training runs