Monday 30 March 2009

MABAC Cranleigh 15/21 pictures now online

The pictures from the 2009 MABAC Cranleigh 15/21 are now online, with just under 9,000 files for you to peruse through...
feel free to share that link with everyone you know !

A great days racing, with some lovely countryside views
and good weather resulting in some great PBs and loads of people clocking up the mileage towards London.

A good day for sociable running...

Spring had sprung with the clocks going forwards

and these two were the fast boys, in case you're wondering who won...

Mels Milers 10k - race photos now online

Mels Milers gallery - now online - click here

One of our photographers (Dave) was testing his recently repaired cameras, but ended up taking some good ones, so we put them up for you...

and if you run 200 miles a month - this is what you look like...
brilliant dedication...

Eastleigh 10k - gallery now online

The B&Q Eastleigh 10k race pictures are now online - Click Here

We've now got almost 10,000 images online on what is one of the fastest 10k races so far this season with a lot of PB's.
All the images have been indexed with your race number by hand so you can just search by your race number, click through on your thumbnails and preview them large size.

All orders are manually finished on calibrated workstations, centered up and sorted out for exposure, colour balance and contrast so rest assured your images will look considerably better than the onscreen preview.
49th overall, but first lady no.1253 Stacey Ward from Basildon in a time of 0:33:57
The leaders came back past the start in about 18:30 minutes - quite quick really !

Sunday 29 March 2009

Eastleigh 10k and Cranleigh 15/21 2009 in process

March 2009
We're back from both the Eastleigh 10k and the Cranleigh 15/21 miles and starting to go through all the lovely pictures of you all.

Please register for a reminder on the respective gallery pages and we will email you just as soon as they are ready and up - we go through them all to check focus, quality and of course index them with your race number. Mainly so you can find them easily - I mean who would want to go through about 16,000 from Eastleigh and 12,000 from Cranleigh ? well we do (manually I might add, there is no magic software..) !! and it should save you all time later.

In the meantime, here's a few of the first pictures through the post-processing, and the start video - well the first 20 seconds at least from Eastleigh...

The start of the B&Q Eastleigh 10k 2009

This chap from Belgrave Harriers won at Eastleigh - rather convincingly. Apparently the way to do this is to knock your head really hard about 30 minutes before the start so you have to get checked by the Medics before you're allowed to race. It worked for him anyway !

Friday 27 March 2009

New preview pages launched

Today we finished the programming on our new image preview pages. Yipee I hear you cry !!! Ok perhaps not quite yipee, but changes like this shouldn't go unnoticed after 6 years...

The aim has been to make it easier to browse your photos, faster to see them with clearer options laid out, and a more aesthetically pleasing layout. I.e. better !

Improvements we have tweaked and played with include:
  1. Clearer colours for web links making navigation easier and more obvious.
  2. Clearer next/previous and back to thumbnail links.
  3. Better listing of products and formats available making it easier to find what you want quickly.
  4. Only reloading the new image itself on browsing to the next image, not reloading the whole page, saving browsing time.
  5. Adding a link to the digital samples gallery - so you know what you get for your money !?
  6. Friendlier watermarking - doesn't have "copyright" written all over it calling you a thief or threatening legal action.
  7. A Share button - you can link legally and easily to your favourite social webpage (usually facebook by all accounts), just click on the share button (by and hey presto all your friends are updated, emailed, tweeted or dug...
There's a screen shot for you below, or of course, go to your latest event and see yourself for yourself !

Finally we timed the loading of the first preview page and tested them across three of the most popular web browsers used to look at our pictures. Subsequent pages load faster, this is the inital first view time.

In order of speed, fastest first to load a whole page from nothing :
  1. Firefox3: 1.20 sec
  2. Google Chrome: 1.533 sec
  3. IE7: 1.809 sec (here if you really do want slow browsing:
We tend to use Firefox, and would suggest you give it a go !
(please note all theses were tested on a machine quad thingy on 2meg broadband)

Thanks for visiting, we will continue to try and make things easier and faster for you to see your pictures and try to add interesting and relevant content (like the videos). All comments, suggestions, thoughts and even compliments will be gratefully received.

cheers for now, we are still taking pictures of competitors for competitors, because that's what we do...


Monday 23 March 2009

Wimbledon 10k photos now online

In near perfect conditions the Wimbledon Audi 10k took place yesterday.
You could tell it wasn't june as there were no strawberries or cream on sale, no green blazers with purple trim and the sun was out.

With hardly a hint of wind the race wound it's way from the Rugby club east towards the Main Station and then up the big bad hill towards the village. Round the south bit of the common and the pond, and then back down the long hill going west and back into the finish. The route is here - but it doesn't really show that you get to run right through the middle of wimbledon village high street !

The leader came through the common at quite some speed:

The weather on the common was rather nice and good for a quick drink:

This chap won - Hassin Raidi from Belgrave - don't feel too bad about losing to him , he came 9th at the Hastings Half Marathon last week against an international field and 3837 other people...

Just under a thousand managed to take part making it one of the larger 10ks in the area on the lead up to the london marathon at the end of april.

Click here to go to the race gallery to find and order your photos

Well done everyone for a great race, great organisation and great results !

Friday 20 March 2009

AAT Announce SSP as Official Photographers

AAT announce SSP as Official Photographers

Some great news if you do offroad racing and want a picture to remember yourself by - Off Road Event organisers
All about Triathlons have appointed Sussex Sport photography (that's us that is!) as official photographers to their events.

So far in 2009 SSP has covered their unique Snow+Rock G3 series in and about the St.Marthas Church and Hill - with some lovely views on the cold crisp mornings - checkout the views in the photos below...
If you like off road races and a bit of extra involvement - get yourselves entered into their up and comming races:

Sussex Sport Photography is all about taking great photos of competitors for competitors, and the AAT events are jam packed with great challenges and photo opportunities for us to get you at your best. We look forwards to seeing you at their events soon !

Tuesday 17 March 2009

Finchley 20 race pictures now online

All done and ready to view - the Finchley 20 race pictures are now online here:

Glenn Saqui from Highgate Harriers (below) started off at the front and decided to stay there to return a time of 1hr49.55m - almost 5 minutes ahead of second place Alex Gibbins from Blackheath in 1:54.33 , with 505 total finishers.

Monday 16 March 2009

F3 Events - gallery now ready

Hello !
Both the F3 events from Saturday are now online... the duathlon and the 10k run.

First up at 9am was the second of the Suunto Winter Duathlon series around Dorney lake, although with the weather it was much more like spring. I have windburn, or sunburn or probably both.

You have all been waiting very patiently - as the picture above shows !

I've put the start video on the gallery link page - just remember to scroll down to see it and also read the event instructions.
The Suunto Duathlon winter race series - race 2 - photo gallery link for this event is here: 

as usual we have beaten the results onto the internet - full links can be found on the event page above.

The second race from the day that started at 12:30pm was the F3 HEART UK 5k and 10k. One lap for a fast run and two laps if you fancied a wizz for a bit longer.

The F3 H.E.A.R.T. U.K. photo gallery can be found here: 

Some nice ones of you at the finish and also on the second leg out, and also coming back over the bridge with the lake in the background.

Don't worry about losing to this guy - that's a South of England vest he's wearing, so he should be quite good...

see you soon at an event near you !

3 events in process from the weekend

Morning !

We're just finishing off going through all the events from Sunday and getting them ready for the gallery..

The three events were the 
  1. Finchley 20
  2. The F3 Suunto Duathlon (#2)
  3. The F3 HEART UK 10k and 5k races

whilst we're busy indexing through the pictures with your race numbers, taking out the out of focus ones (even if they are a little bit out) and removing the ones where you probably don't want to see them, below are a couple of start videos we shot (in high def) at the F3 events of the starts:

If you're not reading this in Blogger - then the first video is here: 

The start of the F3 Suunto Duathlon (march)

and the second video is here: 

The Start of the F3 HEART UK 10k and 5k races

of course all the photos will be online at later today so keep checking back for updates, or register for a notification by email on the respective event gallery pages.


Saturday 14 March 2009

The Brighton Parkrun #73 14th March 2009

The start of the Brighton Parkrun 14th March 2009

Brighton & Hove parkrun <- click here to go to the Parkrun website

Pictures from the race will shortly be available on
 for free download at 1000px resolution - ideal for screensavers, emails and facebook or indeed - blogs...

And this video of the start - is in HD at youtube... (244Mb !)

enjoy !

Tuesday 10 March 2009

Lydd half marathon Gallery online

Yes - all the Lydd Half Marathon photos are now online.

All ready to view and order here:

The Lydd Half was a windy day - some nice blue skies that held off the rain until after the race.

There's a discussion thread here on Runners World

and the results can be found here:

Mick and Phil Half Gallery now online

ahhh all done now.
if we didn't mention it enough - all the other race information is here:

Yep all the Mick'n'Phil pictures are now online, and as promised once we have managed to cover our costs all the rest will go to the good cause.

We need to sell about 300 pictures to make £1000 additional donations - and once we have a few orders in I'll set up a watching folder so we can all see what has been ordered - and then you can jibe your friends into buying theirs too... *UPDATE* order tracking folder is now at the bottom of the gallery front page - just scroll down when you get there (link above) and click on the orders folder.

best get on with it then, well done to everyone for organising such a fantastic event, scroll down to the other blogger post on blogspot to see the videos...

Monday 9 March 2009

Back from Mick'n'Phil Half Marathon

Here's a quick selection from photos taken today at the Mick'n'Phil Half Marathon 2009
The photo gallery will be appearing here late Monday

The official race website is on -

Mick and Phil arrive for their Start.

They Then started it all off..

And then they managed to finish too...

Tess Started the Race off
Mick and Phil made sure everyone started properly..
The leader at the end of the first lap, looking ridiculously good
Jumping in the air with a cup of water. Well, why not ?!
End of Lap 2 and looking strong

Enthusiastic supporters made the day pass quickly

Finishing at the end with Tess the Race Director passing on congratulations
Some people will do anything to raise money for good causes

The very unique prizes
Mum - give me a hug !

Saturday 7 March 2009

G3 March Race - Now online

The last of the Snow + Rock G3 run three peaks series photos are now online.

Well done to everyone who took part - the running conditions today were ideal, and if I may say so, you were looking particularly good today!

Click here for the gallery:

A great set of races organised by Toby and the
All about triathlons team, we recognised some of you, and clearly some of you were pleased to see us too...

We also had our new apprentice (Jessica) working with us today. Practising with wearing hi-viz jackets first off... next off by the look of things she will be directing and marshalling.

Just as a small reminder - remember you can buy images from across different races in the same shopping basket - and get your volume discounts.

Here are links to all the G3 races this year
  1. G3 January Gallery -
  2. G3 February Gallery -
  3. G3 March Gallery -
All the race results are on the All About triathlon website - here

Friday 6 March 2009

Call for entries - Bournemouth Half Marathon

Bournemouth Half Marathon and 10k road races

Fancy one last half marathon to warm the legs over before you go and do londinium ? Ideal for training with a 3 week taper for the 26th April...

The Bournemouth Bay Run on April the 5th is just that, along with a 10k if you fancy something shorter...

Race applications can be made on the British Heart Foundation website :

There's a load of information here on the Bournemouth tourist info page, with links at the bottom :

and yes - a team from Sussex Sport Photography will be there providing the official race coverage so you'll be able to get yourself a race picture afterwards from our gallery here:

Tuesday 3 March 2009

Roding Valley Half Marathon 2009 Race Photos now online

All done and ready to view !

The Roding Valley half marathon photos are now all fully indexed, quality edited and now online - ready for you to pick your favourites and order today !
Click on the link below to go directly to the gallery:

There's over 7,000 pictures for you to look through from Sunday - so hopefully there will be some special ones in there that remind you of the great days running for many years to come - so get your copy today - I heard that you were looking very good !

Winner Paul Martelletti, Victoria Park Harriers in 1:09:20.

Monday 2 March 2009

Steyning Stinger Photo Gallery now ready

Steyning Stinger Marathon and Half Marathon Photos now online.

Yep, you can now see how well you looked after a thorough Stinging, or indeed up the first hill after washington...
Misty views, dry underfoot (except for the washington bog) and not too warm made for ideal conditions throughout the morning for running around on the South Downs.

You can see yourselves in full technicolour and get a copy of your photos by clicking on the link below:

Number 83 has some special support...

Sunday 1 March 2009

Running on a regular basis can slow the effects of ageing

Surely something you all knew - but really ought to tell those friends of yours who don't run - before it's too late...

From the BBC -

"Running on a regular basis can slow the effects of ageing, a study by US researchers shows..."

Superhero found on top of hill and in Valley

It's a funny business this one.

You get up at 5.30am, drive through the early morning mists, drop the daughter off at the babysitters (a rare breed and much sought resource on a Sunday morning at 7am), and go off to the top of the South Downs. You then walk 2 miles with about 20kg of kit on your shoulder to then watch and photograph a load of people who have got up at an equally silly time on a sunday morning who have chosen to run one of the toughest Marathons in the country.

It's not called the "Stinger" for nothing... (Steyning Stinger Website)

but then the views (on a clear day without the mists) are fabulous. With conditions underfoot firm (except the bog at Washington) running on the chalk downs pathways and up the Hills were almost perfect for endurance running.
Anyway, there I was kneeling in the chalk stones (like you do when taking photos) when Superman runs past...

Was it a bird, was it a plane - nope - *just* James running a Marathon carrying a large flag ? Why ? well err, why not ?

Actually - James is the organiser and inspiration for the Heroes Run - this year to be held on 17th May down on Hove Seafront. Fingers crossed if you get there and wear a superhero costume they will break the world record for the most superheroes in one place (why again ?, surely only one of them is needed at any time ?) - So get over there and Enter now and become a record breaker...!!!

In the meantime a different type of Hero was running around Roding Valley in london on a Half Marathon (click here for the website)
Far too many people running far too fast...

Yep, the other half (Better half?) had gone off equally early this morning and covered the Half Marathon in London. Again good conditions and temperatures made for fast times - and that was just the journey there...

Well, the daughter has been recovered from the babysitters, apparently stones were thrown (into the sea) and a nice snooze had, so all is good. We're all back from our various locations and working through all the photos to get them online as soon as possible for you.

If you're looking for the gallery pages - they are currently set up as "holding pages" where you can register for an email notification when they are ready - and they are here:

Steyning Stinger Gallery - notification registration and holding page

Roding Valley Gallery - notification registration and holding page

Otherwise - join our facebook group, or get a feed read on this blog and you'll get updates when the gallery is ready automatically.

Well done to all of you for competing your respective Half Marathons and Marathons ! if you don't feel like a Hero now, go and register for James' Race in may !

The next update will be when the galleries are ready...