Wednesday 29 August 2012

Arundel 10k, Canterbury Half, Vachery Tri 2012 - now live

One of those short functional Blogs today... everything from the Bank Holiday weekend is now live online:

In event order for you to enjoy:

Arundel 10k race - with free photo downloads is here:

Vachery Tri Festival Gallery is now online here:

Canterbury Half Marathon 2012:

Over 30,000 images online, and what with the usual staff taking a bank holiday weekend I've now done two weeks work in the past four days...
This is how I feel right now:

Richard Stannard Takes the win at the Vachery Off Road Tri 2012

 So I'm now going to spend a moment sorting out the wife's birthday arrangements....

Until next time, see you at Newbury Tri on Sunday !


Tuesday 21 August 2012

Tri Together, Monster Middle and F3 Shiplake Triathlons 2012 now live

The following race galleries are now live and online:

Tri-Together triathlon at Crystal Palace


Monster Middle Distance at Ely

F3 Big Shiplake Tri

Please read the search specific instructions on each of the race galleries in order to find all your images - it's just so difficult with triathlons, number belts and helmet numbers, and swimming in wetsuits to identify you sometimes - even using timing mats and results data for the finish line photos can help - but there is no substitute for big clear numbers on show to help us catalogue your photos correctly for you.

Our recommendation is to always have your race numbers written on your hands, and a helmet number (with about 24mm / 1 inch high numbers) visible from the front, a nearside shin (left leg) so it can be read from the front for bike photos. Apart from that - numbers on the front and unflapped on the run please. If you can pin them, please do - number belts are not fit for purpose !
and also if you can - Swim hats - write the number on your forehead of the swim cap - not the sides or back.

Very well done to everyone at all the races who competed in the hottest conditions all year for their racing. It certainly affected the number of people who turned up on the day to the races, with temperatures going above 30degC at Ely - there were bound to be casualties from the heat across all the races on Sunday.

First up - here's some images from Ely and the Monster Middle Distance Triathlon. Well done to everyone concerned from the Athletes, officials, CamSAR, StuWeb Timing, and the caterers - all taking the burden of the hot weather onboard.

A nice swim in the Cam to start things off at 7am, sun breaking across the flood plains
Shame we can't identify him, but he's from Ipswich

Zooming round the corner, sun in the background

Tight conditions on the A10 as the harvest was being gathered and the tractors and balers were out in force. You wouldn't want to draught behind this one...

Some people made it look easy

That's Ely Cathedral in the distance, 4 miles away, just before the Wisbeach roundabout left turn - it's visible (but out of focus) in the background to some of the bike photos (see photo above this for an example)

Nothing like a nice swim to get you going in the morning

Sub 4 hrs for the win - a truly epic time from Joe Skipper of 3:59:41 for the middle distance and a 9 minute lead.

No risk of Tractors on the closed loops of the Crystal Palace estate at the Tri-Together triathlon organised by the Leonard Cheshire Disability Charity.
Multi-lap cycling and running kept the competition keen and tight again in Hot conditions - although refreshed by a passing thunderstorm for 20 minutes in the middle !
Well done to Caroline and the team on organising such a great event at the CP National Sports Stadium

Rain at the end. Harsh

Sprint finish and dip for the line

Great Team achievements from the men

Relief at finishing

Great team Achievements from the women

For the finish - good racing all the way

A good victory wave into the line

Jane Egan - British Para triathlete - put in a good finish sprint

The peace and quiet of the bike course on the CP estate

Meanwhile over at Shiplake they were all jumping into the Thames for a Sprint or Standard triathlon with F3 events. A Sprint or standard distance triathlon over the roads from Shipley to Henley.

Off for a quick swim along the Thames
Swim exit was pretty obvious and easy to spot
A fast 3 laps if you're up for it on the bike
Slightly more sensible pace otherwise

It also doubled as a buoyancy aid on the swim

Strong finish at the end
Relief at making it back in one piece

New Prizes include trophy and a Chihuahua to go in it
 Very well done to everyone on this most triathlon of triathlon days. If you were thinking of one more triathlon before the end of the school holidays then next weekend there are the following races for your delightand worth considering:

Arundel Castle 10:
Vachery Triathlon festival:
Canterbury Half Marathon:

until next time,

Wednesday 15 August 2012

Bewl Tri 2012 gallery now live

Photos from the Bewl Tri 2012 are online here -
, the sharper eyed amongst you (about a thousand of you) will have found them yesterday afternoon (on Tuesday), via our twitter feed @uksportphoto or facebook page updates.

Perfect weather and an almost full reservoir made for ideal conditions for the first Bewl Triathlon organised by Team Lifestyle

Full race results are here for both the standard and sprint distances.

Well done to Paul, Tom and Natalie on organising this inaugural race and making it a great success !

Wheres the water ? There's been a drought you know.
It's over there !

Going for it out of the water and off to the bikes
Out of the saddle and past the Priory - not stopping there. yet.
Remember, it's Wiggo sideburns for cycling, Mobot is for running.

Strong out of T2 for a quick 10k
Signage confusion - Bolt arrow or the Mobot ? answer - awkward.

keeping form on the reservoir run course

enjoying the days sport

competitor 74 expresses his horror at lack of visible race numbering, and pointless use of Tri Belt

Skipping into the finish after a wonderful race

Aaand relax.
'pologies if you have to search through 000 or 'standard' or 'sprint' to find your swim exit and other race photos - but we can only index images where we can see race numbers. Tri belts are 'king useless on this matter as are shoulder body numbers covered with wetsuits (this is not Hawaii and it is not Tri suit weather for swimming - shoulder numbering is an elite race requirement only - for the video media)

The simplest solution is the back of both hands (no wetsuits cover the hands and swim caps get taken off too early), and then for the bike - helmet numbers on the front and left shin (so you can read it from the front nearside) are the best places.

We do try our best to use race timing results to match the time of photo to the time of crossing a timing mat, but when it's busy (three or four at a time) then that theory goes out of the window, but it has been known to help index entire race galleries where numbering seems to have been "optional".

Conversely if you do have clear numbering - we are often the first people the race timing companies come to for verification - we were able to sort out three finishers at another triathlon this weekend whos chips didn't register - but ONLY because we could see and read their race numbers, and we have been known to compile a complete set of results for the odd half marathon where it's all gone awry. 

So - race numbers - are there for a purpose, please ensure that they can be seen - after all - that's what the rules say. Fancy being DQ'd because of no number on the front during the run ? - Never make me the race referee - that is all.

Last call for entries this Sunday 19th August:

Sprint Tri - at Crystal Palace :
Middle Distance Tri - at Ely :
Sprint and Standard Tri - at Shiplake / Henley :

Don't forget in two weeks time 
Arundel Castle 10:
Vachery Triathlon festival:
Canterbury Half Marathon:

Finally - anyone got any good birthday present suggestions for a 5year old Daughter next week ? (#thatwentquicklydidn'tit) suggestions to

Until next time


Tuesday 14 August 2012

Worthing Tri 2012 and Brutal10 Bramshott now live

Brutal Bramshott 2012 - now live and online

Raw Energy Pursuits - Worthing Tri 2012 race gallery with free downloads now live and available here


To come soon - Bewl Tri 2012 -

Saturday morning saw a sunny outing down the A3 to the Military training grounds based near Bramshott for the Brutal 5k, 10k and 21k (half marathon) distances. Not a wet one this time, just hills, and undergrowth, more hills and some nice flat bits. 
With a warmup that included the dieing fly, the sun shone (probably a bit too much) and the challenge was on.   
Again, the Brutal 10 proved to be one of the best marked out and fair challenges of human endeavour available on a Saturday morning. Excellent work once again - and the next one is in October - don't miss out !
Always pay attention at the race briefing
Always follow the instructors lead...
And hey presto - the instructors word is followed correctly
excellent Mo-bot technique
Mo-bots on the morning before he did the 5k and completed the Gold double

Freed from the wheel Sy made it up the steepest of hills (check the drop off in the background)

Only three people cheated with K9 hill assist power
strong going through the 19k mark

Shoot the burning arrow of Bolt

Total relief after 21k of Brutal Hills

So after that it was a 5am start to get to the Worthing Tri in time for the 6:40 start for the 2013 European Age group qualifiers and standard triathlon.
 It started off very promising with the Sun breaking over the worthing horizon, swimmers frolicking in a deap pancake flat sea, and then the wind came up, the clouds came over and it got a bit colder. But probably perfect for doing a bit of exercise, apart from the headwind bit. Hats and coats back on, the action unravelled...

With the age group waves beeing set off first, and then teh Standard distance women, followed by the standard distance men. If last years winning margin of men v women was matched - it would be a dead heat between the genders - but with last years Male winner Colin Dixon out with injury, and this years female entry including UK Ironman winner Yvette Grice - it was looking from the outset like a win for the Ladies.

daybreak worthing
waterbreak worthing
hatching a cunning plan going into T1

good discipline for the bikes - no drafting but still busy
Tracey Harris adopts the position

Yvette Grice adopts the position
and on the way back
Alternative position #1
Alternative position #2
Lufbra fly in to the finish
Finish Position #2 from Tracey Harris
Finishing in position #1 - Yvette Grice
High Family Fives at the finish
Race faces at the finish

Getting her best side at the finish - what are friends for ?
Well done to Mick and the REP team on another slick operation with great logistics, fast results and excellent course control and commentary.
If you like the way that worked, then get yourself over to Vachery for the on road, or off road tri in a few weeks time:

 Right, aim to get through the final bit of the Bewl Triathlons tomorrow and then catch up on all the work from having the office shut last week. It's 2am now - here's to a bit of sleep,
until next time I hope you can find some Olympic replays on the tellybox.