Wednesday 28 August 2013

Arundel 10k, Canterbury Half and F3 Events Festival of Sport 2013 all live

A busy bank holiday with three days up before 6am on the trot did mean that we beat the bankholiday traffic, but now it's back in the office to work through it all ! Not so good !

Saturday was a damp day with passing showers, but otherwise not too bad conditions at Dorney lake for the F3 Festival of Sport - various triathlon distances and swims on offer. Sunday was the rather fabulous Arundel Scouts Castle 10k with free photo downloads - the rain stopped just in time to make for a wonderful race through the grounds and up onto the Downs, and Sunday saw the Canterbury Half Marathon going off in perfect running conditions - apart from that massive hill at 11miles...

So here are the links for the galleries:

Race Gallery link
F3 Events, Festival of Sport

The Arundel Castle 10k - free unlimited gallery downloads :
Perfect for sharing on facebook

The Canterbury Half Marathon

Here's the future list of races that we're going to be at - I don't put them all on here and I do list some new ones - it started off as just half marathons but now I'm adding a few 10k and trail runs into the mix, I didn't want to make the list definitive or too big, it's there to tease some interest for you !

Have a click through on the links to find out more about them:

A selection of some Next RacesRace Entry link

September Races
1. Newbury Triathlon (full)
7. Hard as Snails 10k Trail run - free race photos!
8. Alice Holt Races
8. ETL Bacchus Half and Full Marathon
8. Maidenhead Half Marathon
15. Pilgrim Half and Full Marathon
15. Firle Half Marathon  - free race photos !
15. Chestnut Tree House 10k
22. Tonbridge Half Marathon
29. Ealing Half Marathon
29. Folkestone Half Marathon
29. F3 Henley Half Marathon
October Races (selection)
6. Basingstoke Half Marathon
6. Clarendon Half and Full Marathon
13. Chichester Half Marathon
13. Maidstone Half Marathon
20. Abingdon Full Marathon (full)
26. Beachy Head Marathon
November Races
10. Poppy Half Marathon
10. Grand Union Canal Half Marathon
17. The Brighton 10k

New John McEnroe sweat band !

Tasty Race

Photobomb your friend stripping. With a castle. Bizzare !

I know three's a crowd but - What happened to 800 ?

Seb Hard at work at Canterbury shooting bears

Always a good sign that you're in the right place

The joy of life after a long swim

That ouchy feety feeling after a long swim

Always good to thank the marshal who stuck with you all the way round

That 5k stare in a half marathon

The start at Dorney on Saturday in the rain

Seb didn't forget his packed lunch on Saturday. I did.

The joy of finishing !

That hill at 11 miles at Canterbury - really was this big

Bolting his way up the hill

How much more uphill !??!

Perhaps I'm going to release this as an advert for wearing iPhone earphones

Bolt lost his aim on this one

Gentlemen out for a Sunday Run

Really ? Yes Really !

Stig without the wheels

Always plan who runs in front of you for that long shot with the background

Me, Sniping from the hills

Bagpuss, Bagpuss, big fat furry cat puss. They forgot Sweaty.

Concentration in the rain on saturday at Dorney

Big arms x2

Good finishing at Canterbury

Yes he's riding his bike whilst doing this. DQ for being out of control ?
If I was a race referee there would be nobody left !

No #404Error here with another Half done at Canterbury
Right that's it from me tonight, it's 1:30 and and I really need some sleep !
All the best and well done everyone at the weekend - good and bad conditions but you all got out and did something, and it was excellent to watch and be part of it with you.

Until next time,

Sunday 18 August 2013

Brutal Minley, and Pride 10k 2013 galleries now live

Race Galleries from Saturday 17th August now live !

On a day with a weather forecast of impending rain across the south-east, a slight smell of autumn in the air, and a bit of dampness on the early morning grass, for us it was a busy Saturdays racing, with the unusual exception that we had cleared the calendar of races on the Sunday. Made a strange change, Monday will be quieter.

So it was early starts and off to both the Brutal Minley (the dry but hilly one) and the 10th ever Pride 10k Run at Victoria Park - back to it's usual summer slot without the Olympics in the way like last year.

Gallery link below and a few piccies down below the race listings at the bottom of this update:

The 10th Pride 10k Run
Brutal Minley - 5k, 10k, 20k - no Mud or water this time.

Call for entries - have a look at the list below, I'm going to put it onto our facebook page events list too here:
If you're going - then click on "join" on the FB event page and we'll try to look out for you on the day!

Next RacesRace Gallery link
F3 Festival of SportTriathlons at Dorney Lake
The Arundel Castle 10k
Sunday 25th August - Free race downloads
The only chance you get to run through the castle !
Canterbury Half Marathon
Bank Holiday Monday 26th August - Rolling hills through the Canterbury countryside

Then a little further into the future: 
These races go through September to November - so have a click on the links for more information and get entered before they fill up. 
September Races
ETL Bacchus Half and Full Marathon
Maidenhead Half Marathon
Pilgrim Half and Full Marathon
Firle Half Marathon  - free race photos !
Chestnut Tree House 10k
Tonbridge Half Marathon
Ealing Half Marathon
Folkestone Half Marathon
F3 Henley Half Marathon
October Races
Basingstoke Half Marathon
Clarendon Half and Full Marathon
Chichester Half Marathon
Maidstone Half Marathon
Abingdon Full Marathon - race full
Beachy Head Marathon
November Races
Grand Union Canal Half Marathon

Thanks to everyone who recently said to me at races that they like the captions to the pictures, I try to keep it lighthearted - because well, that's what I'd want to read at 9am on a Monday morning in my inbox.

Next week is someone's 6th birthday (that should make some of you feel old), and then someone else's 40th birthday the week after that - so it's going to be a busy two weeks with a bankholiday in the middle of it all with Arundel, F3 Events and the Canterbury Half marathon to keep you fit and busy too, so see you there.

 Meanwhile at the Brutal Minley - the first totally dry course, but with some twisty-turny hills and a bridge for good measure...
Happy Birthday !

badabing badaboom

Not quite a mo-bot, more "we're doing a 10k, see - 10 fingers"

Hedge End runners put in a great club appearance en-mass

Correct technique for storming to the top of the hill at 7k

Don't be scared in the dark woods children. Actually I was.

Losing a shoe didn't deter finishing the 20k with Daddy

Hunting Bananas on the Minley savanna

Happy Birthday #2
Meanwhile in London at Victoria Park
Sprinting away at the start 

A good crowd charge off around the park

Cheery bunch !

Excellent Fancy Dress entry

Pre-Race caffeine to get ready 

good day for racing

Double thumbs and off the ground

Good to see that the Devil also support straps/ tapes-up her adductor's

Right, two birthdays to organise and presents to purchase, things to do and year end accounts... Don't forget to check out our facebook events page (created due to your requests!). 

Until next time,

p.s. anyone know a good double glazing company in Sussex that isn't going to try to charge me over £800 per window (8off, on average 1m x1m) - email me !