Monday 24 September 2018

Winchester Half Marathon 2018 - gallery now live

All go at the start of the 2018 Winchester Half Marathon
In a weekend where the weather was forecast to be torrential and gale force all day, it ended up torrential and gale force for half a day, and freezing cold all day (5deg C), and still very gusty in the afternoon. Whilst Velo South was cancelled on Wednesday evening, when the forecast was for a massive low pressure to arrive on saturday night with 60MPH gusting winds, by friday evening it had split into two low pressures - both bringing miserable amounts of rain throughout Saturday and Sunday to most of the south - along with a horrible northerly ice wind.

Suffice to say that conditions for the Winchester Half marathon were challenging. People turned up for the event expecting a hard run, and a hard run with plenty of hills and rain and wind is what they got. You can see from the photos we didn't have a finish gantry this year - and the standard barriers did go for a tumble in the gusting wind as we waited for the finishers and the team were deconstructing the scrim and branding from them to be on the safe side.

Now you've recovered from the run, check out the galleries - especially Run Reigate and Clapham 10k from last weekend in much more pleasant conditions for running in !

Current latest Galleries
Date Event Free Downloads Event Website
Sat-08/09/2018 Ride Across Britain
Sun-09/09/2018 Chestnut Tree House 10k
Sun-16/09/2018 Clapham 10k Free Downloads
Sun-16/09/2018 Run Reigate
Sun-23/09/2018 Winchester Half Marathon
Sun-23/09/2018 Velo South - Cancelled Free Downloads

We have a little hiatus this weekend, we're not at Ealing or Barnes Green - both events that we helped grow over a period of years with much success - and alas I'm too unfit at the moment to give either of them a go.
Whilst we have our race listings below - there's always a few good places to look for a local race - and I can always suggest the Sussex Race planner for something local in Sussex -
Races are always coming and going, new and old, one off charity event, or established village cause - you'll find them all in there. We have other places we look and watch for new races, but this is as good a site to start with...

Anyway - here's our next list of races - enjoy and I'd always recommend targeting the races with free downloads

Future event planning - October the 7th is going to be a busy one !

Date Event Free Downloads Event Website
Sun-07/10/2018 Tonbridge Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Basingstoke Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Chichester Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-07/10/2018 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-14/10/2018 Herts 10k
Sun-14/10/2018 Shoreditch 10k Free Downloads
Sun-14/10/2018 Running Festival at Goodwood
Sun-21/10/2018 Abingdon marathon
Sun-21/10/2018 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sat-27/10/2018 Beachy Head
Sun-11/11/2018 PP Grand Union Half
next stuff

and now for some photos
tough job for the timing guy, he had to run the whole course holding the main stopwatch

happy waves at the start, chap at the front isn't so sure

always just wave at any camera

and the hill up begins

Tracey was doing alright

long straight country lanes - on the return to town

Altitude sickness at the top of the main climb

the educated response

proper hill you ran up there

keeping dry all the way to the end

Some hot 2:10 pacing action

Sure you've forgotten something ?

Not a deft cuff around the head to get Hannah past some Bum

take it easy on those slippy cobbles

feeling fine near the finish with the cathederal in the background (just)

Storming run for the finish

Great victory in the womens race

one of the highest finished Fetch shirts in a long time

proper racing into the end

BORS offers a race fear and assimilation package to get you going

have a good weekend, hopefully the weather will pick up. You can tell it was worth getting my hair cut for this one
Until next time, very well done to Nicky, Chris and the rest of the Winchester Half team on a well executed and safe event in what was very challenging conditions ! I had three coats, three trousers and a variety of gloves and hats and was still cold - so it was an excellent job done on the event.

Until next time, and keep training

Tuesday 18 September 2018

Run Reigate 2018 and Adidas Clapham 10k galleries now live

Count the cameras here, including phones... race coverage anyone ?
The free download Adidas City Run Clapham 10k gallery is now live and online - just find your photos and take a copy - no watermarks, not buttons, just screengrab your photo on your mobile however you like it and show your friends any way you like !  (if you want high res there will be a high res and print purchase gallery later)

The Run Reigate gallery is also live and online - all the races from the 10k, 5k, and Half Marathon, including the 1400 kids who completed their last mile of their half for the Junior mile event - a great initiative by the Run team - adding 30% overall to the event and introducing children to competitive and fun running competitions  - just go here to search the !30,000 fully indexed images with your race number:

A full list of recent and future races are below - and check out the free photo ones - it usually means the sponsors think it's a good event too !

Date Event Free Photos Event Website
Sat-01/09/2018 The Nuts Challenge
Sat-01/09/2018 Mighty Hike - Rob Roy Free Photos
Sat-01/09/2018 REP Adur swim Free Photos
Sun-02/09/2018 PP Maidenhead Half
Sun-02/09/2018 The Nuts Challenge
Sun-02/09/2018 Reading Triathlon
Fri-07/09/2018 The Mudathon Free Photos
Sat-08/09/2018 Ride Across Britain Free Photos
Sun-09/09/2018 Chestnut Tree House 10k
Sun-16/09/2018 Clapham 10k Free Photos
Sun-16/09/2018 Reigate Half Marathon
Sun-23/09/2018 Winchester Half Marathon
Sun-23/09/2018 Velo South  Free Photos
Sun-07/10/2018 Basingstoke Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Chichester Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Clarendon Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 Tonbridge Half
Sun-07/10/2018 Royal Borough of Kingston Half Marathon
Sun-07/10/2018 PP Reading O2O 10k
Sun-14/10/2018 Running Festival at Goodwood Free Photos
Sun-14/10/2018 Herts 10k
Sun-14/10/2018 Shoreditch 10k Free Photos
Sun-21/10/2018 Cambridge Town and Gown 10k
Sun-21/10/2018 Abingdon marathon
Sat-27/10/2018 Beachy Head

Not a drone. The air ambulance dropped in for a fun visit to Reigate but had work to do later...

Droning on and on...
Longtime readers of this blog (and it's been going for over ten years now) will know what I think of drones and that I keep across the latest legislation - yes it's one of my trigger points - why's that ? well I'm not keen on bricks with rotating sharp blades landing on anybody's head, least of all mine whilst I'm trying to work, nor getting the blame because everyone thinks that we do drone footage too (we don't, the licensing is horrendous), and indiscriminate drone pilots seem to find out that we sit in some of the better spots for a good view - which means they are almost always literally - over my head. And I don't like risk...

So next time you see a drone flying at a race (no not a drone race, those are cool), a running race or some such with people - just to be clear - nobody can give permission for public crowd overfly at an event except the CAA. (That's the Civil Aviation Authority) and they never do. Not the police, not the local council, not your friend Bob, and not your commercial drone usage license (which if you have one you should know the law), and certainly not your insurance company (you have that don't you), and certainly not if you've posted up a few signs saying it's ok (actually specifically not ok if you've posted some posters up - read the Air Navigation orders guidance).

In the same way the police can't give you permission to speed in a 30mph zone at 100mph, and no it's still not legal because you've got a driving license, and no the council can't give you permission to speed either. The members of the public on the road are not under your control, and neither is a public crowd at a mass participation event, don't kid yourself, and don't lie to the organisers just to get your drone footage/shot. People seem to forget that the footage is self-incriminating - I don't know how daft people are, but that's a starting metric in my book...

It's really simple - Basically it's 150m lateral separation from an event with a crowd, no overfly of people, buildings nor roads - please keep it that way for everyone's safety.
And yes there is footage online of drones hitting participants at races - just search for it.

On that note, here's some photo things we took at Run Reigate and Adidas Clapham 10k
aaand they're off !!

Shorty leads the way off at the start - this time with a smile

He didn't seem too pleased with being behind the 1:50 pacer

Paul saw something incredible

It's at about the 50m mark you reach for your phone to start updating people and choosing your playlist having started your watch...

All showered and ready for the run, too much conditioner though.

what did the dinosaur say to the pirate ? nothing, they lived millions of years apart, check your history, don't accept alternative "Facts".

over the hill ? why not take up running and do it time and time again !!

He kept this up all the way to the finish

gone a bit early there still had 3k to go.

He checked his watch just before he finished first, just in case he was supposed to raise his arms in victory or something. Got to commit to the time...

Wrong race, wrong place, wrong weekend. So so wrong, it's almost right. But not.

Top teamwork to get through the 10k together

Nice to have fans

how do I spell that ?
whatever !

Whatever !

Rock that for the run !

Always wave with style !!

Jumping for joy - got some good height !!

That moment or relief when you realise they ARE waving at you and you do recognise them !! (all been there)

High Five Joy

This weeks top superhero

Dave returned to his job on the death star canteen later that day working for Mr Stevens. He likes to keep fit in case he's challenged to the death. NSFW

The joy of running and achievement

The joy of running and achievement

The joy of running and achievement

Doh ! Forgot something

"hit me up"
 Meanwhile in London
London smog improves 

Ah, it's not really smog...reasons to rinse it away from the start line

All going well here 

top flying arms

Wallace and Gromit get the lowdown and course video

flying into the finish 

He's almost done !

So that's it for this week - I hope you had a great run out this weekend - we also have the data for the Ride Across Britain (RAB) cycle ride (lands end to john OGroats) from last week to sort out - more news on that when it's live - everyone had their images everyday during the event for free courtesy of and the sponsors, so it's really just a backup gallery !

Have a great week, enjoy the memories on the gallery and see you next week at Winchester Half and Velo South, and if you're looking for something next month in October - I can highly recommend the Goodwood Running Festival 

until next time