Wednesday 31 March 2010

Bournemouth Bay Runs now live

With the weather forecast predicting rain from midday, it was a peaceful view out over the bay on Sunday morning for the Bournemouth Bay Run 2010, with a slight breeze and perfect temperatures for running.

The Fun Runs and the 10ks Started first and then the Half Marathon over on the other side of the Pier.

There's a short video of the 10k start over here on youtube it looked considerably more than 1500 people at that point !

2185 Lee Piercy took an early lead in the Half Marathon at the start, and then promptly stayed there, winning in a time of 1:13:26.
3419, Ross Coleman, wins our caption competition subject matter prize - entries to us ( - with the subject "caption comp" ) with a suitable and publishable caption - winner (my choice) to get free digital file of your choice from our current gallery...

The Bournemouth Bay Runs are organised to raise money for the British Heart Foundation and managed by the Bournemouth Council tourist department Events team.
10% of profits from the photos sales will go towards the BHF - so please give generously by simply buying your race photos !

All the races - the Fun Runs, Half, 10k and 5k photos are now online here:
Enjoy them, order them and cherish them.

Have a happy Easter Bank Holiday, and hopefully see some of you soon at another race, especially if you are going to be at Steyning, Lewes or Dorney Lake near Windsor over the break.

Tuesday 30 March 2010

Almost all done - Just one left...

Well - it's 1.45am and time for todays update from the weekend...

With just the Bournemouth Bay runs to edit through from the weekend there are now over 23,685 new images on the gallery for you to look through - just click on the relevant links below:

28/03/2010   coming soon - Bournemouth Bay Run 2010
 Expected Wednesday pm
now live - Finchley 20 2010
 now live
now live - Worthing 20 2010
 now live
now live - Cranleigh 15-21 2010
 now live
now live - B+Q Eastleigh 10k 2010
 now live
now live - The Bolt round the Holt 2010
 now live

Overall it was a good weekend with the weather holding off the rain almost everywhere - except for a little bit on Saturday lunchtime at the Holt. Sunday worked out a a perfect day for running - across most of the south east, which given the weather for today (monday) - that's been pretty lucky ! Obviously now British Summer Time is here and the clocks have gone forwards - it will snow later on...

Have fun browsing and searching through the galleries for your photos. Only one real note and that is even though there are 5000 pictures up for Eastleigh 10k and the Fun Runs, please do bear in mind it's a really tight finish for such a popular 10k, and that makes it really really hard to get everyone. Fingers crossed you're one of the lucky ones this year, and if not hopefully we will see you out and about at a race near you soon.

Right, I've 11,260 files left to get through for Bournemouth, and so has the other photographer from there, so we're going to be spending most of Tuesday getting through them and cataloguing them up for you.

best get on then !


Sunday 28 March 2010

A wonderful weekends events

Hi there, just a brief update right now,

It's been the busiest weekend of the year so far - compounded by Easter bringing events forwards into late March rather than early April. The Sussex Sport Photography Team have been out at six major events of the year, notably with a lot of lead up races to the main marathon season of London, Brighton and Edinburgh.

So, as of now (10:30pm Sunday night) we have the Finchley 20 now live on the gallery already. As each photographer takes responsibility for their work in terms of Focus and cataloguing each image and then making them available onto the gallery it can take some time to work through each event - but that is what makes sure our images are the high quality you've come to expect from us.

Below is the current status of each event from the weekend - just click on the event name to go to the gallery - and if you're not registered for the updates - then you can do that on the web page.

28/03/2010   coming soon - Bournemouth Bay Run 2010
 Expected late Wednesday
28/03/2010 now live - Finchley 20 2010
 now live
28/03/2010 coming soon - Worthing 20 2010
 now live
28/03/2010 coming soon - Cranleigh 15-21 2010
 now live
28/03/2010 coming soon - B+Q Eastleigh 10k 2010
 expected Tuesday
27/03/2010 coming soon - The Bolt round the Holt 2010
 now live

I'll keep you posted (only once per day) through the next few days as we get these galleries processed and ready for you to view and order your race mementoes.

In the meantime I'm sure you'd like to wish all the very best to the lucky bride-to-be that we met in Bournemouth on Saturday night as we checked into the hotel... yes we went for an early night and left them to it.  Have camera - will travel...

Right, I've personally got 18,000 images left to get through, so best get on eh?

All the best

Tuesday 23 March 2010

Brentwood Half Marathon and Fun Run 2010

The Official gallery for the 2010 Equity Red Star Brentwood Half Marathon is now live and online here

10% of all sales profits will be going to the race Charity funds, so help us to raise even more money for the race by buying a copy of your picture.

On a day with perfect weather for running as spring tentatively tried to say hello, we got to see our second 1:09 half marathon for the year. With two photographers out on the course and another two at the finish, we should have managed to get almost everyone (unless you hid behind someone!) at some point, so just go to the gallery, enter your race number and find your race pictures.
If you can't remember your race number, then just go to the results and have a look here by name on the race results website.

The Fun run was exceptionally well attended, and the gallery also includes the fun run race pictures too - just type in your race number, or check the results pages to double check what your number was first. 

At the end it was a Springfield striders double in the Mens and the Womens races in the full marathon, although Basildon AC cleaned up in the Fun Run across the Mens and Womens races too (or should that be girls and boys as they were 15 and 11 respectively - talent to watch for the future)

 Well done to everyone involved from the Rotary Club, Marshals, runners, water stations, the marching band, race timing and I promised a mention to The Hog Masters after the free food for the last of the officials left at the end.
Good luck to all of you using this as a training run for London, Brighton, Edinburgh or Paris marathons later next month, and a big well done to everyone else !

Hope to see you out and about soon,


Tuesday 16 March 2010

The Spitfire 20 and Tempest 10

The official Race Photos from the Spitfire 20 and the Tempest 10 are now available to view and order here

Well done to everyone who enjoyed one of the first days of Spring out and about in the Surrey countryside and along the historic Dunsfold Airfield (also famous for that Top Gear program and test lap).

We managed to get pictures of you at the 5 Mile mark in Dunsfold itself (although that was a bit busy) at the 10 mile mark, over the Top Gear Start/Finish Line (these are pretty unique!) and approaching the 20 mile finish line too. With just under 10,000 pictures on there for all 867 of you - so you *should* be able to find a favourite one in that lot !

It was a very close run race with a sub 2hr time being posted for the winning the Spitfire 20 mile race - and age grading of 81% - which is an excellent result. Not the sort of thing most people are doing as their training warm up for the Brighton or London Marathons ! The first Female home in the Spitfire 20 is an international - in an age grading of almost 82% - so it shows what a well qualified field you all were !

In the Tempest 10 mile race - it was won with an age grading of 80% - so consistent winning standards across both distances.

So, very well done to you all on a great run on a nice sunny day - the gallery is here:

 Hope to see you out and about soon - perhaps at the Brentwood Half marathon next weekend ?

Monday 15 March 2010

Wimbledon 10k, F3 Events Duathlon and Sparks 10k/5k now live

As promised earlier the official wimbledon 10k race photos are now available online here

Apologies for the brief updates - I'm now getting my head into the many thousand from Dunsfold Park Aerodrome for the Spitfire 20 and the Tempest 10 mile races from Sunday - photos of race at the 5 mile point, the Top Gear Stig lap start-finish line and then also the Finish line.
If you're trying to work it out there are maps of the Top-Gear circuit here Top Gear race track google map.

See you soon !

F3 Sparks Half Marathon 2010

The F3 Sparks Half Marathon gallery from Saturday is now live here:

Well done to everyone taking part - it was a great day - the first proper day of spring really this year and that all added to the atmosphere at the finish with supporters able to keep outside without catching hypothermia !

The full results are now available via the official timekeepers - StuWeb race timing - here

If you're wondering 374 - James Savage was the winner in a truly amazing 1:09 - That's going fast... I think it's the socks that do it...

If it was you're first half marathon - very well done indeed, go and have a quick look at the gallery and make sure you get a proper copy of your favourite one. Just search by your race number in the search box shown to find them and then order from there is quick and simple.

Well done and see you all again at a race soon (or as the case was - some of you were out Sunday too at Dunsfold for the Spitfire I've seen you again already)

Sundays race photos will be up soon - The wimbledon 10k and the F3 Duathlon#3 very soon, the F3Sparks10k later today, and we are aiming for the Spitfire 20 and Tempest 10 to be sometime on Tuesday.

All the best

Tuesday 9 March 2010

Free Steyning Stinger and G3 Snow+Rock Downloads

A weekend of good bright weather and great running on Saturday near Guildford at the last of the Snow and Rock G3 races saw Sam Gardner clean up across the series. All three race galleries are online now and with free screen resolution (800px long) images ready to download and use wherever you want to i.e. facebook, blogs, emails etc.

The Gallery can be found here, as can links to the other two G3 races:

Snow+Rock G3 #march :
as well as links to the race page and results.

Sundays Steyning Stinger saw my car thermometer at -4.5degC as I set off in the morning to get up to the 5 mile point with all my kit ready for the view. The overnight cold temperatures had removed most of the moisture from the air and I had clear views over to Box Hill and the Hogs Back from the first Sting. A nice wide angle lens to get the background in made for some nice panoramas and landscapes in the background.  You could see the Hostpital at Haywards Heath quite clearly...

After everyone had passed me on the course I rounded out back to the Finish whilst Mick was at about the 8.5 mile point also covering the field. Unfortunately that meant I missed the first early starters from the Half Marathon - and some of you quick ones ! but the view from the 5 mile point was so good it really had to take priority and I got 99% of you there - so you'll understand if we don't have you at the finish too.

The Steyning Stinger:

 All the gallery pictures for both these races are online and free to download as many as you want for your own personal purposes (i.e. facebook, email, blogging etc) You can even download your friends photos and send them a copy if you want to . 
They are 800pixels on the longest side - which is ideal for practically all online and electronic use, and you could print a good 6x4 image from them if you want to. Any larger, then you'll need to get yourself the high resolution image, or simply buy a print from the gallery as usual and there are no watermarks of other logos on the purchased copies...

So there you have it, another great event delivered by Steyning AC - probably the best signposted off-road marathon in the country, and with views like the ones we had on Sunday - probably going to win the "best off road view race in the world ever" category if you get voting now: - there's some great reviews on there already !

Great to see you all, the regulars, the not so regulars, the strong Essex contingent, the Marshals, Bob, Diane, Debbie, and everyone else, too many too mention you all, but you know who you are !

Right, off to get some sleep and also time to plan next weekends half marathons and 20 milers - have a look here if you're stuck for things to do:

Saturday - 
The Dorney lake Half Marathon: (Sorry entries closed)

Sunday -
The Spitfire 20:

The Wimbledon 10k:
or the 
F3 events duathlon or Sparks 10k:

all the best and see you out running soon !


Tuesday 2 March 2010

Roding Valley Half Marathon 2010

It was a dark and stormy night... and morning. and it was cold. Really, it should have been snowing.

But many of you decided that was good conditions for a run - a half marathon around Roding Valley no less - and the gallery is now live online here:

[Whilst you're reading this - for all those who were at the National XC Champs at Leeds on the saturday in the nice weather up north, and are looking for your photos - you won't find them here. We covered the 2009 races in Parliament hill, but Leeds is too far from Sussex to go when you have a two week old baby. So Sorry this time - but hopefully next year. If you do want an archive search of the 2009 images, then email us].

Back at Woodford Green AC, you can see there was a bit of a water hazard on the way out of the track just after the start. Some of you took the challenge - others took the gap in the hedge, and many of you took the other double gates into the car park and back out onto the course.

Some of you did get a bit wet on the way round. And I'm not talking from the rain. That bit where you had to run on one side of the pavement. From doing a bit of research online it is a road traffic offence of a fine and three points to splash pedestrians like this (as they should slow down, and/or pull round the puddle), so if you want it - all the evidence is here for you. Apparently evidence is the hardest bit to prove if you get a dowsing - well - I think I have the solution for many of you. Just enter "splash" into the search box if you want to see some more...
Yes - there's someone in that lot !
A very well done to you all in achieving the way around that course. If it is any consolation the second place chap also got drenched by a car on the way round, so yes - it does happen to the best of them too.

Also due to the weather - understandably there was a lot of flappy numbers and hidden numbers. You will have to search on "000" in the search box instead or as well - you might have shown your number at the finish too - so you will get some photo results - but do remember to have a glance through the "000"s If you do find yourself in there - use the caption correction email just under the preview image to tell me what the race number should be - and I can sort them out.

Well done everyone - if there is one race so far this year and we can help prove you did it - this is the one !

See you at the Steyning Stinger and the G3 Snow and Rock this weekend coming !

all the best