Thursday 26 March 2015

Brentwood, Richmond, Fleet, Hastings, Hot Chocolate Halfs, and Back 2 The Trenches#1 2015

Yes - Spring is certainly in the air with one month to go to the London Marathon it's that time of year when the training plan says "Do a race pace half marathon", well at least it seems to on every race organisers training plan !

So for the next few weeks it is a massive list of large road races that started back earlier in the month with the Surrey Half and will go on through Bournemouth Bay Run in April to the new Southampton Half Marathon (sold out) on the same day as London.

We covered 6 events this weekend - and all of them were put on to an excellent standard by all the organisers - and we witnessed some fantastic performances fast, PBs and first timers !

We have put up over 260,000 images onto the gallery over the past three days - across the six events. That's a lot of time spent getting the cataloguing done so the search facility works on the gallery - in fact it's about 15 people for three days solid, so I've got to say I'm very proud of the work they have done, and the speed they have maintained to bring you these galleries so quickly - I hope you all enjoy it too, and you are - if the facebook share comments under the images are anything to go by !

(By the way - the facebook comments box on the gallery is the fastest and legally the easiest way to post a photo onto your facebook page, it's designed so you don't have to steal the image to post it to your timeline for free)

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F3 Hot Chocolate Half Marathon
Sponsored by Liverpool Victoria

Brentwood Half Marathon

Richmond 13.1 Half Marathon

Fleet Half Marathon

Hastings Half Marathon

Back 2 the Trenches

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Apologies if my usual captions are lacking this week - it's been a massive one !

that james bond beach shot

Hell yes !

sometimes it can be just a bit too muddy

a fantastic win, looking far too calm at Dorney

flying into the wind from the boathouse at the Hot chocolate run

Team efforts

"ok, where's my Hot Chocolate ?"

Good safety hat

That Wella moment

Sunglasses - the necessary accessory

Hot Chocolate Run at the top end

The new slide met with approval all round !

A bigger fire jump than usual

River Dance, a reinterpretation with fire

Don't feed the birds...

Perfect weather in london for the Richmond Half

correct finishing technique

ou really don't need these things in the way after a fast run

Hipster finishing technique

lots of people at the Hot Chocolate run

almost at 4k !

not for the mud on my chinny chin chin

Dave holds the Hay Bales down to stop them rolling away

All go at Brentwood

a well attended junior fun run race at Brentwood

Yes - Frozen leggings do exist. But do they keep your legs warm ?

All good away at Hastings

All very enjoyable, despite the hill

Down the hill and turn Right to the finish

perfect finish technique - better than at his one at Surrey

for the finish !

Finish happy !

Correct start turn technique

good work up the hill

slightly more angrier than happy

make sure you use #Beers4Brucey

Eric Pickles declined the request to have a go...

Correct thumbs up smiling finish technique

Already - Emily had done a 9mile marathon pace warm up before this shot at 4k

Everything is OK, ok.

"Nothing to see here"
Well done everyone - that was a fab weekend of action !

Next weekend... "yes very busy again!!"
Race Gallery Link

AAT Bolt Round the Holt

Including Free photo downloads - enter here 

ETL Tempest/Spitfire

Entries on the day still

Paddock Wood Half Marathon

Sold out

Colchester Half Marathon

Sold out

Cranleigh 15-21

Until next week - have a good race this weekend wherever you are, and good luck to everyone now getting their brighton and london marathon race packs !