Friday 31 July 2009

The REP Worthing aquathlon 2009

Well it was a very windy evening on Thursday night at the Worthing Sailing club for the annual open water swim and run.
With force 5 winds and waves of about 3ft, it was looking more like a mass game of lemmings than a swim start, but everyone made it in and out ok...

The official race report is here:

and results from Mick are here on Tri247:

And of course the official race website is with Mick, Nigel and Steve.

Here's a selection of pictures from the evenings antics below, the rest can be found here:

and there's a time lapse video of the finish line here on youtube:

This is what the windy Sailing club loooked like
The Sea battered into the groynes at high tide

Whlst the safety canoes enjoyed the waves

eventually there was a squooky start as the air horn made some kind of noise

and there were a few fallers at the off...

The king Canute (or Knut) method of sea entry was taken by some

But everyone seemed to enjoy themselves once they made it out of the water:

Family were pleased to see they had survived the washing machine

And then it was along the seafront for a nice evenings 10k

although you don't really want to lose do you...

It was dark by the end..

But eventually the flash worked and the prizes were handed out:

well done everyone ! Now go get your picture to remember such a great evening of fun !

Tuesday 28 July 2009

A gentle reminder - back from the week off

School holidays hit last week and that meant hardly anyone got access to their computers either at home, or at work - as you might not have been there...

So this is a gentle reminder for everyone who has returned from a week off with the school holidays and missed the updates for the Bedford Triathlon, Chichester Triathlons/Aquathlons and the Essex TGT Brentwood 10k champs.

The blog has the brief reports - online

and the links to the galleries are here:

Chichester Tri 2009

Bedford Classic Tri 2009

TGT Brentwood 10k 2009

as usual - just enter your race number to find your photos quickly - there is usually a "misc" search for any of the other non racing photos, and if you do find a caption or cataloguing that's wrong just click on the image preview to email us a correction. Handy for finding them later if they're put right !

Monday 27 July 2009

The Downland Running Festival

Near perfect conditions on an early sunday morning in Clayton (except for the wind) set the scene for this years Downland Running Festival - the 30mile ultra challenge and the 5 mile "sprint" of the Jack and Jill Challenge, organised by Haywards Heath Harriers.
Click here to go to the race website - results will be on here.

The first race off at 9am goes 15 miles along the southdowns way to the water tap at Itford farm. There you're allowed a drink before turning back into the headwind and returning back to go past ditchling beacon again before reaching the Jack and Jill Windmills and the clayton fields at the bottom in Clayton Village.
Click here for the wikipedia entry on the Clayton Windmills

After that, some two hours later at 11am the 5 mile Jack and Jill Challenge took off, a quick round the field and then up the hill, fetch a pail of water, along a bit, down the tank track, along underhill lane a bit more and then up Burnhouse Bostall and back in (with a cheeky little left loop to get the distance in) and down past the Windmills again into the field.

Anyway there's a few more pictures below this, and here's the link to the gallery:

There's a video clip or two on youtube here of the ultra as people reached the Beacon for the first time:

The early and later leader of the Downland Ultra 30 - and he did a few extra miles, despite having done it four times before.

yep that's JenJ in the distance heading up towards the Beacon for the first time.

The view back down to the carpark at the start of the 5 miler

James baker beat his time from last year by 30 seconds

Some people were quite happy about coming down the hill again...
and Fetchies should search on "Fetch" to see the fetchpoint crew photos.

Saturday 25 July 2009

Hickstead - Royal International Showjumping

Showjumping today, the Longines Royal International Horse show at Hickstead, final event of the day in the International arena was The Sky Sports Speed Classic. Early on the time to beat was set by Laura Renwick (GBR) riding Beluga, who had already won the Old Lodge Queen Elizabeth II Cup earlier in the afternoon. The title was taken by the last rider of the day, Roger-Yves Bost (FRA) riding Jovis De Ravel.

Roger-Yves Bost on his winning round

Laura Renwick riding Beluga.

American Charlie Jayne on Carentina III

Wednesday 22 July 2009

Bedford Triathlon World Qualifier - Gallery live

Yep, 10855 images are now online for you to pick over from the Bedford Classic Triathlon and World Qualifying Race 2009, and the Mini-Try too.

We covered the swim starts, the Cycle course (up on the hill), some transition return (just by that turn and the mat), some run course and all the finish line shots - which had two separate cameras (one wideangle with the finish gantry and one close up). So - we should have a few pictures of you to choose from !

Almost 99% of you were caught on the gantry shots and with the help of the results and matching times we have been able to index 100% of the finish gantry shots. However - as you know - we can't read a number on your back with a tri-belt flapping in the wind out on the course without a timing mat to help us, so I urge you all to have a look at the annonymous search results - just use 000 (three zeros) to have a look through them. If you do find a correction - please let us know - use the email link under the preview image to tell us what the caption cataloguing should be.

You all did a great race and it was great to meet up with Steve and his Galeforce event team - it's easy to see how it got world qualifier status. Can't do much about rain in a laptop, but you will be glad to know that the results are now online on the official race website here:

The gallery is now online here: go look, choose and order your world qualifier champs photos here !: enjoy...

There's a small selection of images below - why not have a look ...

Steve of Galeforce Events and Nigel the MD of Autoglass - your sponsor. He probably beat you too, the swine. He'd beat me. Any cracks and his team instantly will fix them, so I guess he's invincible really.

The start of the green wave, Steve was on the phone to the timekeepers (honest)!

The yellow wave went of well - but busy ! I hovered over the water to bring you this shot

The hill climb was "an intense experience", maybe because of the panoramic views.

Big arm victory wave ? - nope - check the damn watch time !

If you are going to do a big arm victory wave, get on the podium and do it properly - well done 773 - you raised a ton of money for charity !

The ladieez winners

Those cheeky chappies who managed to win...only 10 seconds in it, as usual ?

TGT Brentwood 10k now live

Pictures from the Thrift Green Trotters Brentwood 10k, incorporating the Essex Championships are now online here:

The rain held off for a competitive day's racing with strong club turn outs with Springfield Striders taking the men's team title and Colchester Harriers ladies team beating Benfleet RC to the ladies title.

The race was won by James Connor of Kent AC in 00:31:54 with Faye Fullerton of Havering Mayesbrook the first lady home in a time of 00:34:52

The day started with a fun run round the football fields:

Faye Fullerton just over 1k into the race

James Connor appproaching the finish

Race director Mike wraps things up with the presentations

Tuesday 21 July 2009

Chichester Tri Live and weekend update

Chichester Tri and Aquathlon pictures are now live here:

If you managed to avoid the initial downpour then you probably kept drier than Triss our photographer on the cycle leg, he wasn't so lucky. Well done to you all taking part and completing the course - apologies for the brief update.

If you ware waiting for the:
  • Bedford Tri - we are aiming for a wednesday AM go-live on those possibly late tuesday (lots of photos being worked through) and if you are waiting for the
  • TGT Brentwood 10k photo gallery then those should be up Tuesday lunchtime.
Full updates will be blogged and twittered as they take place... Blogs are at best delivered daily to your email, twitters are up to the minute so take your pick !

(And if you were looking for any Bournmouth Bay Run photos from April the 5th they were archived at the weekend to make space for these events...)

Thanks for subscribing and keeping up to date, it's 2:37am now, so I best get some sleep so I can continue cataloguing in the morning...

Friday 17 July 2009

F3 Triathletes World Mid Week Tri #3

A full turnout for the third mid week tri including the Berkhampstead Tri Club team champs. The weather seemed to just hold off, and overcast clouds kept threatening a downfall, yet all we got was a great rainbow in the distance.

Provisional results are now on here:

and if you didn't know it you were racing against the European Cross Country winner from 2004 Hayley Yelling.

When you go through the event gallery there are a few special search codes for those of you when we couldn't read your number:
Cycling - search on "ccc"
Swim wave one - search on "s1"
Swim Wave two - search on "s2"
Cycling - search on "ccc"
Running - search on "000"

Full help and shortcut clicks for these are provided in the event - just scroll down and have a read of the front page...

Going in for the first of Swim Wave one

First out of the water

That Rainbow moment

Waiting at the finish for a friend

Those well HTFU Berkshire Tri Squaddies ready for their club champs. Apparently you can only officially win the club champs if you were wearing club colours, which ruled most of you out...even if you did wear a pink swim cap specially. Sorry about that.

Tuesday 14 July 2009

Wivelsfield Wobble WSFRL now live

A great Sundays morning West Sussex Fun Run Leagues racing - hosted by Burgess Hill Runners at Wivelsfield Village Green.

The 1mile fun run was very well attended with some close racing, and I was very proud to see my daughter complete it - although with some assistance from Mum. (she chose those sunglasses herself by the way - she's not yet a fan of Elton John)

The main race went off smoothly round the field and then off onto the freshly watered course. I'll try and load the youtube video later.

Louis Taub did a decent job of finishing first with raised arms.

and there was some close racing for position - even amongst fellow team mates (easy down Dawn !)

The main gallery is available here, just search by your race number :

enjoy !

(and don't forget we covered the Round Hill Romp too - there's a link on the above page)

Useful Links for Runners you might like

This is my handy links directory for runners - it contains links to websites, software and information that we use on a regular basis.

As a runner I've found these online resources a great source of information - and I'll start this off with basic race and event information in the sussex area along with handy websites for finding races, tips and knowledge.

The aim is to link to free stuff for you to use that is useful, and then to show you very handy stuff (like Garmins) which if you do use the links will help support this website - I'll always label those links so you can always make a choice to support us. (But buying your photos is still the best way to support us !)

Over time this may end up as a directory of all things running in sussex, but the aim is to remain concise, relevant and maintain integrity ! Let me know if you find it helpful - it is "work-in-progress".

Sussex Race Planner - The hub of all local Sussex Running

Runners world - Find and Enter UK races

- Fetch - find local races easily, chat and training

Run Saturday - Unleash your garmin data - everywhere

- The free Saturday Park Run based locally in Hove Park - Timed 5k races every weekend

- A web hub of Tri things - good forum

- The hub of most things Tri - good results

- Don't buy anything Camera until you've checked these best price tables, we use them all the time

Links that support this website:

Garmin 305 and 405 Traning Watches on Amazon (usually the best prices). They are the standard watches we see most used every week. They are best used in conjunction with or SportTracks Software. For my own part, it helped me to get off the boring road loops and venture down new footpaths and tracks - knowing it is all recorded, I use SportTracks and then share the data onto various different online websites like Fetch via RunSaturday.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Wrist-Worn GPS Personal Training Device with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 405 with USB ANT stick - Black

Lots of help on using them here on Fetch:

I hope that helps some of you find useful information on the web, if you would like your services or products added to this list, or have some links that would add and benefit your fellow runners then please get in touch and let me know !

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