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Sunday, 29 March 2009

Eastleigh 10k and Cranleigh 15/21 2009 in process

March 2009
We're back from both the Eastleigh 10k and the Cranleigh 15/21 miles and starting to go through all the lovely pictures of you all.

Please register for a reminder on the respective gallery pages and we will email you just as soon as they are ready and up - we go through them all to check focus, quality and of course index them with your race number. Mainly so you can find them easily - I mean who would want to go through about 16,000 from Eastleigh and 12,000 from Cranleigh ? well we do (manually I might add, there is no magic software..) !! and it should save you all time later.

In the meantime, here's a few of the first pictures through the post-processing, and the start video - well the first 20 seconds at least from Eastleigh...

The start of the B&Q Eastleigh 10k 2009

This chap from Belgrave Harriers won at Eastleigh - rather convincingly. Apparently the way to do this is to knock your head really hard about 30 minutes before the start so you have to get checked by the Medics before you're allowed to race. It worked for him anyway !

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