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Monday, 16 March 2009

3 events in process from the weekend

Morning !

We're just finishing off going through all the events from Sunday and getting them ready for the gallery..

The three events were the 
  1. Finchley 20
  2. The F3 Suunto Duathlon (#2)
  3. The F3 HEART UK 10k and 5k races

whilst we're busy indexing through the pictures with your race numbers, taking out the out of focus ones (even if they are a little bit out) and removing the ones where you probably don't want to see them, below are a couple of start videos we shot (in high def) at the F3 events of the starts:

If you're not reading this in Blogger - then the first video is here: 

The start of the F3 Suunto Duathlon (march)

and the second video is here: 

The Start of the F3 HEART UK 10k and 5k races

of course all the photos will be online at later today so keep checking back for updates, or register for a notification by email on the respective event gallery pages.


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