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Sunday, 5 April 2009

A busy Sunday - Worthing, Bournemouth and HONC

We covered 3 different events on Sunday, the Worthing 20 - a well known and respected pre-london distance stretcher, The Bournemouth Bay Runs, consisting of a 10k, Half Marathon and 5k and 1k Fun Runs, plus the Hell of the North Cotswolds - aka HONC, an off road Mountain biking endurance event about 50 miles of fabulous contryside.

Whilst we now endure the hard graft that is indexing through all the images (about 40,000 taken in Bournemouth and 5,000 in Worthing, let alone two unleashed marksmen near Cheltenham with more memory cards than mars bars) we thought we would leave you with some handy links in the meantime:
(and for the record, one of the team managed to wear out the mirror hinge mechanism in their main camera and break it, twice in as many months now...)

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And below are some early doors pictures from the starts of Worthing and Bournemouth for you...

Bournemouth preview piccies

Fitness First lead the sponsorship and the warm up

Nobody was going to overtake World kick boxing champion Natalie Bee.

The start of the 10k at Bournemouth

Then they had the start of the Half marathon with the pier behind them (like the sun)

Some people were smiling along, others were quite focussed..

Worthing 20 preview piccys:

The great thing about being on the coast has to be the weather, so local superhero James was taking his flag out for the customary pootle around the Worthing 20 course - he organises the Brighton Super Heroes Run

Who's wearing Pink ?, well she usually wears Henfield Jogger Green. not club colours. Oh naughty naughty....

Late for work ? wear your office clothes round the course before going in... (yes he did the full 20 miles in that rig)

Some people couldn't get Sat nav lock down...

Lewes won, I wonder what Morse would have thought.

I'm wondering what the finish picture is going to look like having seen this as the start picture !

The latest trend in running tu-tu, should you be enamoured:

The usual suspects went flying round the start of the second lap...

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