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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Heroes - search index updated

Easy Search names added for Heroes 10k Run 2009

The Heroes gallery and full instructions can be found here:

Got no number? was it hidden on your back ? Did you have an invisible one ?
If the answer to any of these is yes then our intrepid Peter Parker has come to your rescue.

Our photographer has now gone through all of the images where we couldn't read a race number and indexed them by whichever superhero you looked the most like (to him!)

We now have an easy click list of superhero names for all of you hiding your numerical glory under a utility belt or cape - as was the case for some. The list is shown on the front page of the Heroes 10k event gallery here:

So if you were a Hero last Sunday - pop back to the event and have a quick look ... and have a quick critique of the costumes on the day !

Also - this means that the list of completely unknowns is much much shorter, so will only take a few pages of browsing through to find yourself (that's the search on 000 - three zeros) making it a lot easier.

We hope that helps you to find your photos - it took him about 5 hours work to go through them so we hope it was worthwhile for you.
All the best

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