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Tuesday, 14 July 2009

Useful Links for Runners you might like

This is my handy links directory for runners - it contains links to websites, software and information that we use on a regular basis.

As a runner I've found these online resources a great source of information - and I'll start this off with basic race and event information in the sussex area along with handy websites for finding races, tips and knowledge.

The aim is to link to free stuff for you to use that is useful, and then to show you very handy stuff (like Garmins) which if you do use the links will help support this website - I'll always label those links so you can always make a choice to support us. (But buying your photos is still the best way to support us !)

Over time this may end up as a directory of all things running in sussex, but the aim is to remain concise, relevant and maintain integrity ! Let me know if you find it helpful - it is "work-in-progress".

Sussex Race Planner - The hub of all local Sussex Running

Runners world - Find and Enter UK races

- Fetch - find local races easily, chat and training

Run Saturday - Unleash your garmin data - everywhere

- The free Saturday Park Run based locally in Hove Park - Timed 5k races every weekend

- A web hub of Tri things - good forum

- The hub of most things Tri - good results

- Don't buy anything Camera until you've checked these best price tables, we use them all the time

Links that support this website:

Garmin 305 and 405 Traning Watches on Amazon (usually the best prices). They are the standard watches we see most used every week. They are best used in conjunction with or SportTracks Software. For my own part, it helped me to get off the boring road loops and venture down new footpaths and tracks - knowing it is all recorded, I use SportTracks and then share the data onto various different online websites like Fetch via RunSaturday.

Garmin Forerunner 305 Wrist-Worn GPS Personal Training Device with Heart Rate Monitor

Garmin Forerunner 405 with USB ANT stick - Black

Lots of help on using them here on Fetch:

I hope that helps some of you find useful information on the web, if you would like your services or products added to this list, or have some links that would add and benefit your fellow runners then please get in touch and let me know !

This note will be re-published sporadically, basically as a resource helper for everyone who subscribes to this blog.

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