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Thursday, 13 August 2009

Devonshire Park Tennis Open 2009

Whilst, the, the and every other weather forecast said it was going to rain in Eastbourne this week, they were all largely completely wrong.

The first days play was abandoned at about 4pm with slight drizzle. Tuesday, whilst forecast to be a washout was a bit grey and then then quite pleasant, and Wednesday was largely sunny and then a very thin lining of cloud.

With the tournament continuing into Thursday and Friday we had managed to photograph most of the players already so decided our time would be better spent getting the images online - so we did that and there is now just over 15,000 there for you to look through.

There was some good serving in the mens singles:

Some hard hitting in the Junior Mens - flattening the ball..

It was so sunny - the sunglasses came out:

If you don't have the password to the gallery or the quick link - then Gary Marlow from Global Tennis is the man to contact on . You will all receive an email with the password and link after the tournament - if you didn't pick up a flyer with it on at the event itself.

The gallery is listed here: - and you just enter the password when prompted.

Remember there is
Super Slow Motion footage of many of the players - you can see this if you buy your CD of all the images - which is priced cheaper than two coaching sessions !

We were asked by several coaches about this player footage during the past two weeks as they all mentioned how much better than normal video it is - at 300 frames per second (normal video is 24 frames per sec) it really allows a detailed evaluation of preparation, movement, shot and recovery.

Many players who saw their videos during the event immediately saw and commented on their "areas for development" along with requests to the nearest coach on what they should be doing about it ! This is the next step in using technology to your benefit and we can only recommend that you get yours on your CD as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact us if you would like some individual super slow motion video footage taken for you to work on with your coach.

If you have a slow motion video you will see the first frame of the sequence shown on the gallery - unfortunately you can't see the video online as the gallery can only show still images.

In order to find your pictures simply search with your surname and first initial that will then find all your pictures which you can then click through as you please.

If you have any difficulties finding your picture (once you have the password) then please get in touch with us on the usual email and we will do our best to help you find and order your pictures.

All the best

p.s. please remember that galleries are only held on line for 3 months, after this time we do need the space for new events - so please don't miss out on getting that picture you saw a while back - and then - it was gone - doh !

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