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Saturday, 29 August 2009

F3 Big South Swim Dorney Lake

The Big South Swim Gallery is now live here:

Two new Swim Races being held at Dorney Lake this year - put on by F3

The 1.5k and 3.8k open water swims are more commonly known as the Olympic Distance and the Full Ironman Distance Triathlon Swims.
Also - being held on a Saturday it allowed people to go and compete on triathlons the next day !

Money raised from the event go towards the Princes Trust - which if you want to know what that is all about - have a quick click here - they put on lots of Triathlon, Cycling and other events with priveledged access to some amazing venues

Full Results should be here and on at some point soon..

If you want to see the start of the races - click on this youtube link:
(apologies for the 1.5k ladies, it keeps crashing on upload.)

Anyway here's a quick summary in pictures:
A nice blue sky with a little bit of cloud marked the end of Summer as we knew it:

The beach entrance was adopted with a few sandcastles being made...

The start of the 1.5k was pretty sharp

Some good techniques were on show:

This is the correct finishing technique at the end of a swim challenge !

Mens 3.8k Start

Womens 3.8k Start (1,2,3 are the first three on the left there)

This was the view of the lead man at half way in the 3.8k He had a bit of a lead on the ladies ( top left!)

This is what he looked like after detaching the onboard motor and running up the finish ramp:

43 minutes for 3.8k (yes swim - not run !)

An alternative finish ramp leaving technique - flying !

There was a lot of pointing up at the sky at the planes as they went past:

A great event and one I look forwards to seeing again next year !

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