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Friday, 28 August 2009

REP Worthing Supersprint Aquathlon

The Raw Energy Pursuits Worthing Super Sprint Aquathlon is now live here:

The REP event page is here with the results:

As you can see it was a nice picturesque evening to be down by the sea in Worthing. The sun was blazing through the blue sky and it was dead calm on the water - the seagulls playing merrily overhead. Oh sorry, that was last week. This week summer was cancelled.

Worthing Seafront has seen more wind, but not that often... This is the view along the whole seafront to the pier in the background. It was dark, windy and slightly forboding really. I had to brighten this picture up just so you can sort of see things.

Mental preparation for the race or staring in to the abyss was therfore the choice during the wait for the start.

It was rough out there...

NASA - we have a problem.... Engine failure meant a quick swap to another rescue boat to get the bouys out in place and keep an eye on the lemmings...

All under control, Mick had a spare pare of hands, or had he just caught a large fish and was explaining how big it was ? Did he need a tractor to haul it in ? Probably.

Final words of thanksgiving and ritual salvation to the Race Referee just before going in...

Tally ho !! (or words to that effect) Last one in is - er - sensible ? You all forgot your windsurfers and/or kite boards.

Wetsuits were not compulsory - Paul made a quick swim of it.

Rapid transition from swim to run...although in the wind it would probably have made sense to keep the wetsuit on for the run...

mind those stones... ooch owwch ooch owwch

The leading two decided to tag team into the headwind on the way out with 422 eventually winning home

It was soooo dark I won't start to try and explain - so this was with the flash, that then chose not to work for the prizegiving - sorry about that...

Hello Arunners !!!

Search on misc and/or marshal to see some other non runner photos in the gallery at:

enjoy - and well done everyone on completing the race !

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