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Tuesday, 22 September 2009

The Sevenoaks Autumn Sprint Tri 2009

As the mornings draw out and the evenings draw in, the end of the triathlon season is upon us once more.

The annual end of season burn-up that is the Sevenoaks Autumn Triathlon has produced yet another great event, whether it's your zillionth time on this course or your first, everyone seems to enjoy the experience there.

With slightly non-standard distances on the run you're never going to set a standard sprint tri PB, and certainly not with the hills on the bike course (or the Run for that matter) - if you want PB - go flat - go to Dorney lake ! Here it's about the taking part, the personal challenge, the righting of previous wrongs in April, and the last ditch effort to set a marker for the years achievements that was the 2009 season. Also the chance to win a computer seems to keep the assembled attention for the prize draw at the end - a computer, a holiday or a wetsuit, some watches, gatorade, ForGoodnessShakes, the list was thankfully not endless, but it seemed like it !

Your super sponsors were (left to right): Acorn Recruitment, Opus Network Services, and Sevenoaks Computers:

Here's a potted event summary in pictures:

THE most important job of the day - coffee for the marshals and volunteers. So strong you would have failed a drug test if you'd been competing. Thank you 7Oaks tri - I needed that after four hours of broken sleep.
Always keep a cheerful face on the events in transition, and help people navigate the maze of racking to their bikes...
Not even 7am and it's off for a bike ride in your swimsuit - it was so dark the start had been delayed 10 minutes, it took until about 8.30am until I turned the flash off on the camera.
"I've seen some things in my time as a ref.." said the Triathlete from Ashford masquerading as a Race Referee recounted tales of valour in transition after he'd had a second cup of Java..

The cycling was hard down on the heels and off around the course

Plenty of support at T1 and T2 - the hub for the crowds and support until the Finish line:
Grand Master Gez Tours the Transition and course ensuring all is well:

Turned the wrong way at transition ? Don't limbo the racking, especially not *right* in front of the race director... (I think you got away with it!)

Karen Ayers from Crystal Palace - now an Ironwoman, and *so* not the same person I met all those years ago at Worthing Tri on her first one !
Go Dad !

Exit of T2 and it's off for a run in the park...

There was an interesting debate at the club photo at the end - was Club kit compulsory or not ? According to the detailed instructions the chief marshal was the only person allowed to wear his Hi-Viz jacket, much to some discussion and debate on the front row...

Did you get your free recovery drink ?

A great turnout and anticipation for the race prizes and the raffle (only for those who competed on the day and remained at the end to claim !)

And what did the finish line photos look like ? - well go to the gallery and have a look !:

Well done everyone and don't forget to get your April Entry in as soon as it's open...

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