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Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Sunday 20th September - a busy one

With the weekend getting closer, kids back at school and the weather just turning that few degrees towards Autumn as the nights start to draw in that little bit earlier, the september race regulars start to crop up.

The Portsmouth Victory 5
This weekend sees the Victory 5 over at Portsmouth getting moved from its December slot - hopefully to avoid the lethal black ice on the cycling banking like last year.

It is probably the fastest 5 mile course in the world with the largest hill being the step onto the track for the start.
Also it's a relatively late start with it being 12pm for the juniors and 1:30pm for the Main race - so you can have a lie in and race on the same day. Things just do not get better !

Full race information can be found here on the Portsmouth AC website.
the entry form is here:
and the race takes place here:

Sevenoaks Sprint Triathlon
If it's september then it's the Sevenoaks (or 7Oaks) second annual triathlon of the year. A great tester if you used the April one to wake you up out of winter training, this is the barometer to measure yourself by to see if you actually did manage to get faster over the summer ?

Usually these triathlons sell out faster than a Madonna gig at the O2, and rightly so - you should read what they manage to get in the goody bag, the official prizes and then the Finishers lucky dip after-party prizes held at the end (if you slope off early you can't claim it!)

The goody bag is actually too large to carry -
"a special goody bag which will contain an Original Buff®, a copy of Triathlon Plus magazine, a Powergel and Powerbar from PowerBar, a bottle of Gatorade and Gatorade bike bottle as well as Adidas Action 3 Deodorant and Adidas Showergel."
So from this list I can gather, you will be cold, need something to read, probably hungry, thirsty and sweaty. Sounds like an ideal goody bag for a super hard and fast triathlon.

Not to forget as well you will be getting the same photographers who took Jenson Buttons photos when he competed in his first triathlon at Sevenoaks just last year - and they ended up in the national press...

Here's the race info - get your towel out on the sunloungers early for next Aprils event.

So, professional photography, great goody bag, amazing after party prizes, fun atmosphere, more race number stickers than you will know what on earth to do with (Hint - put them on the front Luke), a triathlon by triathletes for triathletes - I mean - what else would you rather be doing at the weekend ?

I know what - perhaps a bit of 20-20 Cricket ?

Yep, if you fancy seeing Sussex Country Cricket team playing 20-20 - I mean - they are the 20-Twenty Champions for 2009 - then get yourself over to Ditchling Recreation ground for about 2:30pm on Sunday. It's all a bit hush-hush as they don't want to overcrowd the day out completely and that would keep it exclusive, but I'm sure if a few of you fancy a bit of a relaxing 40 overs of hard graft and high scoring leather on willow - get yourself there asap.
I do believe there will be drinks served - and if the weather holds up - perhaps the last Pimms o'clock for the year ?

See you there, as usual !


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