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Thursday, 1 October 2009

Hever Castle Tri now live

The Hever Castle Triathlons 2009

Henry VIII over saw the race starts.

Finally over 15,000 images are fully catalogued, quality checked and ready for you to see, share and order on the Gallery here:

In what was the first Triathlon Tippy-Toe in the water for Hever Castle organised by Telemark Productions

The initiative for the race has been lead by those super people from the Princes Trust
and we'd like to thank Alison Mihal for making the contact and inviting us along - providing the race coverage for you all. 10% of Profits from photo sales go directly to the Princes Trust, so please add that to your list of good reasons to buy your pictures !

Fingers crossed this will lead to a "Castle Series" of Triathlons for everyone to take part in and we're looking forwards to see how those come about, and seeing you there !

Judging from the stories on Tri-talk there was much adventure, first time excitement and great experiences had by a great many of you - just go over here to find out more from "theprawn" for just one tale of achievement...

For us it was also an early, long and tough day - mass participation triathlons present their own logistical challenges in terms of good photographic coverage, trying to get everyone at each stage and then also the sheer volume of images afterwards that we work through (we ended up with over 20,000 at one point). None of our work flow is automated (because you can't if you want quality retained) so as you know it's been a long few days going through the images and now there's a fair old collection on there for you to choose from.

Starting at 5am and getting there for 6:30 we took advantage of the Bacon Bap for Marshals and volunteers as it was a very misty and cold start - the bouys on the water were hard to see at all. After a while things got going, and by 7:30 apart from the sun reflecting off the water and blinding you things were looking up.

Then Henry VIII turned up with Anne Boleyn, gave the royal wave, and the fun began...
A brief swim for some, the longest of their life for others. On the plus side, if you got tired you could stand up and have a rest, it's not water polo.

Some gave their support teams a big smile on the way to T1, others were a whole load more focussed on the task at hand...
Shoulder numbers are difficult to read through layers of rubber, so do remember to browse through the swim wave folders on the gallery to find your swim exit pictures - just read the instructions on the main gallery front page. (NB there are only Swim exit photos for the Anne Boleyn Swims)

T1 exit got busy, with plenty of action across the path to get to the bike mounting area and then off round the rolling hills of Kent (no it wasn't very flat was it !)

Some of you would have found the course easy, but many saw it as a fair challenge to your biking skills with a fair smattering of hill climbs and descents to keep you concentrating all the way round.

Then it was off for a quick run round the estate, along the long walk, round the moat, past the Graveyard (no - don't stop there!) and into the finish (or another lap ?!)
Finishing has never seen such sweat pleasure, down the nicely tree lined avenue to the Finish banner and your Medal and goody bag where Henry and Anne were waiting to congratulate you.

There were at least one curtsey and several bows to their Royal Highnesses' at the end of the races, as well as a few cheers and raised arms.

Whilst the ladies long course winner did it in style, you might like to know that she lost her bet to beat her other half who was doing the short course in the same time.

And a big thank you from Henry VIII, the Princes Trust, Hever Castle and Anne Boleyn at the finish !

Remember 10% of photo profits go to the Princes Trust, so make sure you get your swim, bike and run finish pictures to make up your triathlon collection and help a very worthy cause.

and the results are here on the Hever Castle website.

have a great time going through the gallery, all the images have a direct perma-link shown next to them (well just above them) so you can link back exactly to that image whilst they are still on line. You have three months before they are archived - so please remember to get your copy today.

see you out and about again soon !

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