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Monday, 25 January 2010

Snow+Rock G3 now live

Yes ! - The Snow+Rock G3 photos are now available for free download from the Gallery.
which is here:
These will be free to download for three months - so don't miss out ! Add them to your personal gallery, social networking, facebook, blog, hard drive, email, twitter etc. You can post them wherever you like. Better than a medal ? then let us know !

It was in difficult rain free, slippy, misty and darkish conditions that Saturdays first Snow+Rock G3 off road 10k for 2010 took place. Even at the top of St.Marthas Hill  the view had a blueish hue as the sun bounced off the inner layers of the atmosphere and returned to outerspace, leaving it all a bit dark here on earth.

For those of you of a technical camera bent, on top of the hill (as close as you could get to the sun) it was f2.2 ISO 1000 and 1/250th (EV 9.24) - i.e. very very dark. by the end it was f3.5 ISO800 at 1/640th (EV12.93) i.e. 13 times brighter than the start... (an extra EV value is roughly a doubling of the light levels)

However the light levels didn't seem to deter many of you from posting great times. The results are here:

and then when you've done that - go and rate it on runners world

He didn't get the course record, but at 44.15 Sam Gardner managed to pull out quite a long lead on the ascent up St.Marthas on his way to victory by 44 seconds. He wasn't listening to an MP3 Player, and it wasn't playing Kate Bush.

Meanwhile 359 Sarah Rollins did a 47.05 for 7th overall and first woman back - judging from the photo I don't think she noticed the hill and didn't have much time for the views.

For some the joy of descent was just simply too much. I've seen many come a cropper when they do this, but Chris Stephens managed it with surreal magnificence.

If you're wondering how hilly it was - then the route map gives you some idea that it was 1088ft of climbs - with one long climb being just under 400ft on it's own (the second of st.martha) Garmin route map for January G3 alternatively, you can look at the photo taken just before the finish - you can see St.Marthas hill in the distant misty background and think - ahh that's quite large.

Well done everyone on a great turnout - we're looking forwards to seeing you again in February - hopefully it will be a bit sunnier !?

Don't forget your free downloads which are here: and remember to tell and show your friends !

(if you're waiting for the F3 events photos from Sunday, we're working our way though them now.. ETA tomorrow morning)

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