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Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Abingdon Marathon 2010 - Entries now open

what, eh ? yes !! THE ABINGDON MARATHON 2010 - Entries are now open over on runners world.

9:00am, Sunday 17 October 2010 will see about 1000 people questing their way out and around the fast and flat lands that they call Abingdon.

If you're not familiar with this marathon, then you should know it came 32nd in the Runners World list of races with more than 50+ votes - i.e. extremely popular. If you were to filter this by just marathons, then it was the 8th best marathon in the country (but by my reckoning the 4th best road marathon) - which given the choice these days - means it's pretty darn good !

If you want to relive some of the fun from last years 2009 race - have a read of the blog I posted back then here watch the video and then consider entering quickly before all places are sold out...

Only one thing to remember - it can't be as good a start as 2009 - because Gymnast and TV presenter Suzanne Dando started that race...
And if you're really lucky, you'll get to meet Mick'n Phil too...

So, get on over to Runners World and get your spot sorted out - fast !

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