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Tuesday, 18 May 2010

East Grinstead Triathlon - free downloads

The 25th East Grinstead Triathlon gallery is now live and open for downloads here:

There is a great write up of the race here: which is also on the race pages.

The free download images on the gallery are 800px on their longest side - which is about right for the majority of things you might want to do except print large high quality prints. So go forth and share your achievements from Sunday with all and sundry after you have downloaded them from the race galery... the download button is either with all the thumbnail view of your search results, or just below the large preview image. I'm sure you'll all get it sorted out easily enough... ENJOY !!

Here's a little selection of what you might find if you look hard enough in the gallery. You can also search for the prize photos with "prize" and any other miscellaneous images with "misc"...

right, now to finish the Oxford Town and Gown... 1am here...rock on !

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