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Thursday, 6 May 2010

Watford 10k photos now online

The Watford 10k Gallery (including the 1k and 3k races) is now live here:

I was asked in a recent interview, what did I find inspirational ? (no it wasn't for a different job!). It's a difficult question as we all see achievement and determination and overcoming of obstacles regularly - be it on the news, locally with your friends and neighbours, or in your own family.

The answer for me, in the context of my work as an event photographer is to see a person, doing their best, who has given it their all, and then - on seeing the finish - digs deeper and finds some more. When I see that down the camera lens I know I have to deliver and get that moment for them. Here's a little bit of what I mean at the top level -

But also - here's a couple of pictures of just that happening at Watford last Monday. 

Lots and lots of you were doing just that - digging deep and giving it that last push to the line. Have a look through the gallery and see if you can find your friends and yourself doing just that, and ask yourself if you find it inspirational too. I know I do.

Well done to all of you on the day, as well as to the Watford Mencap, Roundtable, and Camelot as lead sponsors of the race for putting on what has become one of the most smoothly organised multi-race events of the calendar - and I look forwards to seeing you all at an event again soon, and getting that inspired feeling. (Goodness knows we'll all need that after the election today!)

So go here to be inspired - the Watford 10k Gallery is just here:


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