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Thursday, 22 July 2010

Worthing Tri and Brentwood 10k live

Well, judging from the web traffic you've figured it out, the Worthing Triathlon and Brentwood 10k races are live.
Apologies for the day late blog news update, it's only me here organising the gallery and I ran out of time to mention it earlier in polite conversation. I thought it better to get the events online as a priority for you all.
So here's where they are:
Worthing triathlon:
Brentwood 10k:
I hope you enjoy them and can share them with friends and family !

Image sharing
Talking of sharing - again from the web traffic data - I'd just like to emphasise the use of the share buttons on the gallery pages and preview pages (just above the preview image) - they should make it very much easier for you to share your favourite pictures on the gallery with everyone who matters to you, and keep a record for yourself (perhaps in your bookmarks).

Using a blend of mystical mojo and gut feeling we now know which ones are your favourites but have not been bought yet - which we now try to keep a record of them for you here - so we know which ones you like, and probably who you are ! Can you spot your friends ? Click on the link above and get some proper copies before they are archived.

Free race downloads - I'll gently point out to some of the runners from the RPAC Summer 10k that the downloads are free ! Just click on the download button under the preview image (have a scroll down) - the downloaded images are bigger and about twice the quality than the gallery preview image you are going to get if you take a naughty screen copy.

Web browsers
About 65% of you are using Microsofts Internet explorer to look at the gallery site. I'll just point out that Firefox and google chrome are both much faster pieces of software for intenet browsing and certainly for our website gallery. Give them a go, you can always still use microsofts internet explorer side by side, if you really feel the need !

Gallery watermark
And finally - if anyone has any suggestions for a new watermark on the gallery - naturally to deter those naughty other people from taking copies, but keep the image nice to look at, and encourage purcahsing - then please share your ability to determine mutually exclusive goals with any suggestions would be most welcome - as I can't figure one out and the cats aren't interested in helping as long as they have food - which they do for now but not much longer...

Your next race ?
Have a nice summer holiday - nothing much going on for a few weeks - although it is the HHH Downland Challenge - if you don't fancy a 30mile ultra - there is the 5 mile race around Jack and Jill Windmills.
Click on the link below to find out more about the running festival this weekend within easy reach of the A23.

laters Anthony (and Xena the Cat)

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