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Friday, 13 August 2010

Get ready for the weekend

The weekend ahead - is a busy one... entries on the day still for Pride, Snails and Birdman .

The Pride 10k - Held at Victoria Park - starts 11am - click here for more information.

The allabouttriathlons Hard as Snails off road hilly 10k - starts at 9.30 - click here for more information.

Some crazy article about people behind the races. Must have been a slow week for results. Click here for more mind expanding information.

The national Age group Triathlon championships at Bedford, starts at 7am. Click here for more information.

The International Birdman Swim.Starts at 1:30pm. Click here for more information

And now for something completely different...

How to pick a wedding photographer:
I know, I know. Totally off topic, this is supposed to be about sports. But what's the use of this stuff if people can't benefit ?
So it's still peak wedding season - and as promised,  an excerpt from an email I recently sent to a friend asking around for a friend...
Unfortunately I’m not available on that date, so can’t myself be there.
Depending on what you are looking for I have a few pointers and some other photographers names:

1.       Find out if the person is a full time photographer – not a hobby weekend photographer. If they feed themselves by doing this - it means they take it seriously.
2.       Ask if they shoot RAW or JPEG. The correct answer is RAW.
3.       Ask how they colour calibrate their workflow. They should have an answer that says yes they do, not a blank look/silence/bluff.
4.       Whatever you do – after everything is done – get prints of all of them – even small ones. Sunlight works as a viewing medium, digital formats change, the sun (mostly) rises every day.
5.       If you’re trying to save money – choreograph the day so the photographer only needs to be there for the minimum time –
i.e. ceremony – celebration shots – “team photos” – portraits.
If you do the team photos as soon as you get to the reception everyone should be compliant enough to get them organised. Brief everyone that’s the plan and then they will be expecting it and get lined up quickly to get it done.
Do the receiving line (if you feel you need to) before food, not on arrival to the reception – if you want to minimise the photographers time. If everything (ceremony and food) is done at the same place – all the better !

There are more questions, but this lot should weed out the hobby photographer with one new camera and one new idea (how to make a quick buck). If you want your ivory wedding dress to look ivory in the photos, and not blank white - then choose wisely.
Here's a good example of a pro-wedding photographer: and he’s covered a wedding I’ve been at, it’s been almost unrecognisable (i.e. very good!). He is alas not cheap, but I’d have to say he does earn it.

There are various places to look online for wedding photographers. This is an easy start:
Try to find one that specialises in weddings and has a decent online portfolio that you like, and then make sure when you book someone against their portfolio, make sure that they will be the person taking your photos on the day and they are not sending someone else along instead.
Also, when you commission them – get them to come and visit you both to go through the choreography on the day – mainly so that they can be in the right place at the right time (handy when it comes to taking photos).

So good luck if you're looking for a wedding photographer ! The only other top tip - don't leave it too late !

Finally I promised a mention for this Sussex race The Holtye Common charity fun run on Thursday the 19th of August,
A nice evening run out near East Grinstead at 7pm for a gentle off road five miler. EgTri locals - consider this an excellent training run on a nice summers evening and raise some money for charity !

Right, I've been watching the Matrix on ITV2 whilst typing this so I'm feeling all Neo-like and need to go and embrace my future. Which is most likely going to be sleep.

Have a good Friday and may the weekend be yours to enjoy. And no. It's not going to rain.
Until next time (which will probably be tuesday)

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