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Sunday, 8 August 2010

What did you get up to ?

Hi ! So what did you get up to? It may have been a busy weekend ? How do you feel this morning ? Personally, I've got no new aches and pains, but then - I cheated a bit. I'm sure your's will get better by the middle of the day, that's what usually happens !

Ok, I confess. I didn't do it. I don't have the contract to cover the London Tri. And I'm not sure I'd want to either - that's a lot of competitors, over a very long weekend, and a lot of data to process to get into the gallery. (This job is fun most days, but that's simply too much puppy loving fun for a photographer on a hot summers day.) On the other hand a lot of people see it as "the one" to do if you're starting out in Triathlon, so consider that box ticked !.

Alternatively this weekend it was also the Outlaw Triathlon, up near Nottingham - an ironman distance race without the trademarked and heavily licensed brand name that goes with these long endurance "triathlon that finishes with a Marathon" distance races. Some more boxes ticked for a lot of people there.

So not a lot on this weekend if you didn't go to London or Nottingham. Which is why I had my first weekend off all year (although I've still done admin and am writing this blog!) and had some "kwality time" with my daughters of disaster. If any of you out there know them, Jessica says Hello and Sophie just waves and smiles back to you for today. Hopefully at some point I'll get a chance on the computer. I did remember to feed them, I'm not disaster Dad.

So with those freshly ticked boxes, if you were doing the London thing, and fancied to try something a bit more fun ? and would like to tick another box ? well sponsored and frankly - "up there" as a national event - put your road bike back in the shed and get out your tractor !

Oops sorry, I mean, mountain bike, and get yourself booked in for the XT Festival 2010. For those of you we see every now and again at HONC or D2D, this could mean doing a bit of a run or a swim or both or neither, as well as shimmying about the undergrowth on your two wheeled torture machines. You just know you'll have a good bit of honest racing fun, and you have enough time to get some offroad practice in before the big day.

A quick google will throw up a lot of information - but basically, there's the choice of a duathlon, triathlon, or if you prefer separates - a swim, a bike or just a run. Held over Saturday and Sunday the 25th and 26th of September - with some fantastic sponsors - it is the countries best attended off-road XT (that's Cross terrain to you and me) festival, with a handfull of top pro's getting stuck in (so at least you have someone to follow - you understand how complex these off-road courses can be - and you don't want to get lost..)

So, there you go. Now the school summer holidays have really kicked in, you'll be looking to fill up those weekends again once september starts and term time routine settles in. I've got the Pride 10k run in london and the National Triathlon Champs in Bedford next weekend - and I already know a few friends and locals from round here making the journey up for that, so hopefully I'll see you there. If not then make sure you're at the Arundel Castle 10k at the end of August - a true castle race if ever there was one. A proper Castle, that looks like a castle with towers and everything, and you run through it where the public are not allowed usually, not just play about in the grounds like other events.And you get free photos with this one - bargain !

Otherwise, get searching for an event - Active Europes race database is getting ever bigger now - so as good a place to start as any- so give it a go and have a look see.

Finally - if you're thinking of buying photos from any events from the end of March, or indeed early April - please hurry up as they will start to be archived - and I wouldn't want you to miss out.

 See you out racing soon, if not at the XTFestival,

all the best for now, some local running info next time, and some tips on choosing a wedding photographer...

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