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Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Abingdon Marathon now live

The Abingdon Marathon is now live and online here:

There is now over 17,000 images now live on the Abingdon Marathon race gallery for you to enjoy and remember your great day out.

It was a cold start on sunday - with a layer of frost on the cars first thing, and a slippy track for most to contend with. I just had to sort out my snapped alternator belt - it gave up the ghost about a mile from the track.

The cold meanwhile didn't seem to put anyone off as over 700 runners started on their way at 9am. As ever up until the last 5 minutes it always looks like there is nobody about, and then as if my magic, everyone appears.

Also, some had come prepared for the cold - the balaclava look was most definetly not a fashion problem this time.

By 4 miles it looked like most had warmed up - ready to go through the town square on the new route through the middle
Great spectator support was there throughout the course, even on the countryside parts around mile 9...
and not forgetting to mention the now traditional Fetchpoint watering hole and jelly baby station out on the course.
The start of the second lap after running along near the river was taken on with relish by some,

and with a beer by others...

Finishing the route was of course the high-point of the day for some !
 although I think Danny has done enough not to get too overwhelmed by these things,
 but some great teamwork and support helped a lot of runners get round the route
 much to some peoples relief and amazement.

This is but a handfull of the images on the gallery, so please go and have a look there and find yourself and your friends. Use the share link or the share buttons to do it quickly - although to be honest - the facebook one doesn't work very well - their code is a bit flaky and can't cope with our dynamic gallery code for links.

Congratulations to Gary, Paul and alll the rest of the race organisers, volunteers, marshals, race sponsors and other people who without them this race simply would not take place - so thank you. It's a huge undertaking with over 200 marshals alone - road closures, and of course people who don't understand what is going on on a sunday morning who all need to be dealt with somehow. A challenge and a feat of organisational management that always leaves me impressed.
Also thank you to the second AA chap who came to relay me back home at 3:30pm (the first one didn't fancy fitting an alternator belt), my second AA call out ever, and yet the same AA chap 3 years later ! very strange, but at least this time he could actually rescue me.

So please enjoy this gallery, I hope it gives you many hours of happy memories, and don't forget to get your copy before it is archived in about 3 months time i.e. january ish. Thank you.

Right, time to catch up with the rest of the work, that's been 48hrs of almost solid indexing and cataloguing, and its 3am now...

see you at Beachy Head - (for the marathon) on Saturday.
until next time

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