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Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Beachy Head Marathon 2010 now live

The 2010 Beachy Head Marathon official race gallery is now live here:
A quick point of order - junior race numbers are mixed in with the senior race - but we figured you would know which is which when you see the thumbnails.

Additionally, to make the searching a bit easier - finish folders are sorted by time-of-day groups - so scroll down the gallery page and click through onto the relevant folder if you can't find yourself with '000'

We covered some 4 different locations on the course as well as the finish line. The cut off at the finish was about 7hrs:30mins, so if you finished before 4:30pm then it's likely that we have a photo somewhere for you.

Saturday Morning
With a forecast of galeforce winds, locusts and tsunami hitting the south coast at 9am on Saturday it wasn't the deepest nights sleep as the tiles rattled on the roof. However with only a passing shower with 1 minute to go to the start, it was some 5 hours later before the next rain came through, leaving blue skies and a strong tail-wind for the last 7 miles of the run.

Clearly by 4 miles some of you were wondering why you had started out, or had forgotten to turn off the oven... you can see the route in the background (the hedge-line in the background)
  Some of you were pleased to have made the top of the hill,
 meanwhile the humour of 1066 as a race number for a Hastings Runner wasn't lost
 So whils the sun glinted off the fields and the houses in the distance from the view on Beachy Head, Stuart Mills was tidily putting together his seventh win - a good 1 minute faster than last years run, in 3h:02m. I'm not sure if that was his plan, or just sheer conincidence with his race number (remember to search on "01" - two digits if you want to see him floating about the course, we only got ~90 pictures of him)
 There were some nice views back over the hill brow to Belle Tout.
 Someone else obviously just realised they had forgotten something - never mind Emma, it'll keep, and you won the Ladies race !

 Some friends enjoyed the run - probably far too much. I don't think they kept this up all the way round ?
 And there was Danny (see previous blog) going about his business with his usual charm,
 Then the rainboz lit up the sky for a while after the rainstorm passed and the sun backlit the scene.
 Emma Richards looked strong into the finish,
 as did superdad caryying his responsibilities with him,

Tom was given suitable encouragement to keep running all the way to the end.
 Some acknowledged the crowd and the achievement of completing one of the most scenic marathons in the country;
 Others used a bit of canine power to get them dragged round the course
 whilst several people were welcomed back enthusiastically on the last hard yards to the finish line;
 and the welcomes spanned across the generations.
 All in all it was a great day, justifying a great big smile !
So enjoy the gallery here:
and if you don't, well have a look through the advertised links on the site instead !

Until Barns Green Half Marathon next Sunday  !!

p.s. Sevenoaks tri - now down to only 1 race per year - and sold out in under 12 hours on sunday. Well done Mike and the Sevenoaks Team !

until next time

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