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Friday, 29 October 2010

Weekend ahead with the Barns Green Half

Well Hello,

It's friday, and you're looking at the weather forecast and perhaps ignoring the end of half term and the return to traffic chaos next week. We're still recovering from Beachy Head - cataloguing over 19,000 images online always takes it's toll. Sitting on the Head with a 40mph wind in the face for 4hrs is easy by comparison, I should say I have no idea how hard a marathon it is to run, but am reliably informed - it's a toughie too. With that cheery outlook, enjoy friday afternoon, and here's just a few things for the weekend ahead.

1. Time: the clocks go back on sunday - that's an extra hour in bed, or if you have small kids like me, getting up an hour earlier than you need to until they figure it out. Eventually. For some, it means getting to a race an hour earlier than you mean to - this is ok.

2. Races: we're going to be at Barns Green Half Marathon - one of the most popular races in Sussex and one of the few on-road half marathons in the sussex countryside (note for event organisers - someone needs to sort one out for the spring late feb, early march please). Apparently entries are still available on the day...
It's our seventh time of covering the race which has grown and gone from strength to strength each year. Remember to turn up in plenty of time - to get good parking in the field and beat the road closures. Weather forecast is a little uncertain at the moment, but that's never really caused a problem and no one has ever been stuck in the field afterwards.

The Serpentine Halloween Jekyll and Hyde Duathlon is also on sunday, and unfortunately we don't have enough resources so can't cover it this year, but it is the finale of the London Triathlon League, so some good racing and a great atmosphere with many of the competitors in fancy dress. Entries are open on the day - so you can still give it a go if you want to. Great course which is easy to support and spectate on around Hyde Park.

3. Mr Testicles: a friend of mine Darren ran the Brighton Marathon 2010 in fancy dress to raise money for Testicular Cancer research. He was also filmed for a short documentary called "I don't think it's a potato", so if you like a tense ending - watch this, filmed and produced by Kristyna Vosecka :
and then think long and hard before you consider doing anything in a fancy dress costume like his !

4. Image usage: Nice to see ones work being used to good effect here: 
Looks like a nice day out doesn't it !

5. I'm just about to start working on the Abingdon Marathon Fetch video - it's the first chance I've had to get onto it and I'll post a link here as soon as I've done that. The race gallery is still here:

I'll leave you with a piece of corporate communication which has obviously been written by someone trying too hard, courtesy of my previous employers job vacancy pages. Not cool and not Dan Brown:
"Operating across international markets the Director will responsible for identifying and driving incremental and emerging digital opportunities to help crack the digital acquisition code for Fee Based and Proprietary acquisition." Thank yourselves that you don't work there either and enjoy the weekend - you don't have to go back there on monday, and neither do I.

Wherever your racing this weekend - have a good one, keep warm and dry, and do try not to get injured.

Until next time,

p.s. did I mention - Sevenoaks Tri sold out in 12 hours last weekend and this time there's only going to be one race in 2011, so well done if you got in on that one - probably the best thing you can be doing on the 10th of April next year !

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