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Saturday, 2 October 2010

Wet Wet Wet

Well, the free downloads from the XTF festival  and the Firle Half Marathon and 10k have proven to be the popular galleries of the week. With over 4000 images downloaded in the first three days since they were made live its our biggest download weekend ever, and clearly the organisers had the competitors in mind when they decided to add it to their race packs. Possibly more memorable than a medal and more likely to get shared with friends, or used on facebook (we have seen a few profile pics being updated already which is great - keep using them).

I still haven't figured out why some people still tried to right click and copy the images direct from the screen instead of just downloading them - (324 times) ! It's at about the usual 10% attempted unauthorised copying level that we usually get (don't start me on that...) - but guys - these are free to download at a better resolution !! Craaazy. Check out the earlier blogs for race reports, event links and gallery links for those two events from last weekend.

Anyway, as Marti Pellow once sung, this weekend we are going to feel it in our fingers and feel it in our toes as we get Wet. Very Wet. With the Ryder Cup delayed and with Rain bearing down on the south of the country for Sunday like the next great flood, here's a quick rundown of where we will be drowning ourselves :

1. Events to live Spitfire 20 and Tempest 10. Your chance to go for a whirl around Dunsfold aerodrome and the surrounding countryside. Not very hilly, but can get tough on the open airfield in the wind. Some lovely scenic country roads in the locality. Top tip, don't drive the course as if you are on the Top Grear test track.

2. Rowers revenge organised by F3 events. The only rowers triathlon in the country - with a static ergo row, then a bike and a run to finish. I'd say it's the only way to do a dry triathlon without the swim - but not this sunday, given the rain !

3. The Great Clarendon Marathon - from Salisbury to Winchester, with a half way start point as well. This can prove to be a tough and scenic course - and the constant rain these next few days will make it an even bigger challenge. 6hrs was the longest time last year, in good dry conditions. I'm not that optimistic for this years last person. Lets see if the winner can break 3hrs this time, they did - but only just - last year.

If I see anyone building a large wooden boat, inland, with lots of storage for animals I'll be certain to take a picture of it for you -  if they have any sense they will be building it up on the Clarendon Way, not down by the Thames in marlow, or in the middle of an airfield...

I'll be drying out from about 7pm on Sunday, so it might be a day or two to get the pictures up online if I don't have hypothermia to sort out as well...

Until then... good luck to you all whatever you are going to be doing this weekend.


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