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Monday, 7 February 2011

Bookham 10k and Fun Run gallery now live

The Bookham 10k Race and Fun Run gallery is now live here:

More information and results can be found here:

The Ashford and District 10k gallery is still work in progress - eta monday lunchtime.
And if you're googling - no - for reasons beyond our control we didn't cover Great Bentley Half Marathon this year.

The weather at Bookham whilst windy, wasn't as wet, nor as dark as it had been on Saturday over at Pippingford park where I'd been covering a Human Race event. Which was generally "a good thing" all round. I was warm, dry and had nice dry bits of ground to sit on and kneel in that wern't mud.
The Main 10k Race went off on time and very fast through the first kilometer. Here's the first four finishers.

The 3k Fun Run went very well with some great performances
Kids eh ? far too fast for their own good...

For some time now I've been looking for the opportunity to create a visual guide to race number pinning. To many of you - this will be common sense, four pins, each corner, on the front. However, with other sports also using numbers, but on the back, I've had some interesting conversations with a famous DJ explaining - "this is not football", as I gently removed his number from his back and stabbed him in the chest with the safety pins on the front. Oh how we laughed !
Obviously for me, I need to see your race number, as do the finish line timekeeper/position recorders. If it's not pinned to your front with four pins, it's likely I'll say something to you. Most of the time - if you choose to listen to me - it will slow you down a bit - here's what we see:
The two pin mistake
The two pin mistake: because you put a pin top and bottom - it flapped together - so I asked you to unflap your number - result - you slow down, and I get a shot of you holding your number. Not your best pose, not your worst, but potential to be a bit better.
The took top off which had the number
The top-and-back: you started off with too many layers, but at least your number is visible from the back. If I'm quick I can get a shot of that - which helps with the cataloguing. But again - it's not your best look (most of the time).

If you're trying to make it particularly tricky - then you can do the two-pin flappy number on your back like this:
the two pin, top off, on back technique
This leaves me with a serious problem in terms of indexing the images - because how in hells chance have I got of getting this one right ?. Depending on how near the finish I am I might have a chance from looking at the results if they are done.

Get the number out ! Two pin flappy inside the top.
After that, then you might also go for the two pin, flappy number on the front, but under the tracksuit top. This results in quite a bit of verbal engagement where I request you to show me something under your top. Hopefully you hear me clearly and don't have any earphones in and still have a sense of humour...

Correct numbering technique
If this all goes to plan - then it should look something like the picture above - good numbering and a good race, plus a catalogue of pictures to look at easily !
Also - if it's manual race number recording, then it's not just for the galleries benefit - it's your race results too - if the timekeepers don't get your number - then it's not just your race position that gets affected - it's others too !

vibrams finger shoes - you actually just hover all the way round
So, if you remember all that about your race number, then the next thing to remember is your shoes...and whatever you do don't mention tri-belts to me.

Well done everyone on a great days running around at Bookham up and around the Surrey Hills in near perfect conditions. I really must get myself out there...some of you looked like you enjoyed it far too much.

up the last slope to the finish in another 1k

So, pictures here: The Bookham 10k Race and Fun Run gallery is now live here: 

and my recent foray into popular journalism is here (if 4500 blog readers isn't enough !)

 Right, off to bed now, the Superbowl half time score is 21-10 to GreenBay and the Black Eyed Peas wern't that good, and it's an early start to get the kids to school.

Oh and I almost forgot to mention I lost two days last week getting the facebook "like" button to work on the gallery - it really does work this time, with direct linking back to the photo you like from your facebook feed. It should make it extremely easy to show people what you were up to at the weekend. Give it a go and let me know what you think !

Until sometime soon,

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