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Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Marlow 5, Richmond Half, Horsham 10k now live

A busy weekend with sensible starts - the three race galleries are now live and ready on line for you to view and buy for your lasting memories :

Marlow 5
Ranelagh Richmond Half Marathon:
Horsham 10k

The Grant and Stone Marlow 5 went off well this year with a field of 1323 finishing the Handy Cross Runners event.  Results are on Sport Systems here:

Ranelagh Harriers organised their annual Half Marathon along the Thames from Ham to Richmond and back with 740 finishers this year. Full Results are here on Sport Systems :

Horsham Joggers and Horsham Lions club had their annual Horsham 10k as part of the Sussex Grand Prix races.

Results should be here soon when they are ready:

Good weather held out for all three races, with Marlow threatening rain and rumbling thunder during the final prizes and Horsham having a few final spits and spots near the end. Otherwise the overnight rain seemed to have cleared the air and somehow it didn't seem too humid.
 As is now the norm, below are some high/low lights (as Charlie from last week subsequently called them on his mobile smart phone from his holiday in south america) from Sunday.

Once the runners have started, race directors don't stop

Some chap I was at school with, running faster than ever. Julian, respect.

If you wear headphones you have the risk of playing air guitar  when you run

1 dalmation - 40 minutes for 5 miles in that suit...raising money for Hearing

Fabian (2) won in 26:52 - 80% age graded

Beelzebub put in a good show
Flying in at the fnish

Always beat the boyfriend

The Horsham 10k went of smoothly with a finish in the jumbo Brooks inflatable Arch at the Rugby club.
Always wave for Victory when you can enjoy it 

Martin looked determined fresh from organising the Lewes 10k

Sam won the ladies race, despite heavy feeling legs from the Sussex Marathon

There was clearly an element of surrender at the Ranelagh Half marathon with a large number of "hands up" waves by the 11 mile point 

Paul Martelletti won in 1:08 an awesome age grade of 87.5%. He even stopped to pose for this magazine cover picture with the rowing boat in the background and a bit of the bridge.

The low flyer wave

say OK to the biggest thighs seen this year

Hands up! - "don't shoot". Oops too late, gotcha.

Surrendered and promised to come quietly officer

spotted the camera

raaaar !

roooar !

Job done

thank god job done

Almost Job done

YaaY ! job very much done 

You'll notice a change to the race finding list below this week - the Run Britain logo with a link to their race finder services. Hopefully it will help you find that bigger and better challenge for the weeks ahead, and have a browse of the rest of their website to see what else is going on there. I found it a bit tricky, but there is some great information on there, and a good section for race directors too...

I promised a mention to two races this coming weekend that need your entries so here they are with their links below:

The Long leg run - just south of Guildford towards Dorking a bit - quite hilly:

We're not going to cover this one near Farnham - but here's the information - should be very pretty :

I'll personally be at East Grinstead Triathlon on Sunday from early oclock, and other members of the team will be at Bognor, Oxford, and Staines 10ks. If you've held of buying pictures from earlier in the year, best get on as we are archiving images rapidly to make space for new events - they are only on line for 3 months guaranteed - so don't take your chances and miss out.

Until next time, enjoy the perfect weather through the rest of the week for training.


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